Amazon Prime Day

The first of two Amazon Prime Days is underway where you can get exclusive deals across multiple departments on their website.
2:17 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for Amazon Prime Day
As anti Syrian and Houston Texas prime day want to is officially under way and here's think that the deals across every single department where Condit Christmas in July take a look at I computer screen here. If you go to your right hand corner and just click it's primed it's going to take it all the wide deals happening right now. You can also click lightning deals and these are deals that are popping up every I'm minutes or so. He gets catch here is that they have a tight stamp expiration on each of the deals to make you you know cash in on the deals even quicker some of the best deals that we found today is this doorbell ringing. It comes with an Aqua dots at usually this ring runs about a hundred dollars in the dot fifty dollars right. So you're getting this deal for 69 in nineteen and that's over 53 per cent discount and this usually ships. Within six to eight weeks he also want to make short. That these deals have not sold out okay and also another great deal that we found as I apple iPad protein in half and Wi-Fi plus cellular. 512. Gigabyte. I added this deal you're getting for six and 99. I know that still sounds like a whole lot of money but that's almost. A 40% off discount saving you 430. Dollars. Another thing to think about its. Almost back to school fees and they have a category for everything you need it when thinking back to school girls fashion police action backpacks computers and accessories electronics. Everything you can think that they have it nicely organized orient now tips for shoppers today it read the fine red checked the minorities. And reviewed the return policy since most of these sellers are third party is. Also up for going to shop Amazon prime day one until they need to be a prime member. You're not or you don't have your friends passwords log and their account and you can sign up for a free thirty day trial all to get your own but you want to make sure that you cancel that trial before the party is up. If not you'll be stuck with the 119. Yearly fee and also you want to check the competitors like target. Wal-Mart best by eBay for steeper discounts because they are also running their own cells as well. In Houston Texas and tell Tierney and it's for ABC news flat.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"The first of two Amazon Prime Days is underway where you can get exclusive deals across multiple departments on their website. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64350669","title":"Amazon Prime Day ","url":"/US/video/amazon-prime-day-64350669"}