Alabama Hostage Standoff Ends

Jimmy Lee Dykes held a 5-year-old boy in an underground bunker for seven days.
1:27 | 02/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Hostage Standoff Ends
I'm Steve Richardson as special agent in charge of the FBI in Mobile, Alabama. With me today is -- Wally Olsen. Colonel -- -- call with Alabama bureau of investigation. Major -- to. Chief of Alabama bureau of an investigation. At approximately 312 this afternoon. FBI agents safely recovered the child has been held hostage for nearly a week. Within the past 24 hours negotiations deteriorated. And mr. dykes was observed whole -- was -- was observed holding a gun. At this point FBI agents -- the child was an imminent danger. Entered the bunker and rescue the child. The child appears physically unharmed. And is being treated at a local hospital. The subject is deceased the resolution of this matters to direct result of extraordinary collaboration. -- slain law enforcement at all levels. The exhaustive efforts and dedication of this -- law enforcement is truly exemplary. I want to thank everyone. In this community. That has supported us throughout the past few days. I know there are several questions. That need to be answered and and more questions to come. We will have an opportunity to address these later as more details become available.

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{"id":18404496,"title":"Alabama Hostage Standoff Ends","duration":"1:27","description":"Jimmy Lee Dykes held a 5-year-old boy in an underground bunker for seven days.","url":"/US/video/alabama-hostage-standoff-ends-18404496","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}