Authorities investigating engine failure on United Airlines flight

The incident has forced the grounding of dozens of planes. ABC’s Kenneth Moton has new details.
3:14 | 02/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Authorities investigating engine failure on United Airlines flight
We begin with new details overnight about that United Airlines engine that exploded over Colorado. We're hearing from more passengers who solved this out their window one saying she thought it was a bomb. Another saying the cabin so quiet after the explosion and you could have heard a pin drop. Investigators are now combing through the pieces of wreckage which landed on streets and in people's yards. To determine why the fan blades of that engine broke apart we're also learning more about the. This morning investigators in Colorado are searching for key piece of evidence to determine what caused that terrifying plane engine though your over Denver. Extras are pointed this video showing up band blade broken in half. They say finding the other piece of that blade is now critical to the investigation. The really important piece to give backed would be that stand blade or the piece is a gamble aid you like head to. Sides of the failure. 231. Passengers were on the united flight from Denver to Honolulu Saturday. Big engine bursting into flames and breaking apart at 151000 feet. We held hands and I heard it all eyes aren't ready and while the union and Kenya on because it is bulls that I won that night wanna be I didn't items are Babs. Does not printed don't was sitting next to her two daughters at one point I turned night I talk to her and I didn't mean debris flying out our window. And so I just an old you know let's not out. Of the land O. And let's just let's just get out now I don't what we did you. Com now. On the ground massive pieces of the plane plane down on this neighborhood. This large chunk of metal landing in a front yard. Debris are. Bought or bought out or I stood up. And actually got a look at I go on asked front of the jet engine off from an airplane. No one on board or on the ground was injured but this morning plane's power by this particular engine or under the microscope. The FPA is ordering immediate or stepped up inspections of Boeing triple seven's that use the engine built by Pratt and Whitney. He nine it said it's temporarily removing 24 Boeing triple sevens from its fleet. And two airlines in Japan are grounding Boeing planes powered by the engine which are built with a unique design the blade itself with hollow titanium. One expert compared it to a chocolate Easter Bunny with hollow years. Is it possible there are some type of hidden flaw in the metallurgy from this blade from years ago. This took a long time to its way to the surface and somehow got missed by the inspections overnight Pratt and Whitney said is working with investigators the Connecticut company has faced scrutiny in the past according to the heart for current and NTSB investigation found inspector training problems at Pratt and Whitney were the probable cause of an engine failure on the 2018 United Airlines flight. Over the Pacific Ocean. Map flight also landed safely. According to the report the company said it deployed corrective actions that address the calls of the event as a result of the investigation. According to the FA AU nine it as the only US airline with that type of Pratt and Whitney engine in its fleet.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The incident has forced the grounding of dozens of planes. ABC’s Kenneth Moton has new details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76040127","title":"Authorities investigating engine failure on United Airlines flight ","url":"/US/video/authorities-investigating-engine-failure-united-airlines-flight-76040127"}