Activist groups file lawsuits against controversial Florida voting law

Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown says the Florida law and others like it have a disproportionate impact on voters of color.
7:03 | 05/07/21

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Transcript for Activist groups file lawsuits against controversial Florida voting law
And here's some of the new rules and that proposed law that Texas would enact it would make it a felony for officials to send applications for mail in ballots to voters. Who didn't request then it would require people who are helping others to vote to provide written documentation. Of who they are and why that voter needs assistance. It would also make it more difficult to remove poll watchers only allowing removal. If the poll watcher is engaging in an activity that would constitute an offense related to voter fraud. I want to bring in voting rights activist and co-founder of the black voters matter organization the Trisha brown. For more on this let's Russia thanks so much for being here what do you main concerns. With this proposal on others like it for example what's wrong with those three things those three rules that I just read. You know. Partly what is dropped out of street whose is it they now held and it hasn't disproportional impact our gurus of no they know that literally there's a culture of really being able to. The most oppressive currently exist and there'll organizations and civil rights groups and pro democracy group that actually assist people and get information out because they're. They're elect officials and in bed just. They don't necessarily want voters about that they've done everything in their on the strength of all people lose cell. Those principally issues what it does doesn't restrict access to the battle any restrict. Says the ballot it has an undue burden it has become Morton burdensome on people. Well already strap resource as it has more burdensome are people liberal rule from people who may I have. Says to the CB. And say I'm city police and sell. What would look sitting voting places list prices has and so what we're looking at this is a blatant. Ain't lay him to actually re show eight. Cool is able to vote who are not able to all while it was interesting that governor does that aren't yesterday. Brag about you know we're going to be ahead of the curve what curve a creek aiding they pass a real world. What a problem. Does not exist but what they attempting to do is really to marginalized. And disenfranchise voters and make it much harder for voters participate in the process. And you treated a statement this morning saying the Florida law will usher in a new era and Jim Crow in a state where elections security was not even an issue last November. Now Republicans argue that nothing in these bills explicitly limits voting by African Americans or minorities or anyone else of any race to race or ethnicity so. Why do you think their discriminatory. Yeah there's a couple of things one you add the fact that they are reducing. Grabbed boxes are. And that's it people who air transportation issues people who is in. Com and in rural areas people main resource is people in a car when you're actually restricted in your having. My. Places locations that in itself great agent additional burden in addition when you're now saying his rights groups and organizations who admitted Cushing. Our democracy. Because the most oppression and all of Everett's weak we don't this new. But as the president about a new effort but the way that similar rights groups. Actually overcome that is to educate. And support people increase in the process. We used our pre aiding with in this law to make it eight other additional burden organizations. Better. Updating and expanding democracy why he and you're taking that tool that supports a stolen. From voters to be invisible to Britain Spain and as we quite frankly I think this is a prime our amendment right. Any that you are restricting actually asked that you're making it more difficult you're aiding areas. But Peta people to participate in that is exactly what is all of this may. Now black voters matter and other activist groups have filed lawsuits against the new line Florida what's the goal they are and what are some of your next steps. And trying to fight these bills. Now the goal of the lawsuit is actually get some memorable federal release. That's certainly what we're CNN these days exactly spaced the floor in Georgia who ever had a long long history. Oh quotas oppression and long history of disenfranchising. Voters. I'm analog history of targeting black voters know that what we're seeking is injunctive relief we want the federal courts to. Actually be able to to get some relief around these meals. You know that we think as an. Amendment right this is precisely the kind of saying that the voting rights act of 1960. And gotten into the route thirteen. Would actually from some protection around so we need additional federal protection right now an immediate relief from the courts. But wait a reliable support our men and three things that we're gonna do you move forward on this one where this to the courts to Wear it take to the communities where actually organizing community. We actually a look a lot when a freedom. Rat and instead of the coming at once. Why not reported DC we're taking bold. It all all we're. At least eight all this out actually impact of these issues to go to DC to support it actually called for the immediate passage of SB one. The boy the people and the John Lewis. Voter registered voter advancement. Because reveals like this a minute think it actually. We watched a court accountability campaign we neat corporations does stand with us this. Voting rights is not partisan issue. It is a civil right is a human rights issue and still it is fundamentally. And gives every stating that we're in the constitution that says we the people. When you have small select group of people who are doing everything in their power to shape. They want to be in the electric who they think should be voters actually create processes to make it more typical or targeted Bob. In the meantime and places like Florida right now this is a lot so how do you navigate that and get people to the polls anyway. You know we have we shown that in Georgia I think that part you know while the Botha's oppression. As a long history in this country are organizing the longest and we believe that this is fundamentally. Democrat and so what we do when it were more mobile hasn't. Here in Georgia where actually. Organize an even harder that this is a Everett that we have to raise cotton and Britain election common you know and it's clear that he is on the side don't want anything he can end to this franchise and our allies voters was well we're deal is educating voters. We believe that people. Are and that when people are educated on this issue show in record numbers. Wholly elected officials accountable for literally trying to teach you to mark July their boat. And that is one around and what it is actually be able to go to the courts to get immediately. Actually push for the present these meals we want these meals were. I'm in addition to actually have people to engage as the leadership looks different they're more responsive to an agenda that is willing rooted into Martin's. I Natasha brown of the black voters matter organization we appreciate your time today thank you. Thank you for having me.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Black Voters Matter co-founder LaTosha Brown says the Florida law and others like it have a disproportionate impact on voters of color.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77554818","title":"Activist groups file lawsuits against controversial Florida voting law","url":"/US/video/activist-groups-file-lawsuits-controversial-florida-voting-law-77554818"}