How to avoid phishing scams

Senior Technology Writer Bree Fowler walks us through her top five tips to avoid getting scammed while working from home.
2:19 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for How to avoid phishing scams
Most of us have been obsessively looking for any new information on covic nineteen anywhere we can find it. And hackers are capitalizing on that there is a flood of emails and web sites promising vital information on the virus when in fact. Most are just Phishing emails designed to steal personal information and money. Here to walk us through how to avoid those Phishing scams a senior technology writer at consumer reports Bree Fowler free thanks for being with us and yes the and game four and goal from many of these cyber criminals is your personal information. And your money. But also something even bigger at times right I mean a lot of people are working at home and it if they can get into a corporate network with everyone's information that's even better for them all right you're you've got five tips to help us avoid these Phishing scams the first one is think before you click right to stop and take a breath these scams work best when people are worried when they're freaking out when they're clicking on things that they shouldn't. If something seems weird. Don't click on it don't open it just delete and then you say examined the link caddie do that right I mean this goes for actresses were in Ellis coming from as well I mean if it's not coming from the CDC. If it CDC dot are you more dot com. Just be careful about things like I got your third one as a as a very big when do not open in the attack these men or links this goes for any kind maybe not allowed just corona virus type stuff but. You should never should open attachments from people you do not know a could be. Spyware that's going to get downloaded onto your computer or ransom where they can just block it out completely down you also see to turn on. Auto update and security tools howdy do that in and why bond computers and on your phones and this goes for things like routers and apps is well. Software makers hardware makers are constantly updating their stuff to protect us from things like this and you can't be protected if you don't have the latest updates falsely say pick up. The phone. I mean a lot of these scams may they be from the CDC or the WHIO but they also could be from Bob in accounting and un war or gel in nineteen you know they may want to reset your credentials or say you have a virus. Call Bob in accounting college LA 92 all right so be aware that these are trying times for every one all right we Fowler thank you so much for being with us thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"2:19","description":"Senior Technology Writer Bree Fowler walks us through her top five tips to avoid getting scammed while working from home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69688188","title":"How to avoid phishing scams","url":"/US/video/avoid-phishing-scams-69688188"}