ABC News Live Update: 5 reported tornadoes tear through 3 states

Plus, the first two federal vaccination sites open in California, and President Joe Biden takes his first official trip as president.
16:15 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 5 reported tornadoes tear through 3 states
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update search and rescue operations are under way after five reported tornadoes tore across three street's overnight. I states overnight killing at least three people in North Carolina. This is a massive winter storm moves across the country bringing snow ice and dangerous wind chills. More than 70%. Of the continental US is covered in snow right now. Millions are without power four million in Texas along the Texas governor calls the storm a winter version of hurricane Harvey. The first two federal mass vaccination sites open in California today the army National Guard or center that saved thousands of people per day. It's all part of a plan to open 100 mega sites in 100 days. Demand for the vaccine is still outweighs supply but cases and hospitalizations. Are finally dropping. Those numbers add up to of those smaller proportion of people who work are susceptible. He had on top of that finally see here in this scene messages coming at the white house of years of public health leaders throughout wearing masks keeping apart. Wash your hands limiting travel. All those things that we're doing right Peter having intact as well. 38 million Americans have now gotten at least their first dose of the covet nineteen vaccines. And today president Biden will be taking his first official trip as president he's heading to Wisconsin for a town hall and he'll visit a vaccine manufacturing plant in Michigan later in the week. Biden's number one priority continues to be passing his nearly two trillion dollar call that a relief package. One poll found 37% of Republican support the plan however Republicans on Capitol Hill are still not on board saying the price tag is too high. The bill could still packs without Republican support. We momma Biden administration is starting to look at other big items on their agenda as well including immigration. Many visa holders are watching closely for potential changes to their path to citizenship. Our kidney heart Tung spoke with one of those visa holders who's been on the front lines of the pandemic. News. With every shot of the coded nineteen vaccine someone breathes a sigh of relief. It is that eight of peace we're speaking of interesting gothic like an insurance policy. Doctor actions comets one of the millions of health care workers in this country who's received both doses. When you're vaccinated who was more relieved you or your white half I would have to say MetLife. Over the last ten months since doctor comments this cycle that on the front lines in his Kansas hospital. Penis life's in my hand have learned how to manage their gut wrenching reality we have to do what tree can do. Doctor comes first explained his greatest clear to us in July. You just names because us. Thinking hypotheticals and all our lives and bloodied about nods and deceive voted. Daughter new looks elevated I don't make it sound. Let us away and then not might lies and lying on. T enough he had heard doctor shows didn't have Google and notes so important and India and. Doctor comic has been saving lives in this country for more than ten years police here are H one B visa. And stuck in a massive backlog for a green card which would pave the way to eventual citizenship. But without that protection if for any reason he's unable to work he Stanley would have to return to India or possibly face deportation. A doctor should not be worried about as paperwork. And should be online ahead of everybody else save lives when we're in the national pandemic it's all ends on deck and immigration as the best tool in our. It according to the Department of Homeland Security to US Sydney meet over 101000 health care applicants on the H one B visa last year rain here there's a backlog of green card applicants over a million inflaming the east immigrants. Lindsey's. On many other colleagues seem to seem Bullock nobody has hesitated to let them go to work are. Are do what needs to be done. Knowing they know what terrorists can Lawler days. During a national crisis medical professionals like doctor common are offered little to no protections from teacher deportation. In his final days in office president trump extended the limitations he put on nearly all immigrants coming to the US during the pandemic one study finding his executive order specifically barring some H one B visa holders from entering. Cost the US economy 100 billion dollars last year you know not being. Looking has been done in that regard to address concerns that has being I'm personally ready disappointing. Now let's turn of the new administration and a new democratic led congress immigration attorney Michael wild says he's been giving great assurances change is coming. I have confidence in this new administration and institutions that we're but don't get this right the doctor should be. Comforted by it and we should all be there to help you get to the front of the law. On his first day in office president Biden proposed a broad immigration overhaul the most ambitious policy since the Reagan administration. There's also stalled legislation that could reallocate 40000 green card slots but have gone unused in recent years to specifically help foreign doctors and nurses. Doctor common beliefs if congress passes that bill there's a chance he gets his green card in a matter of months. Not years this is as encouraged you've been a longtime yes I don't want it on HE. And so. Tom but I am hopeful around independent administration that something's. Hopefully they'll be done. Odds are for people like us who believe in evolution should think of it and I'm not trying to myself on the back but who how around. Put their lies and examine these underlying Duke's two T care of this and to me. And this time she's. For ABC news line tearing our time and Los Angeles. Thanks to candy for that report we may see president Biden's immigration bill introduced on Capitol Hill later this week. And a bachelor aired its first episode since longtime host Chris Harrison announced he's stepping aside. Harrison said he would leave the show for a period of time after remarks he made. About a contestants past racist actions TJ Holmes has more on the episode and the reaction. News it looked like yeah hey you wolf on the bachelor last night. There. Soak up. The show did not mention longtime host Chris Harrison's upcoming temporary departure from the franchise. Harrison did appear in several segments of the show last night which was taped months ago. It is time to go straight to the grocer. This weekend Harrison announced he was stepping aside from the show for a period of time. After drawing fierce criticism for defending one of this season's front runners Rachel coconut. Richard. Except through us. After controversial social media posts and photos of her attending the planned peace in themed college party went viral. Rachel isn't going to look into cedar is not a good look at when he when he won. Harrison thrust himself into the controversy last week. By coming to Kirk and l.s defense during an interview with Rachel Lindsey the show's first black bachelorette and yeah defeating Rachel I just noted. I don't know. Fifty million people didn't care in 2018 between he also said that it isn't the show's responsibility. To speak up on issues that flare up on social media. We're not in the business over. Dealing with every probably you half. It's not debts and others works Harris and even saying in his conversations with Lindsey that the contestant Kirk kanell is the victim. Don't blow polices are period how you are equipped when you're never done this before. To be woken up. To be eloquent enough. To be ready to handle list Lindsey last night speaking out took issue with Harrison using the term woke police. You really couldn't inserted the word accountable are counted accountability. Instead of local police she it was also sit you don't get to say whatever you want that's just not how it works and and I think Chris is realizing that. Harrison incur kanell both issued apologies over the weekend former contestant Mike Johnson a fan favorite on season fifteen who has a pod cast with Lindsey's husband. It says that while Harrison called him to apologize he's disappointed. I think that Crist being the figurehead. Had an opportunity to unite people to bring people together. You have more people onto haven't watching the show to make people feel good within the show and. Moon. And Dianne Harrison says he's stepping outside from the franchise for now don't exactly know how long that'll be so he will be seen in all the remaining episodes for the season because remember they were shot months ago but he says he won't participate in that. Allied special that happens after. The finale Diane. I TJ Holmes thank you when this incident has raised some larger issues related to diversity in the bachelor franchise that want to bring in the host. Of the pod cast to black girls one rose just Dean Cain attacked just got to help break this down pours ladies good morning thanks for being here. Morning thanks for having so first up I just get your general thoughts on this whole thing just seen I'll start with you what did you think. As you saw everything that happened with Kirk canal and then Harrison's response. And I own my goodness I mean yeah. News and Rachel Lindsey said it's been six weeks that we don't all this information. To the pictures are a thirty minute Sherry on top. And so seeing Chris Harrison. And be so devoid of responsibility. While also coming to. What she seemed to be let her rescue. Tunnel wall also interrupting Rachel Lindsey and I'm demeaning her her job. All at once hollow is very very overwhelming and it is and to say. Leaks just Natasha what did you think. Yeah I mean that I think we have just kind of remember who Chris Harrison this thing kind of set our expectations. Com Chris Harrison you know over the summer cokes and a black square and instead grams showing solidarity for black lives matter and racial equality. He also thought that black square down a few weeks later. Food and this is the spokesperson of the show listens to the franchise in charge of holding racial. Or Connell accountable. Com he had one job it was a very easy job condemn racism. And when period. That was his only job and he failed and he failed because he felt some type of way personally in that really showed his character and when you failure Dobson I'm he had no. Justine Harris in is stepping away from his hosting responsibilities. But it sounds like that's. Temporary so assuming is coming back what would you like to see from him before that happens. Palm. Or he comes back I would like to see him. Actually a news. Action lowered status in and a mediocre areas and his job. News he had a conversation at the very beginning of the season with mad about race that was Barry son Barry Manila didn't really have the tools. Rescission went and I seen gathered together ash. I would love to see him in his insecure and it's a media presence and also all other business ventures. And get some of better diversity treating there as well. And for the bachelorette rooms on. He comforted in knowing that he's going to be equipped to do the job better it's it'd take a lot more steps and just an apology on him. And the tasks that we heard in one of those clips Harrison saying that it's not the show's responsibility to speak about all these issues that flare up on social media with all of contestants. Lake of those controversial photos. Clerk and now you near mounts mega fans of the franchise you hear from thousands of other fans. What do you think should the show stay out of these kinds of issues or is it their responsibility to speak up. That's absolutely their responsibilities think I mean that this is not just. A light hearted show a bowel true love and relationships that the lot deeper than that. Com enamored talking about media representation and Howell if you're going to cast a black minister. As you leave how we responsibly going to step out historian and attorney for love you know ABC has the boy to us for eighteen years a chance to shelve millions of Americans millions of women. White women and white men around the country who watch the show tune in every week. Show an image of a black man who was just okay. And they gave us that James they gave us this figure head so to speak on the yes diversity is important by. It's useless unless you're not really being a part of the conversation and really making the system and changed so there's no there's no world expensing ninth when he money where you can completely anti yourself from. And your responsibility to tell that seems a story or any concerns of the color story Obama with some real hair. And are completely anti yourself out of social issues are happening in her very real world. So interesting given that how significant do you think it is that we have the first black bachelor and 25 season and that the contestants this season. Are more diverse than we've seen in the past. He. Yeah I think it is a great immediately by unit that let bachelor I think the diversity. On. Only show in just picture all the TV is is really beautiful picture and it Ers past however we have to remember that shot and reaction. Huge art league's murder. And this was a year reaction where he was announced in June heated air domain until October. And so let cash payment knowledge that this is indeed jerk reaction. Mediate. Own and definitely seem like. No cost. I'm George Little age. Eight minutes on and on video seems like the cost that we had to get this like batchelor is entirely too heavy for there. I'm so it's. Great and nice to see a little bit a little too late. So Natasha what would you like to see happen next with this franchise how do they go about. Walking away from this in a productive way for everybody. Yeah how I mean I think adjusting just said Blake who it's clear that diversity and just. Casting. Morton dozens of color. Is not enough cut. We need to see some real systemic change with the franchise is much like your spokes person being -- have conversations about race and diversity. On you quit. Eagle on you know a contestant has documented history of racism have the words to explain why that's wrong. I think I wanna see more diverse the behind the camera. Com who aren't you know who's on site therapists for our conceptions of color on mission of the token. Cared for a while they're in this situation. Who are the casting directors were the producers. Including more leadership of color I'm at the table. Because you cannot just had never seen without having real intentional system and changed and how. The franchise is gonna move forward. And adjusting K and the task just got from two black girls one rose the pod cast we so appreciate your time today thank you ladies. Thank you do you. And that's another for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Hamas evacuate 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the breakdown.

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