Former Atlanta Braves Aces Lead Way in Hall of Fame Voting

Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine join former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas as top vote getters in Hall of Fame voting.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for Former Atlanta Braves Aces Lead Way in Hall of Fame Voting
This is a special room. -- I'm tired Hernandez in New York with his ABC news digital special report calendar says winter but it's a big day for the boys and spree that baseball writers association of America. Has elected three former players into the Baseball Hall of Fame all of their first ballot. I'm joined now by -- Kennedy is -- to break it all down it made it who didn't why hello Tim. Let's start Greg attic first time Bal lot come all the incredible numbers what stands -- to you about his career. Well to me he's one of the six greatest pitchers of all time he won fifteen or more games in seventeen consecutive seasons. That's a record he may 25 or more starts in twenty consecutive seasons that ties for record. He is for me the greatest control picture of this year and may be. Any -- any is certainly the smartest picture that I have ever seen in my life and I've been covered baseball. For 33 years. And we've got Tom Glavine in the mix as well heading to Cooperstown he think he merited a first ballot vote. Yes he deserved to be in on the first ballot he won 300 games he won twenty or more games. Five times he won two Cy Young awards he made -- all star teams. And he taught all pictures -- left handers than left handers are allowed to throw a changeup to a left handed hitter. That's what he changed. -- about frank Thomas the big hurt is also making it in his first year of eligibility. Frank Thomas is one of the great sluggers of all time by my -- he's one of the five best first baseman. Who ever lived and is -- PS that is slugging plus on base percentage. Is right there was stand -- zeal who by any statistical measure. Is one of the ten greatest hitters of all time frank thomas' first eight years in the major leagues were just stunning. It was like Jimmie -- come back to life. You know so many of these guys are really -- -- of the controversy is often surrounding. Who didn't make -- cot there's a lot of chatter this afternoon about Mike -- this that's it varies. Pretty roundly regarded as the best hitting catcher and to catcher ever one of the best right handed hitters period of why did not make it. I do not understand. The lack of votes for Mike. An even though it wasn't a particularly good defense of catcher he wasn't as bad. As everyone things. He is being kept to 62%. In my opinion because there is a suspicion of steroid use and as a voter. I'm not gonna keep anyone out based on the suspicion to -- he should already be in the hall of fame. What about Craig Biggio -- -- better with the Houston Astros how close was he. Well he missed by two votes which is so unfortunate for a guy. Who has 3000 hits he had more doubles than Hank Aaron he had more extra base hits. Then Mickey -- he played in almost as many winning games as Frank Robinson he should be ending should have been in on the first ballot. But he'll get in next year having missed by only to vote. -- analysts talk about pitcher Jack Morris another contender -- fifteenth and final year on the writers' ballot he didn't make it either. Right in -- his vote total dropped significantly in his last year so he will have. The distinction of having the most votes -- the highest vote total ever of any player not to get into the hall of fame on the writers' ballot. And I think it's -- fortunate because even though his numbers don't stack up with a lot of other hall of fame pitchers he was the best pitcher. In the game for a twelve year period at least had the most wins and I think he should be it. Now can you talked about suspicion of steroid use in and perhaps that not being good enough to exclude someone -- last year -- and your fellow writers voted no one into the hall many consider that a statement about the game's steroid Arista. DC Mark McGwire Barry Bonds Sammy Sosa ever making it into Cooperstown. Well Sosa certainly isn't gonna make it in and neither is Mark McGwire given the vote totals -- they are right now and Rafael pal -- he is off the ballot officially having not gotten. 5% of the vote. And as for Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds they took a major step backwards in my mind I thought there might be a slight spike in the voting for them for people who want it to you. Punish them and not voting for them on the first ballot last year but both of their vote totals. Went down this year and that is. A very bad sign you can make it to the hall of fame. Getting 36% of the vote in your first year. But you have to start going up immediately. And Clemens and bonds went down however slightly but they did go down. Let's talk about Pete Rose all time hit leader but for so many people -- -- being banned from the game of baseball for betting -- a eclipses that. To think he deserves to be kept out of Cooperstown period. Well Pete Rose is not going into Cooperstown anytime soon his only hope I believe -- when a new commissioners named. He might open up the Pete Rose case -- -- all right. It's time to do something with this guy put him on the ballot for the first time or put him in on some special. Dispensation type of situation that I cannot see. Pete Rose getting on the writers' ballot and even if he did I don't think he would get the requisite 75%. And if that vote came from the current hall of famers -- they wouldn't vote for him either. Because according to most of the ones that I've spoken to. He violated the number one rule he bet on baseball -- you simply don't do that when -- in a baseball uniform. Rightly been talking a lot about those who didn't make it but congratulations again to those who did and our thanks to -- -- -- ESPN. And be busy day for you on ESPN and ESPN com. This has been an ABC news digital special report baseball's newest hall of famers the vote totals are anti Hernandez New York.

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{"id":21467805,"title":"Former Atlanta Braves Aces Lead Way in Hall of Fame Voting","duration":"3:00","description":"Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine join former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas as top vote getters in Hall of Fame voting.","url":"/US/video/atlanta-braves-aces-lead-hall-fame-voting-21467805","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}