ABC News Live Update: Texans still without water after historic winter storm

Plus, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer be working members of the royal family, and a waitress speaks out after being fired.
17:35 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Texans still without water after historic winter storm
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us and today's update this morning president Biden is taking part. In a virtual G-7 summit laying out his foreign policy vision. He's also expected to announce a donation of vaccines underprivileged countries. And later today the president will visit of Spicer manufacturing site in Kalamazoo Michigan where he will meet with the workers producing Mattel that vaccines. Meanwhile the Biden administration is formally offering to restart a nuclear talks that he brought. Iran's foreign minister says the US must lift all sanctions before Iran will make any moves to dial back its nuclear program. President biting campaigned on reviving the nuclear deal after former president trump withdrew from the 2015 deal with Iran and other world powers. And it breaking news from Buckingham Palace this morning Prince Harry and Maggie and will no longer return as working members of the royal family. After conversations between Harry in the week. The duke and duchess of Sussex announced last year that they were stepping back from official royal duties subject to a twelve month review. Now a month earlier than planned its official that they will not be working members of the royal family. Prince Harry will lose his honorary military appointments and his formal royal cage manages. Between set in her statement that the duke and duchess remain much loved members of the. And the power is slowly coming back on in texas' estate deals with a historic deep freeze cars in some cases are fully case in nice. After pipes burst in parking garages more than 150000. People are still without power in the freezing cold that's down from a peak. Of more than four million. But residents are still facing a dangerous water shortage after the blackout affected water plants and freezing temperatures burst pipes. Marcus mores in Dallas with the latest mark is good morning. By and the colts still have a very firm grip on the region here with temperatures in the teens and on the windshield in the single digits. And also people here now. Facing new struggles in the midst of this crisis we're talking about a water pipes that have burst inside homes and apartments across the state here. And would be power situation is only the beginning of this this crisis that's unfold in this power comes back people. Are now Billy would boil water notice is there are more than thirteen million people being told to boil their water here across the state. Are all as a result. This catastrophe that has unfolded this week and we have seen striking images from Houston people lining up. To fill buckets with water and using that as their primary source and even more. Striking images from overnight of what firefighters have been indoor and a massive apartment fire there lit up the nice guy. And what they were up against was frozen fire high from 75 firefighters then we're left. Trying to battle the flames but absolutely destroyed that apartment building so. All we know in the midst of all of this that federal aid has been coming in to the region. A couple of military jets. Are dropping off a generators and food and soap and supply. To the Galveston area as well as other parts of the state. All as it begins to thaw out and four the first time in six days Diane the temperatures here. Are expected to get back above freezing today later on today. And that is that the small glimmer of hope here for the people who've had a really hard week. They sure have Marcus Moore in Dallas Texas thank you. And now for the latest on the pandemic more than 41 million Americans now receive at least one dose. Of the cove a vaccine with more people getting their shots every day some businesses. Are now considering requiring employees to get the vaccine before coming back to work in person. ABC's Andrew Denver has more. For the better part of a year as the pandemic crescendo to unthinkable heights. The nation's top health officials have long maintained it would take a vaccine to really turn the tide when your turn comes up. Please. Get vaccinated. Both for your own safety. For that of your family. And that for the American community in general. And as to vaccines have arrived to the public since December the CDC says more than forty million Americans have rolled up their sleeves to get shot more vaccinated Americans may signal a return to the days of going back to the office in cubicles to assembly lines in kitchens in bars. What if that return. Was dictated by the vaccine. Put another way can your boss for seated taking. Arguably yes. Charles Kramer is a law professor at George Washington university in says while there are some exceptions your employer can likely mandate all employees get the shot. Employees who work from private employers employees will in the United States Chris means I can terminate you for good cause bad cost or no cause. In any time. So if you don't cooperate with me and you don't have really isn't sure you don't have a disability exact issue and you don't come on his own state law. As you are not willing to Dicey in order to. Work where you're getting tested. As Kobe vaccines become more widely available it's a question many employers for large corporations to small businesses may soon have to face. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby said recently that the company is looking into requiring employees to take the vaccine. While noting other industries would need to buy in to make a requirement. Work I think the right they are without question is do baker vaccine meant. Well I hope it is. There are a coalition. Like minded companies will be resentment. And I figure that does happen just give all grow. So with more employees reimbursing themselves back into those close daily interactions with customers in coworkers alike should employees face getting the vaccine. Over getting fired anybody who wants to not get vaccinated it's their body ultimately they're responsible for their own body. Jason buries the founder of need hospitality Washington DC and owns multiple restaurants. Instead of taking any punitive approach to employees getting shot he's rewarding those who do. As soon as the vaccines are available will be offering a variety of incentives for our employees as we want to encourage them to do it even though we're not mandating it. That includes four hours of pay. As a bonus when they're fully vaccinated. The extra incentive isn't without reason. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll from January suggests about a third of the overall public. Is taking a wait and see approach to getting vaccinated that's higher among minorities with 43% a black adults and 37% of Hispanic saying they want to wait to take the vaccine. And roughly three of every 10 non health care central workers feel the same. Sue will mine is an essential worker at a Safeway grocery store near Seattle. Since the onset of the pandemic even with strong CoBiz safety recommendations and guidelines she knows how hard it is to still protect yourself and loved ones. Even with masks and social distancing it's why she doesn't think there's much need for a vaccine directive seems ready to roll up her sleeve now. And in just we still say her it would make yellow light. I am not good at bringing home annaly it would make it ceiling you're not. My neighbors my customers. It would just would be Culbertson need to get vaccinated and eight. I'm just waiting for. We blame Joseph for Sula Garrity supermarkets in Pennsylvania says the decision not to require his employees get the vaccine comes down to a matter of choice. We don't think that's necessary to take our employees. You know can make an informed choice. And by thundering most of them are are very eager to get it anyway. It's that sort of choice mark Perot and of the united food and commercial workers union says. He's prepared to fight for if his union members are required to get the shot by their bosses. But it employers and dozens sailor organized mandated or organ but somebody ought to order a burger where he's in our membership the wall more companies and small businesses are opting for rewarding or encouraging their workforce to get vaccinated. If your boss does make it mandatory. You may be left without a choice. I am clerk does have a legal obligation maintaining self and healthy work environment. And that includes techniques individual employees themselves and their coworkers and protect and customers. Andrew Jim Burt ABC news Washington. I thanks to injure for that report. And a Brooklyn waitress says that she lost her job for expressing reservations about getting the code vaccine she says she's not against vaccines but just wanted more time to research. Possible effects on fertility. Now her story is raising questions about whether you can get fired for refusing the vaccine Al Russia has more. It is our. Earlier this morning New York City waitress Bonnie Jacobs and speaking out days after losing her job. The LAX. Its general poster. The 34 year old says she was fired after telling her employers she and her husband are considering starting a family and she had hesitations about getting the covad nineteen vaccine lets your biggest reservation. More time I need more research on how and I had reservations are you. Or a little time dairy legitimate reason I it was an outline. I wanna meet you Gary you're you know. Union there in a statement read hope tavern telling ABC news we made a decision that we thought would best protect everyone. Adding we now realize that we need to update our policies so it's clear to our team how the process works and what we can do to support that as vaccines become more widely available businesses are facing a major dilemma should they make the vaccine a requirement. I think we're gonna see endless litigation on this issue and in again everything Crowe literally and it is messy and I think that this is this is a very cursory hearing about a I think this is gonna go on years. Some companies like Trader Joe's and instant carte offering financial incentives to employees to get vaccinated while others like Red Hook tavern are mandating it. And legal experts say that's an employer's right. Under the Americans with disabilities. As a loser not requesting information from him or you it's legal to require the vaccine. And Pfizer has launched its clinical trial and pregnant women saarc which is the organization for fertility doctors says it does recommend the vaccine for pregnant women. And women trying to get pregnant. Diane Harry RS Jeff thank you for that and for more on vaccine safety let's infectious disease specialist and ABC news medical contributor. Doctor Todd Halloran on this factor Haller and those of the woman and that piece was worried about future infertility after getting the vaccine what data it. Do we have on that right now. Diane there is no debt on this there's no credible biological mechanism disease it there's no plausibility. That the vaccine itself is going to. Affect fertility and in fact remember we haven't heard anything that cold at nineteen and there's been hundreds of millions of people. Around the world that it didn't edit that have been infected. And we're not hearing about any fertility issues so. I do think this is important here is disinformation. Well there we do have to come back out that it's not enough for me to say. Dad we didn't there's no evidence we also want to see people come forward women who have been infected before it who. Get pregnant and have healthy pregnancies and an end and normal babies and we want to. Here those voices so we can be sort of an evidence based approach but also an emotional approach. This isn't all about the science this is you know a hard emotional topic salsa it's very hard. I would say the. I think you're about to get to this but sell if you're an employer in this situation how do you ensure. That your employees one have the most accurate information out there and how do you navigate what are clearly complicated what waters. So Diane these are complicated waters and you're looking at someone right now who's an employee of an organization that has mandatory influenza vaccinations let me be clear if I don't get my flu shot. This past year I will be terminated. OK so and remember this is PP you're battling the principles of been there since wanting to do good to not do any harm to keep workplaces safe and we know that vaccines will obviously help. Vs autonomy we we want ideally people to deal to make the wrong decisions but when it comes to major public health implications. You can understand why organizations. Couldn't couldn't want to mandate is to make sure that the workplace is as safe as possible. The so what do we know so far about virus transmits ability after getting the vaccine. So good news on this front to remember transmissible he is a complicated. Topic because as we see. Case is going down it's not necessarily all about vaccine could you vote natural infection and more of us becoming immune that way could be because were masking we're distancing but here's the good news we're during and after a single dose two thirds reduction in finding virus in the back of the nose AstraZeneca did weekly swaps after the air. And placebo index teen groups. Eight as part of the Clinton cultural facial there was a 50% reduction it finding virus in the back of the nose so we've seen the end here is multiple groups right now that are looking up to us. In Brazil in the UK Israel and the other good news is it looks like do you get vaccines do you actually have less virus even if you detect virus in the back of the knows there's less of it so it is a good chance that this will ultimately translate into decreased transmission we obviously know they're wonderful preventing. Severest dash or moderate infection but now we're trying to see you will help decrease transmission I bet it will his studies are ongoing to to show that. That's great news and on that note of preventing infection or some new evidence now showing that just one dose. Of the Pfizer vaccine is 85%. Effective their fifteen to 28 days after being in ministers so does good this change. The perceptions about maybe delaying the second doses of the vaccine in getting as immersed combat may first doses out there's possible. So more good news right this is a study of Israel they've actually does thousands of health care workers want to remind you these health corps workers were mostly young and healthy but what they showed he's got there was a significant reduction in overall effectiveness. Decreasing moderate or severe symptoms after a single dose OK that was as you quoted by 85% I think also showed that there was a 75%. Reduction in overall infections as well that includes symptomatic. And asymptomatic again another clue that what we're gonna see it that we're decreasing transmission now I don't want to see that actually translate into. We're we become a single dose you know were all. But I didn't think for people that may be getting the Pfizer vexing right after three weeks of return after four weeks maybe six weeks go by. Maybe there's supply chain problems were people can't get it. Eight to twelve weeks I do think that overall to keep your spacing in between first and second dose that'd still be very effective. And I'm president Biden is expected to announce that the US will contribute four billion dollars. To global vaccine efforts others Vincent outrage to that from Americans. Who haven't been able to get their own vaccines yet so what do you make of this debate. And this effort to help get the world vaccinated when the US isn't yet fully vaccinated. So what are called you know clear up any misconceptions about this. President Biden is not seeing that he's taking money. That is going to allow for more vaccines for the United States and shifted over to him to called ax that's not the case he hears this extra money that he's going to be putting. Towards armed towards called ax which is basically. And international alliance between the WH showing god be getting anything god is essentially. A global organization should try to get vaccines to. The resource poor countries so this isn't just vaccines for the haves no vaccines but I have nots I think it's a wonderful initiative it reminds us remember. This entire pandemic started with one or two cases in Wuhan that was left unchecked and now in the United States not China but in the United States we have the most cases the most hospitalizations in the most deaths so what happens in one part of the world affects us. How I handled myself affects you die and so we have to remember that I think president Biden is putting this you know as a priority and I like it. All right doctor Todd Allen always great to have you thank you. Tutored and YouTube and that doesn't happen as ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed up thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis.

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