Arrests made in 1996 Kristin Smart cold case

According to the San Luis Obispo County sheriff, evidence gathered between 2016 and this March led to the arrest of Paul Flores and his father, Ruben Flores.
4:04 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Arrests made in 1996 Kristin Smart cold case
Many of its European partners and I'm joined here obviously by the president of cal poly Jeff Armstrong. When to begin today or we're beginning here today. Because this is were all began. On the campus of cal poly university. On May 25 1990 six's who's the last place that Kristen Smart was seen alive. I it has been 24 almost 25 years. Since. Kristen went missing. 24 years without a resolution. Until today. I'm here this afternoon to announce the rest of Paul Lawrence. For the murder of Chris and Smart. And the rest of his father. Ruben Flores as an ancestry to the murder. Which charges him with a little timeline for those who who may not. All this completely. So how did we get here it's been a long process. Kristen Smart was a nineteen year old. Freshman cal poly student in May of 1996. She was last seen on May 25 the 1996. At approximately 2 AM. Near the intersection. Perimeter in grand avenue which is right over my left shoulder. As she walked home from an off campus party. Chris it was last seen with Paul Flores. Also a nineteen year old prosper freshman that walked her home from the party. Chris and never returned to her dorm room that night and it's not been seen or heard from since that time Hughes reported missing to the count all the police department. On me 28. 1996. Book Paul remained as a person of interest and as the case progress. Became. I suspect and the prime suspect in the case. So I became sheriff in 2011. And did a complete and requested a complete review of all the physical evidence that it ever been taken in the in the missing person case. In the late 2016. We discovered additional evidence that confirm that. Paul was the suspect. In the disappearance. In 2019. We interviewed several witnesses that it not been previously interviewed. And all I'll say. Some of that information came came to light through. The podcasted many are you familiar way. That was produced and and eventually. Led to. Our our interviewing that witness. The end. With the with the knowledge of the Biscayne there are discovered. New evidence new witnesses sheriff's. Detective security court order. Authorizing. The interception and monitoring. Paul courses cellphone text messages this is one of many things that have been done over the last ten years. In February 20/20 to check. Physical evidence recovered during the search is led to the service of additional search warrant. At all horses residents in April of last year. During the search or detectives recovered evidence related to the murder Kristen Smart. In march of this year detectives served. Another search warrant. In Auroio grandy. The home of Ruben Flores. The father Paul Flores additional evidence related the Smart and this investigation was discovered that at that time. So as a result. This evidence. Decade. Salas missed those spirit court judge signed into arrest warrants and two additional search warrants at approximately 0730 this morning. Today. Both were arrested simultaneously. With the team down in San Pedro California and a team in Droid branding California.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"According to the San Luis Obispo County sheriff, evidence gathered between 2016 and this March led to the arrest of Paul Flores and his father, Ruben Flores.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77055317","title":"Arrests made in 1996 Kristin Smart cold case","url":"/US/video/arrests-made-1996-kristin-smart-cold-case-77055317"}