ABC News Live Update: More states lift COVID-19 restrictions as cases decline

Plus: Rescue crews are at work after a train overpass collapse in Mexico, and a travel ban on India goes into effect.
25:19 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: More states lift COVID-19 restrictions as cases decline
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming lets us in today's update at least 23 people have been killed and dozens more injured after an overpass collapse in Mexico City. Sending a train crashing onto traffic below. First responders are on the scene trying to rescue people still trapped in their cars they've got the latest on those rescues and the investigation. Plus the US travel ban from India takes effect today the country reported over 350000. New cases nearly 3500 deaths from code of nineteen. In the past 24 hours alone. Back in the US new York New Jersey and Connecticut will and most quota restrictions in two weeks to fully reopening places like bars jams and restaurants. Nationwide recent cases are below 50000 for the first time in months the mayor Atlantic City joins me live to talk about his plan to reopen safely. And it could be one of the most expensive divorces in history bill and Melinda Gates are splitting up. After 27 years of marriage we'll tell you what that means for their philanthropy and higher in nearly 130 billion dollar. Fortune. But we begin with that breaking news in Mexico City rescuers are working to try to save trapped survivors after an overpass collapsed. While a subway train was crossing over at. At least 23 people are dead and dozens are injured ABC's kidney heart Tung has the latest. Overnight the horrifying moments caught on surveillance as a commuter train plunges into the busy traffic below. At least 23 people dead including children and 65 others injured this morning. They chaos erupting at 10:30 PM as the train comes crashing down splitting into two. Leaving passengers stuck in the hanging train and one car buried beneath. Family members of the trapped rushing to the scene who earned a reported. This man saying my brother is still under the rubble. Rescuers climbing through the twisted steel and shattered glass to helped free those still in sight and crews using a crane to support the dangling train cars. Ambulances and personal parks rushing nearly seventy of the wounded to hospitals. The mayor of Mexico City speaking this morning at that moment our young Macedonian because that seems so far no more people have been down there. And rescuers still searching this morning Edmonton that number. Diane this morning officials in Mexico City are still working to clear debris from that tragic scene Mexico city's mayor says a support beam underneath the overpass and gave way. But the official cause of the collapse it's still under investigation. Today inspectors will be looking at the rest of that line. Diane. A hard time thank you. And new York New Jersey and Connecticut have announced plans to fully re open the State's full and most common restrictions in two weeks lifting limits for places like bars restaurants and Janice. This comes as roughly 56%. Of the US adult population has now received at least one dose of a -- that vaccine Stephanie Ramos has the latest from New York. This morning major reopening its across the country proving that summer could be close to normal more than a year after code that hit. Most of pandemic related capacity restrictions in the tristate area will be lifted. New York and neighboring New Jersey ending capacity restrictions for most businesses like bars restaurants and gyms on May nineteenth. New York increasing limits for indoor and outdoor gatherings at concerts and sports they needs it is. Irrefutable. When you look at the numbers that New Yorkers have made tremendous progress. Us business owners looking forward to the change the worst is over outplayed. Connecticut taking similar steps in easing restrictions and becoming the first state to fully vaccinated 50% of adults Florida goalie even further governor Ron dissent has suspended all covic local public health orders. Folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point. If you're saying that you really are saying you don't believe in the vaccines. But just over six million out of more than 21 million Floridians are fully vaccinated so far some local officials say it's too soon to take those steps it. It does not make sentenced to me. As soon have the governor is simply declared that the crisis is over. But the of the pandemic may be in sight with the weekly case averaged nationwide dropping below 50000. For the first time since October. But experts say the country may not reach herd immunity because of slowing vaccination rates in Bay Area its president Biden urging people to get vaccinated. There's some debate and what constitutes herd immunity is a 70% of populations of 68% as an 81%. Might plead everywhere. Kids vaccinated now please thank you. And staying on the vaccine front Diane. The FDA is expected to grant emergency use authorization. For the fines or vaccine so tilted as young as well can receive that shocked. Diane. Stephanie Ramos on Broadway good news Stephanie thank you. And mayor Marty small of Atlantic City, New Jersey joins me now for more on the State's plan to reopen mayor what does this mean for Atlantic City where do you expect to see the biggest impact. Oh aren't it's a great day here in Atlanta. And Asian who regrets she beat her little antsy. Or waiver is wearing only beaten. Reading our. Needs and conventions. He didn't. He would garner it no more artist and he was doing when you lose your city when I see no need to shoulder. Armed you know we were due in movies and be ready. I didn't need more bullish or greater student merged in. So I reassure residents and visitors that it's safe to lift these restrictions what's what data is this based on. Is his race. Is not aura didn't check any. Sort oh and Jordan jerseys that are and he. Atlantic City isn't. What destination. Are we carry money even rap sheet so all animal owners weren't bad word. Speeding then you aren't. Aaron good Christian people who work. Baseball green initiatives are big games. And little cultural will achieve energy. You should go all be last year door eager enduring figure people mentioned there are beginning to do so. Well we're we're relaxing his own provisions. Now capacity limits are being lifted but the state is still going to require six feet of social distancing so how all the city enforce that. I saw it didn't occur. Annually considerate. You'll actually the world why destination. You know I don't know words were read it you know. You know Smart. Umpire. Direct or even reserves and our woes worsen as the grass. Back and we were heading her moody person and you're always eat. Saw where archers who were already and we must wasn't. And on these days is eager. At casinos are clearly betting on the city's comeback they've invested millions of dollars into renovations so what are you doing to try to ensure that they see a return on that investment. And saw a liar years city. Com we always wanted to be seen CD writer we know we have to diversity are raising we generally seen all tomorrow. We sang and now he's never want original here secrecy currency. We have the largest RE sports are stating Jersey Shore who. We don't agree on what should million dollars. All last year Warner partridge. Who who who had eaten or aggression during CEU. Rational calm. Where are always aggression origin and next year's 30. Do you who got shorter seemed bar embarrassment India and Myanmar where. And mayors Eric contingency plan in place in the event that case is due start rising again. And we graduated response and mom are we won't last year I didn't priest. All are using grew Marty. Honest. The virus is the and qualifications and his. Decision if you want anything red right now. I'll be out of breath she navy and now suggesting more harm. And sports or are homeless. And we don't. Seem nearly one is gritty Canadians would largely. We're all looking forward to that bears moll of Atlantic City we appreciate your time today thank you. Your and starting today most travel from India to the US is now banned due to the coping surge there. The country reported over 350000. New cases in nearly 3500 deaths. In just the past 24 hours GO but he says has the latest on those new travel restrictions and some hopeful news. For Americans looking to head to Europe. Hey there Diane that travel ban went into effect at. Midnight most foreigners who had been in India over the past two weeks will not be allowed and but Americans it will be allowed in along with legal permanent residents spouses and close family members of US citizens what sort of the numbers right now nearly 400000. New cases in India. In the past 24 hours more than nineteen million total cases. A quarter of a million have died. Now the World Health Organization now says India and Brazil account for more than half of last week's cases. Meanwhile we should tell you united and air India are still operating flights between India and the US we are told that so far that is not. Change Diane. I GO beneath says and severe weather has been wreaking Havoc across the US strong winds came primarily and then Texas and in Georgia the storms turned deadly. Z Boson Sonny's in south Fulton County Georgia with the latest. The severe weather cut through cities and kept people up all night from Texas to Maryland. And Texas the rains were blind date and the winds were terrified. The winds were so strong outside Dallas they blew over two tractor trailers and the people who were hurt had to be rescued and then rushed to the hospital during the heavy rain. We knew we had held inside tried everything. We can get them out. Our ABC affiliate KMC in Lubbock Texas was on the air warning about the storm when they lost power. In Arkansas failing power and lit up in the storm. Parts of the roof at the Crawford county courthouse near Fort Smith, Arkansas ripped right off. Authorities this morning say that what happened here in Kentucky was an EF one tornado that pulled up trees. And damaged at least thirty Holmes this driver was able to catch a piece of something that was flying into the year. In northeast Virginia. Many lost power after seeing this massive funnel cloud the storms in Georgia were deadly to people were killed by falling trees ninety mile an hour winds tossed this semi trailer on its side. A tree was wrapped up in sheets of metal. This weather is a bit unusual for this time but you're usually by now the tornado season is winding down but there's. Another thread again today and there's the risk film more scenes like this trees that are over cars. The problem is that there were. At least four inches of rain that fell yesterday and there's more rain expected today the ground is already saturated. It won't take much to push these trees over Diane. All right Steve Moses summing in south Fulton County Georgia thank you. And for more on where that storm is heading next let's go to ABC news chief meteorologist ginger zee who's tracking it all forest high ginger. Diane more than 300 severe storm reports in just the last couple of day is and this morning it's still happening in the central Tennessee's been raked by these damaging winds even tornado warnings have been popping up from Bowling Green downtown Huntsville we still see watches in place and the flash flood watches justice Steve had been mentioning. Important because a lot of places and up getting close still a half foot of rain already this week and then you're gonna add on top of it that's gonna make the trees. A lot easier to fall down when you've got a 6065 mile per hour gust. And it. Any rain that falls is gonna add up more quickly so right along the Gulf Coast their watch for not just the flash flooding we'll watch this. That elevated area that three out of five on the risk area it includes central Tennessee down through Tupelo Tuscaloosa Montgomery Alabama. And even mobile. Destin Florida has to be on the lookout today I think it's a good reminder now that we've seen what these systems can do. To have two ways of being warned I can't say that enough if you live in one of those areas. Today's the day we start to be whether where and as soon as the warning hence he gets a shelter Diane. Good advice ginger as always thank you. And usually we're watching in Washington today at 10 AM eastern attorney general Merrick Garland will testify to the house Appropriations Subcommittee. On fiscal year 20/20 two in the budget. At 2 PM eastern vice president come on Harris looks for some clean energy laboratories at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. And at 2:30 PM eastern president Biden will deliver remarks on the corona virus response and the state of vaccinations. After 27 years of marriage bill and Melinda Gates have announced they're getting a divorce so what does it mean for their fortune and philanthropy. And an investigation is underway after little boy was carried away on an airport conveyor belt. Hear what his mother is now saying about the ordeal. When we come back. Welcome back bill and Melinda Gates have announced they are splitting up after 27 years of marriage. The pair broke the news on Twitter writing they no longer believe they can grow together as a couple. So what does it mean for their nearly 130. Billion dollar fortune and philanthropy empire. Chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more. Overnight one of the riches couples in the world Melinda and Bill Gates filing for divorce after 27 years of marriage the couple announcing the split on Twitter writing after Greek deal of thought and a lot of work our relationship we have made the decision to end our marriage. According to documents obtained by ABC news' Melinda filed for divorce calling the marriage irretrievably broken the filings at it there is no pre nuptial agreement rather a separation contract filed sometime before the divorce is public reveal. There oldest daughter seeking to in mr. Graham shortly after the announcement saying it's been a challenging stretch of time for the whole family the couple an institution in philanthropy their foundation giving away nearly 55 billion dollars since its creation in 2000 towards initiatives like developing a vaccine for malaria and pledging nearly two billion dollars to fight the corona virus. Endemic what has the most pressing and urgent need to back. Both for me it's it really is the women and girls to use how do we empower women and girls. If we want to have an equitable and just world Cheney's empower them. Bill Gates co founded Microsoft in the 1970s. And is now worth nearly 124. Billion dollars Melinda was by his side for most of it. They met in 1987. When Melinda came to work for Microsoft the couple married in 1990 forks and today has three grown children. Melinda and bill say they will remain as co chairs and trustees of the air foundation no changes are planned. To their roles or the organization. And they will continue. To work together Diane. Rebecca Jarvis thanks for that ash and earlier on Good Morning America celebrity divorce lawyer David Glass talked about how did. Gates is may divide their fortune let's take a listen in question is a community property state but that doesn't necessarily mean the Melinda Gates gets half of all this right. That's right community property means and property acquired during the marriage. So when they got married dog is already created Microsoft and was their largest shareholder so not all bad. Don't not all that money not all of those shares will be community property. That's a that's a very complicated. And complex calculation it has to be done and they live when you look at the force petition what does this eighty I was struck by one line where he says she's not asking for any support. That's right and it's pretty clear that they're Bos could both gonna have more than enough money to survive on. And so. She's not asking for any support but the important thing about the petition is that is a joint petition. Which in Washington State gives you the fast track to getting your divorce. Once you've reached an agreement you can get your divorce in ninety days saying it wouldn't put almost certainly this agreement's been locked up for quite some time right. Absolutely and they wouldn't have filed for the divorce they wouldn't have filed in a joint fashion unless they already had a very complex agreement down on paper and inks. And doing what it what about the impact on the Microsoft's the stock guy knows it. And the days are divorcing they certainly were taking that into consideration. As they announced their plans it wanted to make sure didn't tank which would hurt both of them. Expects similar arrangements here. I'm not so sure at this point. His stock ownership is about 1% of the company and he hasn't been involved in Microsoft's. What I think is more important is their legacy. In the public side they have this foundation the largest charitable foundation in the world to all sorts of wonderful work. I think they're going to be more concerned about how they look and how there was the work of their foundation looks at Apollo was so clearly put at a joint statement from the foundation. Correct and they had they've spent almost two billion dollars on Covert in the last year they don't want to be caught. Arguing over who gets a grand piano in in a court battle. The ego a lot of these cases what does from the surprising things of these ultra rich couple's faces are going through divorce. You know what you wish we've people who have ultra amounts of money. Even though one of two ways either or both parties can say there's more than enough money and we can school and everything easily. On the other hands. They can argue that making get down to arguing about who gets to keep this house first is that house who gets to keep the stock account. The same way a couple was arguing over a 1981 VW rabbit and a 401K in a house worth 500000 dollars. Grant thanks to George. David Glass for that interview. And an investigation is underway after little boy disappeared on a luggage conveyor belt and Minneapolis airport the boy is okay after airport police found him on injured. Transportation correspondent GO Benitez is at Newark Airport with more. It happened in the blink of a 99 year old boy climbing on to this airport luggage belt getting pulled inside. Seen in surveillance video obtained by NPR news. The boy had wandered away from his family at the Minneapolis airport on Saturday afternoon. And on to the baggage conveyor system Delta Airlines staff immediately stopping the belt but the boy escaping onto another one. That eventually brought him to the screening area. He's been seen crawling out and jumping down officials telling ABC news airport police found the child who was uninjured in less than four minutes and returned him to his parents. An investigation is now under way. It's not the first on the child has gotten carried away at the airport in 2019. Does toddler when first scary ride to the Spirit Airlines baggage system. In Atlanta. It. I didn't. Let you know lobbying. Two year old Lorenzo rode the conveyor through the system climbing over bags passing inside an X ray machines and finally down rammed into the large baggage screening room where TSA agents found him and called for help he suffered cuts to his arm and a fractured hand. It's dangerous. Conditioned day in your situation wasn't designed to have a human being conveyed throughout the airport. And overnight delta telling us it is reviewing this incident and working on ways to limit congestion at those two discounts Diane. Right she and the need to as scary as a parent see that thank you. And check this massive line of cars in Orlando hundreds of people lined up all for a chance to visit the white castle we'll tell you why after the break. Welcome back Caitlin Jenner is launching her bid for governor of California with a brand new patent and she's giving ABC a first look. The new ad comes as generous getting a lot of attention for a recent statement about trans female athletes and school sports. Our chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl has that story in the count. Cornyn means may disrupt. The eight. Compassionate. Fish. This morning reality TV star gold medalist an activist Caitlin Jenner is kicking off her bid for governor of California. Debuting her first campaign at a exclusively to ABC. Units in California is facing big hurdles now we need leaders. Graham also lead to new life. I'm afraid to challenge. Before coming out as a trans woman in 2015. Jenner first found fame as an Olympic athlete setting the world record in the decathlon. But running as a Republican to replace Democrat Gavin Newsom and deep blue state of California. Might be the most difficult competition Jenner is ever faced. Care if you're really. What can Democrat I'm running TV governor long California. But just days into her campaign Jenner is now being accused of betraying the transgender community over the weekend she seemed to side with the recent Republican led William legislation to limit transgender rights and at least 31 states. Telling TMZ she supports boring transit female athletes who were biologically boys from girls sports in schools. This. Isn't. Question of fairness. That's why I am lows. Biological boys who were trance. Competing in girls sports in school. In Josh. Isn't fair. For any Republican get elected governor in California he's a long shot. But the last Republican to get elected governor was like gender plus celebrity who ran in a recall election. That was Arnold Schwarzenegger who won a recall election nearly two decades ago. Diane. All right Jonathan Karl thanks for that and a few more things to know before you go scientists are tracking an out of control Chinese rocket falling Baxter earned. After launching a module last week at 98 the core of the rocket was supposed to fall into the ocean but instead. Fell into the Earth's orbit which means it's likely to fall to earth. In the next few days. Experts say most of the rocket allegedly burned off in the Earth's atmosphere but the remaining debris could fall. As far north as new York and as far south as Wellington New Zealand. Somebody called Harold and Kumar because everyone in Orlando it seems it is at a joint castle. Cars lined up from the locks on Monday's stunning even camping out overnight. All for that stands to eat at being the largest white castle brands in the world. It's the first white castle to open in Florida since the 1960s. They even had to limit fans to sixties lighters per customer. But for those who still haven't had their bill that rental eventually operate. 24 hours today. You might notice little baby go to there on the podium at the stock exchange because it is made his fourth AKA star or stay. Our parent company Disney is celebrating with a crossover shorts starring Maggie Simpson on the force away games. From its nap. I'm Disney plus now along with the first episode of the new animated Star Wars series the bad back. You can also celebrated home with crafts. Activities that you'll find on Star Wars dot com. And that does or for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news lies your free all day with the latest news context and analysis but seeing that here 11 AM eastern with a new update until then. May the board yeah.

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