April 24, 2003: Scott Peterson speaks out

Peterson tells Diane Sawyer he did not murder his wife and had nothing to do with her disappearance.
11:50 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for April 24, 2003: Scott Peterson speaks out
I think everybody sitting at home wants the answer to the same question did you murder your wife now. If not and asked for nothing do with her disappearance. And use the word murder and yeah. And that it is. But possibility. It's now one overrated except me creeps in my mind elated night. An early in the morning. And during the day all we can think about is the right resolution on her. Well but as you know increasingly. In the public. Suspicion has turned on you yes that. Did you ever hitter did you ever injure no. Violence towards women and news. And approachable it is the most disgusting. Act to me. And I know that. The stations turn me and turning me whine because I'm her husband. And that's natural. Thing I've heard all the statistics all of minutia is. About that being. Someone. Husband's ex husband or boyfriend. Statistically. One who would be responsible for her disappearance. And contact Patrick question. Did you ever hitter did you ever injured and never. I was answer your question because of the suspicion that's been turned me. And it turns me because. The inappropriate. Room and that I have them reprise. Amber Frye went public about the romance after seeing all the stories about Lacey Peterson's disappearance and met Scott Peterson November 20 2002. I was an existing hand I was taught he was and married. Amber Frye came forward and budget. You are kept. By appropriate thing to do it really shows. But a person character he is. And it allows us to. Get back looking for Lacey did you tell her that you were not Marion I did. And did. And then when Lacey disappeared. I called her definitely wasn't immediately the couple days after his disappearance. That telephoned her head told the truth. The truth that I was married and certainly since disappeared she and about it report. And she context and went out crisis she first found out about Lacey from the news not from Scott. Were you in love with him. Was this the first time are there are others out there. There's no one else who can come for. I owed tremendous. Apology to. Everyone had you told anyone did you tell police told the police immediately went. That was the first night. The police had spent with the please you tell them about her at some point or on that. Wasn't true and Scott Peterson called us after the interview to set the record straight he said he never told the police about his affair with amber Frye. But claims he to tell his wife. Did your wife find out about it. I told my wife. Planning religious. Did it cause. A rupture in the marriage. It was not. The positive obviously. You know inappropriate. But. It was not. Something that we worked. Dealing with. A lot of arguing. Now like a you know I can't say that. That even you know she was okay. It wasn't anything that would breakfast. There wasn't a lot of anger. To you bring you expect people to pollute the eight and a half months pregnant woman learns her husband is having an affair. And as saying please. It. Casual open. Accommodating. Makes a peace with it. We'll. Yeah you know. No one knows our relationship that us. And at peace where that. Not happy that. Why did you tell us. Is the right. Because again you know the people sitting at home. Have imagined. That. You can you were in love with someone else who therefore you decided to. Get rid of this entanglement namely. Your wife and your child. Or there was just an angry confrontation. News. Was the case. If it's that simple. He insisted all was well between him and Lacey. Tell me about the state of your marriage and but what kind of marriage what. And in the first court because lines. Can glorious thing carriage. Susan. When Scott Peterson's parents and other family members join the interview they sent their faith in his innocence never wavered. Even though they were surprised about the affair. Susan your. Lets you what was your reaction when you heard. With very. To be quite honest. It's not in. Scott's character. And when you hear people now. Talk in the country say. What can do it. What do you want to say to them. He couldn't have it if possible. It's impossible opinions it. He's a jealous all I think ever heard me. The police interviewed Scott Peterson three times but after he got a lawyer he did not talk to them again. His house was searched twice and more questions about his behavior began to surfaced. A neighbor says that the first thing Lacey. To every morning was pull open the curtains. But this morning they were never pulled open. Yet they were down I returned. It's. Very common and Summers. Forty degrees that day. And in order you know looking for. His. Nothing tip that I think suspicion. Though. Certainly wish that he. Is something and haven't been ocean opens. Maybe you know stop it and the winner. Who opens her curtains for the draft. Another story that is out there is that the kitchen was spotless. Newton. And in fact there was still wet mop around which indicated somebody claims something very real as he was mopping floors when. Yes spotless he had cleanly. And me. When there. The cleaning related and their well I have I have to clean again. Don two counts. Laid back yard -- office. And I do about it and return. That can. There was one report that a neighbor had senior loading something into a vehicle. Did you load anything into a vehicle. And even large. Sum route to market. Dozens. Dan Rosen stands. Beefy. When did you do that someone. If all these actions seem suspicious they're still circumstantial. But will it affect a couple of other questions people. I've heard somebody people said. Christmas she and very pregnant. You decide to go fishing. What to fat thing about the to a review. Well we had plans that he. Mom please these other. Frankly. Christmas her. And you got her for Christmas. Always live the time all. But. Preparations for me. Who plan. For the ambulance to her gingerbread cookies. Monday it was open to. Been playing offer location at this nation and we. Trust that made him. Obviously regret now you know. Just I'd stay home. I noticed during the interview he had not yet talked about some thing. I don't mention your son when. That would fulfill. Their baby boy was due on February 16. Tell me about the nurse. Kick when there. Then toward him. Those when we. Throughout the interview he insisted he was innocent. Are you afraid police will arrest you. There's no basis. And do its parents. So the news. Possible and through and they only. Have they given you reason to think face. That you're their prime suspect. Yet been looted. You know hold it would mr. towards the cars and things and certain. But you know search warrant for the home. Like its Pacific group are obvious.

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{"duration":"11:50","description":"Peterson tells Diane Sawyer he did not murder his wife and had nothing to do with her disappearance. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49711850","title":"April 24, 2003: Scott Peterson speaks out","url":"/US/video/april-24-2003-scott-peterson-speaks-49711850"}