Amber alert issued for missing teen

A 13-year-old girl whose parents were found dead is missing.
2:00 | 10/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amber alert issued for missing teen
And now we want to get to that missing thirteen year old girl whose parents were found dead. Inside their own home hundreds of tips are now pouring in ABC's acts Perez is in Barron Wisconsin. With the latest on that Alex of those tips leading ten anything. Well Diane authorities are hoping they will lead to something we received about 200 tips since they issue that AMBER Alert for thirteen year old Jamie claws on. Monday. To give me an idea take a look behind me this is the sheriff's department here. Those doors have been busy more than a 150 members of law enforcement inside including the FBI looked the other way. To check out this parking lot here this is a small. County sheriff's department this parking lot is usually not that crowded book we're seeing. All these cars in here right now because they're so many members of law enforcement. Working on this story officials have sent out many times that. These days right after her disappearance are the most importance are there hoping to. Get any tips any information from someone who may have seen something suspicious. They're hoping they find that right now bomb as soon as possible so they cannot get on this mission to try to track down Jamie and Alex Henderson there's some new details on the crime scene itself when authorities found. Well you know authorities are are remaining very tight lipped about the specific details. About what they found inside that house we know that Jamie's parents. Were found dead in the home authorities recovered bullet casings. From inside the home they haven't quite yet. Explained explicitly how exactly her parents. Died but I they're performing expected to perform an autopsy. I'm there remains today and we could learn more of those he tells a very very soon. I'm but officials here say the clock is ticking they want to. Guess those tips get that information as soon as possible right now. There has not been a suspect description of vehicle description none of that is has been made available or. As far as we know they don't know that information just yet. Right Alex Perez from Barron Wisconsin thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"A 13-year-old girl whose parents were found dead is missing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58561763","title":"Amber alert issued for missing teen ","url":"/US/video/amber-alert-issued-missing-teen-58561763"}