ABC News Live Update: Several states low on gas as pipeline comes back online

Plus, U.N. official says the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be headed for “full-scale war,” and children as young as 12 get their first vaccines.
28:31 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Several states low on gas as pipeline comes back online
Good morning I'm Dennis Tito thanks for training with us in today's update at colonial fuel pipeline is back operation almost a week after rationed based hacking group shouted down. More than a dozen states are experiencing gas shortages and drivers are going to new extremes. It is a some are feeling several tanks at one other three until enough water bottles as prices soar. We have the latest on the fuel rush and what it means for airlines. The UN is warning of a full scale war between Israel and Hamas. Fighting between Israelis and Palestinians this billion to the streets of the violence escalates Martinez there this morning. And a CDC has approved the tighter vaccine for twelve of fifteen year old clearing the way for seventeen million more Americans to get vaccinated. Our cameras were there as Walgreens administered its first job to eighteen in that age group. Now one state is offering a million reasons to get vaccinated. Right now we'll explain. We begin without fuel pipeline stretching from New Jersey to Texas finally back in business after a massive cyber attack. Officials say it'll take days before fuel supplies returned to normal as states across the country report gas shortages. Four states have declared states of emergency in North Carolina 70% of gas stations are without fuel Virginia South Carolina and Georgia aren't far behind. Transportation correspondent you Benitez has the latest. This morning the restart colonial pipeline announcing it has restarted operations. Five days after that Russian Ling tacked shut down the massive 5500. Mile pipeline. The company reportedly recovering its most important data to get back to work restarting it without paying that ransom. But the ordeal isn't over yet overnight people driving from station to station just looking for gas. Let me guess issues to be tracked hate this is my sex every dance that I. Out of Gaza. In Richmond Virginia this man filling open water bottles with extra gas. And this is. Hello again. In Sudan low water motto. In Atlanta a drivers taking the out of service bags off the pump to try and squeeze out the last straw. You're. And in North Carolina tensions hall. A flight breaking out in line for the whole hot gas buddy reporting at one point seven out of ten gas stations in North Carolina were out of gas. During county employees told to stay home and worked remotely to preserve fuel pausing all nonessential travel. No another concern price gouging this Virginia station charging nearly seven dollars a gallon. Six gallons of gas and it's Ford 35 dollars as absolutely ridiculous. And unity says joins us live from Atlanta now with more GO what's it like this morning. So Diane I gotta tell you it's calm down a lot at this particular gas station. But still they are running low on fuel right now I see that they only have a regular unleaded here they do not have premium right now. And we also know that some gas stations here. Still do not have guessed I'm looking out one across the street right now no gas at all it's been like that. For several days now but the good news is that experts believe release is on the way and perhaps. This slowdown here may be that people are feeling a little more confident in that news. So Ngo how wanted take to get all these gas stations fully stocked again. So Diane experts tell us that it's gonna take a few days to really start getting this in a much better situation it's not going to be perfect over the next few days you are still don't have headaches as you go to try to find gassed up what they say that by the end of the weekend. We should see things being a lot better right here. And your president Biden is expected to address this this morning what do you think we'll hear from him. So you know what just yesterday she signed an executive order that is sort of to modernize the cyber security infrastructure. And we know that they are going to be. Making sure that they have a lot of information sharing between the government and private businesses. That is the goal so he's gonna expand on that somewhere around noon eastern today we'll have that right here. All right she of any test thanks for that. And for the first time in nearly seven years and national average for a gallon of gas is over three dollars. Our Tenet known as an old town Virginia with more good morning Kenneth. Diane talk about sticker shock on that three dollar a gallon nationally average that's the highest we've seen that since twin fourteen. Drivers in several states doing that pain at the pump those prices just keep taking up here in Alexandria Virginia. This sign right here this gas stations sorry pot aghast at the pumps. Turned off now here in Virginia 56%. A stations. Are without gas not every state Diane. This scene this a drastic spike up by in the southeast. We can't report that we've seen significant. Jumps in prices and increases bear in Virginia South Carolina and Georgia eight cents up in the past 44 hours. Also in Georgia actually in that stayed 25 cents more compared to this time. Last week. Now Joseph boy is out with a reminder trying to help drivers conserve they say if you wanna save you need to drive the speed limit aborted stint at idling. And slowdown. Diane. Ranked cannon bone in old town Virginia thanks Kenneth. And the pipeline shutdown and fuel shortages are also having an impact on air travel. Airlines are trying to conserve fuel to avoid cutting flights. Russia has the latest on that from Charlotte airport in North Carolina aerial good morning. Paid their diet and here in Charlotte they are trying to conserve as much fuel is possible to try to avoid cutting anything like take a look here you can see they are. Topping off this airplane fuel but. American Airlines a united talent that they are actually. Filling up thinking that their planes including an airport that have not been affected by the pipeline shortage of course it's not just here in Charlotte where they're feeling that pinch. From this crisis head the national the international airport they usually have a fuel reserve of about six point six. Million gallons are now down to about 750000. But here's the good news. So far for travelers there have not been any flights canceled as a result of this and the airlines say they hope to resume their normal operations by the end of this week. Diane. There are upset on the tarmac there at Charlotte airport aerial thank you. And president Biden as you mentioned sign an executive order to try to prevent cyber attacks like this. In the future senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has more on the administration's response Mary good morning. Diane good morning. While the White House certainly pleased to see that pipeline backed up and running but the president is also under increasing pressure to do more to try and prevent these kinds of attacks. In the future so late yesterday we saw him signed an executive order that's aimed at boosting US defenses against these kinds of attacks. The administration says it will create a standardized playbook for how the government response among other things it mandates that companies doing business with the federal government turn over information about any taxi creates an incident review board and also a government rating system of the security of software products. The president is also now pushing for more funding for cyber security it has the infrastructure plan some in the wasn't part of his initial proposal. Diane primary numbers at the White House fours thanks Mary. President Biden we'll talk about the colonial pipeline at 11:50 eastern at the White House today we will bring that you live. When it happens. Meanwhile the UN is warning the Israeli Palestinian conflict could be headed for full scale war. The US embassy in Jerusalem's urging staff to state close to bomb shelters due to the threat of rocket attacks. As a State Department tries to. The overnight this guy igniting with the Israeli airstrikes and Hamas rocket fire. As Israeli warplanes howled over Gaza this silver we'll missiles. Ripping into this fourteen story building drone video flying over the debris fields can. Israel said it was targeting Hamas infrastructure but warned civilians before bombing. Palestinian health officials say over eighty people have been killed including Hamas operatives. But also dozens of civilians in at least seventeen children nearly 500 wounded. Hamas has launched over 16100 rockets towards Israel the past few days those rockets targeting the Tel Aviv metro area where. You know half of the population lives. He Palestinian rocket hitting these Israeli apartment building rescuers scrambling to get people out. Some brought out on stretchers. Those air raid sirens wailing almost hourly youth including out while we were on the here. Another sirens sounding out which means there's about a minute 32 for the rockets start folic there they are you can see similar looks like iron dome. Project tower rising right above us and your season little signed the letter but there are not running out the raucous just yet they have. I am quite a lot of welcome good unfortunately they've been able to stop a lot of rockets. Over the last year's so that is not the case Luzader thousands more I would say that there are thousands forced. The conflict also spreading to the West Bank. Where Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian protesters in the Israeli town of load of ethnic Palestinian citizens of Israel clashing with police. Leaving dozens of wounded they say they're demonstrating against being treated as second class citizens. South of Tel Aviv these for a Obama right wing Jewish activists who have terrified camera motorist out of his vehicle. UC minus room. Flag to be. And I gunman joins me live now from identity badges outside Tel Aviv math and those images are hard to watch how are things there now. About well I'm in midtown gold picked up deeply decide the Israeli military spokesman won five. Doing something in Spanish actually today and I'm like. This is a building that did not get a direct hit from a rocket fired by the rocket landed over them actually to show you. The shockwaves from that rocket punched a hole through this. This wall here and right now there they're cutting down trees that cars out there were incinerated you're just trying to clean it up. Can't do it would have walked through here come shattering this entire buildings. All the buildings around firing shrapnel. 360 degrees in creating this fireball and they'll show you deeds done here because everything looks black. Psalm. And this is the kitchen he looks at the walls are black but all of that this is actually silly. Miraculously all the people in the building we were told. We're actually in the bomb shelter downstairs. When the rocket kid nobody was killed a couple of people were lightly wounded but find nobody was badly hurt now. About an hour and a half ago we were down here doing some reporting talking to people for there was another air raid siren all the people who are here. Trying to pick up their possessions for whatever is left. Meaning conceived shattered cases everywhere and it is sensitive power. Those rockets. As a return of picking up. Air raid sirens people have to go again into the fund shelter and basically. Crying there was hysteria because they were suffering PC SP sales quick dramatic moment very emotional some of these people. That's in Israel as we know in Gaza there are continued airstrikes. Doesn't seem to be any let up Israeli the government is meeting to talk about the possibilities. A possible ground incursion into Gaza. So despite the UN's despite president Biden's. Hope that this is going to be the end of violence soon it doesn't look like that's going to be the case. And that he's there live in very close quarters they live close to each other. So how are they reacting to all of this and knowing that in their homes are vulnerable at any moment. He just the nail on the head they just feel extraordinarily vulnerable and so. Most of the people who lose both of you here frankly they say okay we've got. Attack guys have got to put an end to Hamas we've got to retaliate. There's a smaller sub sector of the people who myself and say okay we need peace we need to come to terms of these people. This can't happen anymore but that is really the unifying. Understanding here is that this seems to be an untenable way of living. Just that nobody can seem to claw their way out. And that president Biden as spoken to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu he's calling for both sides to DM delayed so. What's the latest on the efforts to try to throw. First cease fire. Well we know that. A top US official from the State Department is being sent here. There are conversations between Hamas and the Russians and the Europeans. Hamas says it is willing to enter into a ceasefire with Israel provided that Israel stop any activities. On the temple mount in Jerusalem that's not. Likely to happen at all especially with the Israeli Cabinet. Meeting today to discuss possible incursion now Israeli military tells me they have no timeline right now which means this could go on for. Days or even longer. They're not. The point of launching a ground assault they don't have the troops called up yet but that is certainly something that they're talking about and really it's a question of how much they want to do great hamas' capability of hurting in the peace. The Israeli military believes and Hamas still has. Many thousands of rockets with this kind of 65 mile hour. Plus range. Carrying those hundred pound warheads that could do some significant damage from the question is how much does Israel want to try to. Crush Hamas how much longer as Hamas willing to fight like this and this offer. Those casualties in the destruction of their infrastructure in Gaza he saw those buildings collapsed clearly Israel. It's making the statement. Again those air sorties. Are really slowing down right now. I've gotten in there in Israel what an image that stays safe thank you. Announced that battle inside the Republican Party here in the US congresswoman Liz Cheney was ousted from her leadership post after calling out former president trump and other Republicans for lying about the election. A boat is coming tomorrow on cool TJ's place they just got his on Capitol Hill with the latest. This morning with the divine in the Republican Party only growing deeper congresswoman Liz Cheney is defiant. Promising to continue to fight against Donald Trump we cannot. Those. Embrace the big guy and embrace the constitution to build an ounce at her from party leadership. Loyalty tests of the former president but Cheney is not backing down I act will do everything I can't work to ensure. That the former president never again get anywhere near the Oval Office her downfall has been all but certain for weeks after she continued to call out trumps false claims about the two point one election but outside the white house on Wednesday. Leader Kevin McCarthy insisted Republicans. Don't want to re litigate the past I don't think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election that's not the case many still expressed doubts. Including congresswoman Elise Stephon at the front runner to replace Cheney. It was pushed baseless claims about unprecedented voting irregularities. The former president reveling in the news of Cheney's removal calling her quote a bitter horrible human being but one of her few GOP allies predicting all this. Will backfire. And if you're Donald Trump you may be celebrating today. But a Liz Cheney feeling free to go out and speak as often as she wants about the truth is much more a threat to and then she was. Now congresswoman at least seven sonic is still seen as the clear front runner to replace Liz Cheney when that vote happens tomorrow. So Republicans still raising some concerns at a record. Is not conservative not but she does have the endorsement of former president Donald Trump and Diane that is a key factor at play here. Picture is Rachel Scott thanks for that. And here you are watching in Washington today as you mentioned earlier 11:50 AM eastern president Biden will deliver remarks from the colonial pipeline ransom where attacks. At 1:30 PM eastern he and vice president Pamela Harris will be GOP senators to discuss infrastructure investment. And at 3 PM eastern First Lady Jill Biden Jennifer Garner and senator Joseph Manchin would get a vaccination center. At capital high school in Charleston, West Virginia. And a CDC has given the green light for children as young as twelve. Advisors Kobe just when we come back we'll hear from the first young teen in that age groups to get a shot at Walgreens. And also ahead prices are signs for everything from groceries to travel and why it's happening. And what you can do about it after the break. Welcome back the CDC has given the official green light for kids twelve to fifteen to get -- called it vaccine. The approval comes after several states had already started giving the vaccine to that age group which Johnson is at a Walgreens in Boston with a fourteen year old who's rolling up her sleeve. For her first dose good morning let. Diane good morning president Biden called this a big step in the fight against the pandemic it will expand eligibility. To another seventeen million Americans a CDC now giving in the Green Line recommending the Pfizer vaccine for those twelve to fifteen years old. We've already started seeing some states administer the shots earlier this week when the FDA gave emergency use authorization. But today is the day that most states really start to ramp up their efforts at a Pfizer vaccine was 100% effective. In this age group and clinical trials side effects very similar to what we saw. With the older teenagers and young adults. Pain at the injection site in the arm body aches chills in some cases fever those not lasting very long there were no reports of severe allergic reaction in the trial group and no major safety concerns. Now earlier today we spoke with fourteen year old Julie a band whose brave enough to get her first dose at this Walgreens. Alive on GMA here's what she the sad. Why was it's so important for you to get the vaccine and why do you think other teams should do the same thing. We've been a pandemic so long and I can tell you are all sick and tired of it. And I'm sure a bunch of teens agree with me that we all I get back to our normal lives and I think this is the biggest. Pick and you have an older brother who's news couple years older already got the vaccine right others first he's gonna get a second send it there are you nervous. But. On Everest but I'm ten billion dancer Juliet tells me that she doesn't love getting shots over here she is his schedule for all of us here. And this is that moment. And I was oh yeah I should know. Julie also told us that she hasn't seen some of her grandparents in more than a year or so they're already starting to put together plans. To get back to a normal life and a normal summer. Now Walgreens and other pharmacies and mass vaccination sites across the country are allowing these appointments to happen already starting today. And in many cases walk ins are available meaning that you can show wild without an appointment at all. If they don't have anything ready to go right then and there are they can reschedule you for later. And one important note for parents you do have to give permission usually in person and the have you fill out a form of consent on the side Diane. I went Johnson in Boston thank you. And Ellen DeGeneres has announced she is ending her daytime talk show next year after nearly two decades on the air. The news comes after allegations of a toxic workplace but Allen says the decision had nothing to do it that. Here's TJ Holmes with the details. After nearly two decades of dancing. Giveaways. And games can ban the but a lot of green yellow. Spot. And announce Ellen is ending. I am announcing that next season season nineteen is going to be my last season long time holds. Ellen DeGeneres. Says she's ending her daytime talk show telling the Hollywood reporter in a new interview this upcoming season will be her last saying as great as this show is and as fun as it is it's just not a challenge anymore. No wonder why I decided to end after nineteen seasons the truth is I always trust my instincts. We instinct told me it's time. The announcement comes nearly a year after that explosives buzz feed story detailing allegations of a toxic work environment leading to parent company Warner media parting ways with three of the program's top producers over some flaws in the show's daily management. I think it is very easy you assume and there was scandal. This show and and I don't think it's that simple this is something that has been in the works for three years she got very close to walking away after sixteen seasons she was very isn't open publicly at the time Quaker owns rustling when you might stage you might go and ultimately she signed on for three more seasons. Wald are generous says her decision has nothing to do with last summer's controversy she admits it was very hurtful. With a talk show all I cared about was spreading kindness and compassion and everything I stand for was being attacked so it destroyed me honestly. I'd be lying if I said it didn't. The generous kicked off season eighteen in September by publicly addressing the allegations. I learned that things happen here that never should have happened I take that very seriously and I want to say I am so sorry to the people who were affected. I know that I'm in a position of privilege and power and I realize that with that comes responsibility and I take responsibility for what happens at my show. But her ratings declined losing more than a million viewers the kind of my other side and her public persona. As the be kind lady took a hit. Anybody's thinking that changing their title or giving yourself and nicknamed do not go with the be kind lady. The truth is I am that person that you see on TV. I am also a lot of other things site sometimes I get sad I get Matt I I get anxious to get frustrated I get impatient. And I am working on all of that. All right Diane not Ellis says she doesn't exactly know what she wants to do after the show we -- time to figure that out but it's also worth noting that looked when he years ago Ellen DeGeneres was at the forefront really a main player. In changing conversations. And then in representation when it comes to the LG BTQ plus community on television in Hollywood and beyond so that two will now be a part of her legacy diet. Right TJ Holmes thanks for that. And get ready for some sticker shock at the grocery store prices on food and every day items are rising after supply chain disruptions caused by a pandemic. Chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on why this is happening. And what we can do about it. This morning consumers across the country paying more at check out as inflation grows. Food prices have increased exponentially. Seafood rising almost when he percent. Fruit in baked goods like donuts in rolls full cost nearly 8% more. And meats like beef and pork price nearly 5% higher and it's not just food prices that are increasing. The price of diapers and toilet paper expected to rise liter this summer. The cost of lumber up 250%. Even your summer vacation could be more expensive flights up 7%. And if you can find a rental. He prepared to pay hundreds more what's happening is basically supply demand issued there's just not enough supply to meet demand and that's all over the board. The price increase is linked to disruptions in the supply chain caused by the pandemic in severe weather. But also an increase in money in the economy through stimulus checks and tax returns the more money that she have the more people have as far as being able to spend it. And so this is causing this is this ripple effect within the economy. And that may be the case for a while on Wednesday the government reported that last month consumer prices overall surged by more than 4%. The fastest rise since 2008. There are ways to ease the pain in the check out I apps like basket let users price check items between different stores you can be sure you're getting the best deals. Other apps like I've got to and check out 51 to provide cash back and coupons for gas groceries and prescriptions. Now the other tried and true method to saving money at the grocery store is to meal plan. But we plan with a twist may sure that your meal planning around what's on sale and that particular week. Buying involvement also another way to save money. Diane we got you covered Diane. I love money saving tips Rebecca Jarvis thank you. And what we come back one state is offering a million reasons for residents to get the Kobe vaccines will explain after the break. Welcome back times take a look at today's science and technology has. Lines here's ended timber. It's based tech bytes mentally and writing the new experimental device claims to turn thoughts into tax. Tests tiny sensors inserted in the brain allowed a paralyzed man to tighten accurately just by thinking about what he wanted to tighten. Motorola is developing remote wireless charging for it Smartphones it's teaming up with a company that specializes. Over the air power delivery that means no need for wires were charging had a technology means power. Ten hear more from using radio waves sent from a charging high. Tesla says he won't be accepting big going for vehicle purchases from now on the owner Elon Musk between into the company is concerned about the use of fossil fuels in big point mining and transactions especially coal which has the worst emissions of any fuel. This morning the value of big oil is down 11%. This last week those are your check bites Diane back to you. There Ryan and you thank you. And a few more things to know before you go vaccinated people in Ohio are getting his shot at a massive payout. This data is giving five adults a million dollars each in return for getting at least one polio vaccine doses. Federal corona virus relief funds will be used for the prizes of the Ohio lottery will conduct the drying on May 26. Ohio governor Mike DeWine treated at some might say he's crazy and call this a waste of money but he says that the real waste. It's a late loss to cope in nineteen when vaccines are readily available. Let me see is set to being daisy is set to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. The rapper and music mogul will officially become part of the hall of fame class of twice when he won at a ceremony in October. He joins Tina Turner Carroll cane fu fighters the photos and more in what the organization says. He is the most diverse list of inductees in history. And a woman snorkeling in Australia is not something a little did she and the water fish. With a golden wedding ring wrapped around its body and the storm Fuller an environmental conservationist says that officials like they're looking for mood. On the ocean floor when it got stuck in the ring. She then found a social media pose for a man saying he lost his wedding ring and in that same areas. Now fishing crews are trying to find this to both retrieved the rain and help free the finish. And that does it for this ABC news live up to united and us and thanks for joining us and remember ABC news land is your brain all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see you right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new updates Stacy.

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