Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s former clerk gives inside look at the cultural icon

Plus, we go “backstage” at the virtual Emmys, and President Trump approves a TikTok deal.
18:03 | 09/21/20

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Transcript for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s former clerk gives inside look at the cultural icon
Again confirmed cases nationwide is but overseas the Taj Mahal is finally reopening to visitors after being closed for six months due to the pandemic. And fire officials now say a wildfire near Los Angeles has burned more than 103000. Acres making it one of the largest in LA county history. The bobcat fire has even threatened the famous mount Wilson observatory. Strong winds late last week caused that fire to nearly double in size at one point creating a tornado of smoke. And another day of high winds in the west is not helping firefighters there meanwhile along parts of the Gulf Coast. Tropical storm beta is now taking aim at Texas are Mike Gutman is in Galveston where waves already picking up and bringing in dangerous storm surge. Matt good morning. Hey Dan good morning so I'm with Steve all of here in Galveston. And this was mailed to try to stop the Gulf of Mexico from. Engulfing the city of Galveston. Which has happened in the past but. You can see there there is win there's not a lot of rain right now that's because maybe it was pretty much yet but dying storm. Still a dangerous hours or something that's pretty praise him to go down these stairs. So this is this seawall but now. The shoreline is normally about fifty yards in that direction but you can see what kind of storm surge there as I wanna get completely wet just now. You know powerful enough and strong enough to really. Gobble up but tremendous amount of beach line here there's going to be significant erosion we are already seeing. Roads homes that have been submerged in water. Of course the biggest concern. From beta is that it's taking the same track pretty much as hurricane Harvey sort of grinding it out the Texas coast. Then moving on its U Houston a little bit. In related it's gonna park itself pretty much over the fourth biggest city in the country for at least a couple of days that means. Up to ten inches may be more of rain and we've all seen how easily Houston floods so that is the major concern right now. Huge population center a pretty significant amount of rain in a short period of time. So the next couple of days or breeze a little bit on tender hooks here Diane. Understandable Mac oven force in Galveston Texas go get dry Matt. And from legal icon to cultural icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg stirred barely five feet tall but her impact on this country was giants. So how did she become the notorious RBG. Here's Deborah Roberts with more on the life and legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The world remembers her as a brilliant legal super force. But in the minor part of her career justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg also became a culture. Her fight for equality getting the full Hollywood treatment in the movie on the basis of sex within your review your corner office I wasn't that they were looking for. Wonderful women and two Russian could be Reuters. Diminutive but with a giant into life. Ginsburg was hailed for her legal prowess and sharp dissents so much so that she was affectionately dubbed the notorious RBG. Lawyer and author Sean of the nine. Giving justice Ginsburg that fears sounding nickname on a blonde is a law student seven years ago comparing her to late rapper notorious BIG. You're. A knee or or use their words seek true power. The spectacle. Justice with the whimsical callers also becoming a popular means. Leading some to call her the mainland supreme earth. This seemed to Lehman and as she did. He loved. And octogenarian is image finding its way onto T shirts mugs even tattoos. Ginsburg's cultural impact sealed with Saturday Night Live paid homage to the legendary justice in this video. Fleiss thing like the be clean myself like a flock. In the Oscar nominated documentary are beechy. Ginsburg who moved into that clip. She was able to laugh yeah 98 and in person nation or which of course is just over the top and yeah. Did it wasn't real truth behind that impersonation and ended and I neighbor can't. But her biggest impact of all may be on the next generation. This weekend social media flooded with parents sharing pictures of their daughters dressed up as the justice. All honoring their role model. Thanks to Deborah Roberts for that report and for more we're joined by a former clerk to justice Ginsburg now a law professor Fordham University. Aaron Sager Aaron I know the country's mourning the floss today but I know for you it's a bit more personal so first. It's gonna say I'm sorry to you and ask are you're doing. And so much it is say I'm devastating loss for everyone who knew her but also for everyone in the country and so I'm. I pilgrim we are all in this together in an important. Look like for you to work so closely with justice Ginsburg. It was. First of all a processional dream. I've never had any bonds who was from my learn more. Or who is more careful more demanding more fair and more inspiring them and justice he really com. I think all of her clerks in a very personal way. As we own you were young and we were starting to build our careers are Stanley his parents are she was an inspiration. End where she was a little scary to mean she was a very demanding Bosch and home. I always worried and are Macomb street. As we all wanted. She never make mistakes as far as we could tell and we all wanted to. Cheaper. Shots fired importantly lecture me. And jury wanted to oppressor as well you know part of part of that I'm sure was that she had once been in your shoes and then we all talk about. The notorious RB GN a legacy that that she built but. She did start there and I know she had a lot of obstacles along the way so that talk a little bit about her path and how she overcame those. As some of those many of those were professional. The up and you can hear that it discriminated against women but really it was almost contemptuous. Women staffers to join the profession. There are almost no women and there's a whole pile of famous stories about Tom. They're kind of obstacles that to render justice based very early in her career notably she couldn't get the job that she gave to me despite I'm very strong efforts of the faculty Columbia Law School because none of the justices were willing to take on a woman as a clerk I'm and then she had trouble finding employment. Burger district court court scripture that she did do. And I'm a great deal of difficulty finding her first job and a profession. But she did eventually break through what is it about. The way she approached the law that you think helped her accomplish that. It lists two things one is that com. She is an understanding of the purpose of the law was founded on a real. And with detour people's individual circumstances. If you go back over. What she wrote as a judge and an injustice. And the way she litigated her. Cases when she was I'm arguing before the courts you find over and over again efforts to come. And day to her audience is what seemed like to be a person in the situation where her com. Clients around the situations in which they're under clients found themselves and I think that listening extremely. Because it was so heartfelt and genuine and I think it reached people in a way. That the more abstract arguments which of course she couldn't do and which lawyers likes to think it is not. Basis of everything that we do but she was able to reach people who otherwise might not been. Reached. And the second thing that she was the most tenacious person I ever met she really was never. I'm willing to give up on anything she worked like Indian and so on. She works enormously. Hard. And she had enormous energy and she column did not take no for an answer and setbacks were always bumps in the road on the way direction wanted to Guerrero. And that was room and onto the restaurant her career both abortion. Drug wrench and. Cleaner she mated to the highest court in the land so her legal document speaks for himself but she also in her later years. Became a cultural icon you know you're just showing a little while ago the video of Kate McCann in imitating her on SNL. At about something you often see where the Supreme Court justice what do you think. It was about her. That that center to this level. It's true to her story was inspirational. And really. Quite remarkable and what she managed to overcome one of ways in which that I didn't mention about obstacles we're not professional writer husband Marty and answers a law student she survived as a very young person and helped him get through law school hasn't she was doing it yourself. I'm she got her own battles illness of course on the court has come under constant dedication to her cause is worst known to everyone but also she really believed in. Com. World about what's her vision equality. Look like and she took on educational mission. There is seriously I was at a students are meeting with her once seventh and craters and I'm someone asked her what had changed the most. About the relationship between men and women since she had been in the profession I was there is surprised because her cancer had nothing to do with a law. It was about house and she sent men to work now and that's an enormous change and it's a chain we're still working on. But it's an end to earth can be under estimate and I think she wanted to. People two women and girls in particular to know that they were not restricted by. They're conventions on the cultured it on themselves and and they could. Do what they wanted to do and they could expect to be treated equally by the people around them by quietly insisting upon it. All east and I think that. Dark Specter being able to bring that message to as many people as possible galvanized or in later years a group career. Sure did. Aaron I can't think of the better knows Levon than your favorite memories you spent a good amount of time with her what sticks out to you what do you look back on. Your memory about and I just made. I saw a bunch of student groups with her when I worked for her. And so when my daughter's Manhattan school assigned to take a trip to the Supreme Court turned yours later on. Expert she would meet and seventh graders she got readily agree we arrived in the bus that morning and only then that I learned that her husband Martin Ginsburg. What's really a few days away from that. I had known turned an interpreter in the past recent hadn't known that the end was coming and so I sent to doctors. Narrow. We totally understand went to the children and they said oh no. Justice is a range for Justice Breyer to meet with the children she couldn't even consumed with her own problems and Marty horseless out some of her life. She wanted to make sure order these children did not mr. experience of the Supreme Court. And then the opposite she may commenting DD we arrived in the court and on we assembled the children and she scooped and hands on because she found. On to the network always not to be done she delivered what was an absolutely memorable hour with a bunch of seventh graders. And then we went doctor opposite she told me how sick Marty has and I just was overwhelmed both by and a personal consideration she showed to me in my Bentley but Mora by her. Simultaneous. Devotion to her own family. And to not children of America Greg whom she really was very direct it to. She managed to spread it all the way around Aaron Sager law professor at Fordham university and former clerk to justice Ginsburg we appreciate your time and again and I am so sorry for your life. Learn. Let's go over a Hollywood now where the virtual red carpet was rolled out last night for the 782 annual Emmy Awards it was a show. Like none of us have ever seen Jimmy Kimmel hosted in a nearly empty Staples Center and stars appeared virtually more than 100 different locations. ABC's will read even spoke to some of the winners from a virtual back stage. And. First hour that fun loving roads film from that show about a creek was all America's soul. Sweeping the comedy category. It's seven consecutive Emmys. For now it just feels relief and dead so. I don't think I can say that on Good Morning America Allen but I just dead. How you Austria and nothing about everything that we also have. Can't say the name of your show on Good Morning America let's start to change that after seven Emmys can we just say let's just allowed morning television to say the word. For the past. Truly was the fans there. And to work on camera for six years with both my kids Daniel and Sarah hi Heidi. Eugene. You last won an Emmy the year that your son was born and now you're winning Emmys together what does that feel like. Seven years ago my son came up and said do you want to work on a show here we are. We use to refer to it. Up until very recently as the little engine that could. And I guess we finally pulled into a big station. What is your favorite season. Awards. It's strange that this sad. Virus has. Forced people stay home just cut first ship and didn't want to head if there we actually seemed to be set got a marker for. For how a family might survive be. Hold up but a couple of through this together. I'm honestly sincerely grateful and you were about to quit the bit miffed what does it feel like right now. I'm sure glad I didn't quit the business. Zend day at a euphoria to. Another star making their win a family affair is in day out the youngest ever to take home lead actress in a drama series. What is that all feel like you what's going through your mind. A zinger at home. And having ma am only hearing and infinitely go. Whose sense of our news. Front mile concrete. Cozy get home or on stage the stars still showed up looking fears. But one of the sweetest moments of the night cruise from Boozer would do after her best supporting actress win for mrs. America. And mom was even their during our interview to my mom is calling me you know. I bet they didn't please woods wouldn't he mom comes first and what is. Not. What does mom. I didn't end there this you wanna come joined kids are gonna how you. She didn't know what hello to your mother congratulations to you and congratulations to Iraq. Get out. Odinga theology. And. Some great moment I purely virtual backstage even better than real backstage. But another highlight of the night Tyler Perry was honored with the governor's award celebrating his achievements in the media industry. And on an interesting note all of the big winners came from traditional broadcast television. Rather than streaming services. Our thanks to will read for those cute moments backstage. I'm more serious note president trump has approved a deal to sell tick tock ABC's Kenneth mountain has that story and more from the world a science and technology. In today's tech vice president trump has given his blessing to a tentative deal to keep tick tock afloat in the US the proposal calls for the app to partner with a horrible. And Wal-Mart to former US company. And had to reverse a ban on tip top downloads the agreement was born. Out of concern over data privacy. Amazon is set to debut new products this week reports say customers may see more Alexa upgrades. The only thing Amazon will say about Thursday's event this the company will quote. Share some news. Probably convenience stores in Japan are using seven foot robot says stock shelves. The robot called model T is controlled by a pilot wary of a virtual reality headset and special gloves. Bail out the pilot to fill the product but the robot is betting on the show. Do they protect bites Diane true story my first real job was at a grocery store stocking the shelves that I need to robot. None here they gather Bennett show now extend get it done for us thank you. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana say don't thank you for joining us and remember ABC news live as your free all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next you may top stories. Have a great day.

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