Deep Freeze Thaws in Atlanta

Travel resumes while the government gets blamed for the standstill.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Thaws in Atlanta
This is a special group. I'm tired and is in New York this ABC's digital live report deep frosting the deep south folks. In Alabama and Georgia and the Carolinas are finally able to move about as the deep freeze laws in Atlanta abandoned cars are abundant still nearly 48 hours after the storm started. The roads were possible to drive on because of ice and snow a lot of people ran out of gas -- got out and walked. Folks are pointing the finger either blaming forecasters -- the government -- actually bridges has more from Atlanta hello actually. -- time as you can see this tiny name not look like a lot -- art standards and that it did show -- this city downing -- she blamed the snell. The people -- -- gridlock the kids you had asleep at their schools and commuters can get out of those cars. It. Really is responsible for us is that the forecasters -- -- their government. -- few days after a rare snow and ice storm shot down several southern -- This is something I've never seen coverage traffic above metro Atlanta Atlanta was one -- -- hardest hit spots. -- roadways are still littered when -- abandoned cars. Just two inches of snow fell in the steady. Leaving children stranded in schools -- causing hundreds of car accidents and bringing traffic to -- screeching halt for nearly 24 hours. Still southern hospitality management to shine -- strangers helping strangers. Some soup and and we said you just -- come spend the night and the National Guard and handed out food to commuters who were stuck and that stands Al. There's just basic nutrition that's what you're. So misery around Afghanistan when -- patrols. But now those who were trapped in that gridlock want to know who was responsible for their traffic nightmare that's been on the road for sixty. -- -- -- what needs to be held accountable authorities are blaming weather forecasters are being caught off guard. Most of the forecast anticipated. That the city of Atlanta would only have a -- dusting or a very small accumulation is -- Atlanta's mayor even had eight testy exchange on CNN just -- easy for -- to -- from accuracy the thing that. The weather service -- don't blame on this. The National Weather Service saying they -- too early days in advance and they appropriately issued a series -- outlooks watches and warnings. A lot of forecasters and actually come together to say look we're sorry that those bonds and have a hard time getting -- home. But don't throw us under the bus for everybody is happy to hear an upcoming forecast for the weekend it's because actually I'm not into the sixty's -- the still you see behind me. And I dangerous -- prices on the roadways all this should be gone by the weekend -- All right lastly we know people are being encouraged today to get their cars -- from the road since it's a little bit safer to drive now. What the kids who are stuck at school. Are they -- hold at this point we assume and how long where they -- what are some of the interesting stories you've heard about that to I have to tell you our son -- actually one of those kids stuck in the schools and he was there for going on 36 hours in any great time and banded together it did cause a lot of great for families. Thankfully Atlantic -- the whole -- those kids got home last night. If you covered Alabama some skit actually had to spend a second night in school because the act and the traffic -- the condition -- those -- Well what a -- what a story. Actually bridges thank you so much for joining us think them. -- -- now we're gonna get a bit more information on the deep -- how long it's gonna linger in the south who heard from actually that there is relief on the way but let's bring in AccuWeather is Margie Martinez. For the bigger picture margin of the south is you know warm up finally it's already starting aware that cold -- -- -- moving up north. -- actually temperatures are still quite frigid across the eastern United States in Montgomery 35 degrees right now definitely -- -- this weather and Tampa -- from there I'm nice to 46 degrees -- and down this is all behind yesterday's front the front associated without winter storm that just. Halted traffic in Atlanta I know everyone is trying to. -- the blame around today. I know at near fifty Maria -- that we need and they made an error and how they released schools that was the biggest problem that worst. I the problem apparently in at 32 degrees right now -- still have that very frigid air mass behind that front that front is. Now stalled over Florida as -- can see this pink area is that ice temperatures still near around freezing. Although it has dissipated over the last few hours and as that front pushes south William 54 on the south in Florida -- continue to see showers and thunderstorms but. This -- and there will be a warm not so that's the good news in Atlanta on Saturday temperatures rise the mid fifties on Sunday temperatures will return to the mid sixties are getting much warmer. -- now if I can go hat and that -- be a picture of what's going on across the -- United States in the south last. We actually have a storm system in the northwest it's trailing a cold front. Across the Sierra Nevada and that's -- eight. With the extreme drought they have right now in California. A round we now he is and higher elevations of the CNN that we're gonna pick up 152 feet of snow. That is actually news because of that snow amount to helped but the rest of our lapels. There are also seeing some rain yesterday Sacramento had its first. Precipitation and 52. Days it has been extremely dry so this is great news this is a welcome change. For the west. And this fund is going to help bring temperatures down a little -- it has been extremely warm extremely dry across California says is great news although in the long -- we're not seeing a major change in the pattern and they storms to -- is -- track toward the -- -- could produce another in the next couple of days but how did it that's -- dry even that warm -- into the southeast for the weekend south. That's what we have to think. For the milder weather in the southeast. -- let's talk about the northeast for a second and a lot of guys are gonna be on this Super Bowl this weekend -- -- -- controversial. That Tim Boggan who played in -- -- that is. Very cold that this time of year so what are we looking at. For the big game on Sunday. OK so this storm steps down it's gonna take off and four corners especially late this week is going to be advancing toward the northeast now by the time. The front associated with the system -- into the northeast we could be looking at a shower on Super Bowl sunny in the morning and then by game time it's actually going to be seasonable temperatures not too cold around the thirties at kick off and die should be -- buy and sell promised. Headed out to -- -- game on Sunday should be -- in the -- back home but did Jack you know -- little chilly there seasonably cold cell for that area. Aren't -- -- margin nineteen is that you so much for joining us. -- in of course Anthony police recap thanks -- right here on For now retired and this in New York. It is ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22301404,"title":"Deep Freeze Thaws in Atlanta","duration":"3:00","description":"Travel resumes while the government gets blamed for the standstill.","url":"/US/video/atlanta-deep-freeze-travel-resumes-government-recieves-blame-22301404","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}