Backstage at Disney's Day of Giving with volunteering celebs

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert talks to Kevin Jonas, Meghann Fahy from the "The Bold Type," and WABC's Sade Baderinwa.
21:50 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Backstage at Disney's Day of Giving with volunteering celebs
Welcome back third day of giving here on face back and good morning America's YouTube channel as well as we're joined by the lovely. Rebecca Jarvis thank you symmetry well Ager in thank you for being with me. All of you out there who have been giving today this is an incredible I have to say as a journalist I've covered a lot of things this is so uplifting. To see the number of people who were getting involved here house over almost 20000 dollars is on the feast but Tony. That's phenomenal I have had conversations with some of you out there and I don't have you been answering any of the phones now I wish I had back here doing that well. I like an all over the studio along with our. Wonderful crews did very flexible as I've been bouncing back and forth between celebrities and a phone bank. But you are on the phone I wanted to ask you about this because I saw you and it was deep conversation. So I'm curious as to what folks are saying well I have to say that one of the most joyful cock. Stations I had this morning was with a five year old girl named Heatley she was watching Good Morning America this morning with her mom Natalie. And it's as she was watching she saw the images coming out of Texas and here we started crying and said mom. We have to do something we have to do what weekend to help these people. And they called and I spoke to Heatley I was a little confused at first whether Heatley was either and really really young or potentially. Really like old Eric but it but it turned out Elise five Natalie. Got on the phone at the end and just that level of generosity and the outpouring of support. I spoke with a woman named camera who had lived through hurricane passed you and they lost everything hurricane map she and her husband did. And they gave what they could today. To help the victims. Harvey and the age said we've been through this and we need to help we understand that in. I think one thing that you see in all this is the goodness in people. How people. In times of great challenge and distress come forward and make a difference in want to help their neighbors and people who they've never met a foreigner like they just one in the world a better place. And unify communiques ass that's a beautiful thing is to Gallup ars staff evening and crew and goes on camera and those behind the scenes and celebrities come and join us and thank you so much for telling us those stories because it's really about the stories of the people those who were helping and those who aren't the helpers yes absolutely and we know there are so many in Houston Houston strong right now we're doing their part we're doing everything they can to help bouts of thanks Adrian for being here for covering this. And based all of you for participating in this as well. We know that it's time out of your day. And and your generosity is what's gonna change a lot of lives there and the stories are just like a patchwork quilt we've got some celebrity's right here after the race. Haven't shown it and that half. They did I kind of entry from the well I. I know that does not like a million things I don't even now by an eye out. For this. Nature has campaigned. In. What brought him here today because I was Vieri moved by by what brought him here to. I don't think you fret. As always are back on reducing TO. Story baker added storyteller. But reminding me what you said earlier about your daughter Rebecca. Not so we're watching it much image in preschool and it just was one of the things it says it sure what's gone on screen apps as well at all at the same time she sol. He's on the dog's. Owners like she was not okay with it. So that being said. And to speak at it because it happened to you talk to a lot of people found. I did a fund did not stop ringing at percent I think imagine first chair and just like if I. Allard and their pay by implant let Kevin Jonas answer and our and I got out of there's a couple of even though like uncle and they seek its commitment to era please let. India. They got here and got for the story where the talent ABC they get a little bit about your experience here were you able to answer enough thank you. The choreography. Number you can't. Actually we heard from this one woman who is so sweet she said she had fifteen dollars and her account. And she donated thirteen of the fifteen dollars that she have. And there's another woman who. We're through state farm has been worse for the post office and they organized this whole thing where they're sending these trucks and their filling them up when it. Diapers and pots and pans and food and everything imaginable and like her whole communities kind of rally. In that which means sharing. It's cool to see folks like you guys who've been blessed in your career isn't able to give back in different ways touched the lives of people who are giving their last thirteen dollars or. I mean I heard another serve on any given ten dollars it was all she had yet it doesn't matter. Are about the now it's about it back together ticket and I had this to someone before like in nine notes now lives and doesn't matter what and. Million people in place and give ten dollars a doll it. It's gonna add up very quickly and it's making huge difference talked about your daughter watching the images. Can imagine a three year old concrete Haines I think it's just. Very concerned for all the dogs that she was seen at AM and and that's actually each instrument like this in the same thing they are seen players in the couple shelters Pullman in animals on sending the place she analysts. We have two dogs and two girls I looked at us it's like. I'm a lot have a houseful Addai. Apple. I talk to you earlier that your dad overcoming cancer and ain't got that the strength that he hadn't resilient. Megan do you have any stories of resiliency mean in terms of overcoming because it is busy disparities and you just wanna quit. And I always say it's nice to relate to people who obviously we can't imagine what they're going through but it reminds us of our own fortitude our own will to continue it and have hope. Yeah absolutely actually when I'm Ireland close friends passed away from testicular cancer last year and his girlfriend who was with tens through the whole thing. After he passed decided that she wanted to become a nurse. So she moved to San Diego and she's in their scenes Greyhound she loves and she found this like. Passion and this this past that she really wanted to follow through. The tragedy that was his sickness but she's gonna help so many people he now since science. A hearing to me that's what I love about today is that in the midst of tragedy in the midst of the storm we have people like your selves who are giving back. An able to kind of help us tell this story that there's still the silver lining were still gonna come together now. Exactly in the united the works it's starting I think it in when sandy meters in lot of our friends lost their arms and things down it's. You see how long it's going to take I think that's but a lot of people Ian yes it's important it now be part of it. But they're gonna need support the next. Years. And I think that that's what's hard for a lot of people Eaton rap act could not imagine some of these actors says. It's been a couple hours here and how it's not. Nike said no matter is too small dollar is stretched when a million people given it's about it's a compact that's compounding effect and aids. Yeah thanks thankful for. The people that are out there Michael Hurst sank on and it is aided. It's got a it's kind of soul always right. And set the same time it's it's like I'm. Thankful that. They're ignored. You for this to you for taking the time this morning vote to be continued success in your careers we're gonna let you go get a bagel and orange. Coffee. Market out side from ABC seven re hearing Eric here at Abner. I get throats again. On my eyes were being here you look beautiful yet please look at breakfast. I thank you for burning out on its own mind. You or gourd. This. Scenes its. Axis. Does he think we all images that we've seen. You know for mean seeing a mother. You know toting her two children along she was unable to get help for five days no food. No water and diapers notes changing ital and he got right you've got to be strong and all of that and see just the vulnerability. When people are finally getting help and you've got to sit try to at least all of that stress you know and it's. This time we're that countries to come together. Raise that money you know call and give a donation to help you know mothers like that I'll. People in nursing homes remember those images wheelchairs in the waters aren't a lot of. Yeah over waist deep and and I think that for us watching on TV sometimes even for us who work in television -- difficult to wrap your brain. Are on the fact that this is real because like a video -- like a movie. We can almost get desensitized to things but there's something about knowing there's a face and a name to those numbers. And then to have the folks come out today I mean how inspiring was it for you lock in that studio and to. It's not the real audience wasn't Bombay yeah and you guys you can really see it but to step Il energy in that room and and to get some of the calls in I have one woman she plans. I think some seven. And she said. I only had fifteen dollars and might keep hearing these ice. Thirteen dollars into my security check is coming to mark cities to be okay we don't like you outages at now. These people need it would and I do I have a warm place to live a cat food on my tables. It now giving you received I mean she gave back thirteen dollars with sacker officially and you know become active. Is even I have. Irma yeah. It is aren't all that. Positive. And negatively but we're looking at the positive in its cool BK's. I keep going back to so many times beacons rehearsed these very sad and tragic stories and we never want to minimize that. But the fact that we have come together and unify an adjacent come together the country come together as an ABC Disney and yet and you know. Eight of course this is the company I work for but you know. I love ABC and Disney mean you know when times are typical this is when the company comes together dizzy is already donated a million dollars. And today you know by. Galvanizing people across the country to really come together and to be able to give back. I think we're gonna see huge numbers to am hoping OK so let me updates years out on FaceBook on that donate button we raised nearly 20000 dollars on just on the feet out that's wonderful and in total were over one point five. Operated. It's. Point five when we got hit 23. I hate how people. Are well let's now. Start with the line. Our. Our use at thank you again they that it. It is nice. Yet we had we met now literally worked for the same company next door to meet I'm flat out yes I won't reach out this moment. Company email larceny. In Britain Spain am. Eyes and now that left backs. I. I. Don't we've got Josh in the house. On down. I think area around the corner them over here and mr. good side this. Oh yeah. I'd. Mike if that adds. Up to offer. Josh is a star from Disney channel's Hannity man. Yes actually watch net and heavy really did you enjoy I did it oh wait and it. It got Rascal Flatts in the house to be their crashing at. This moment that they can crash wherever they want because young have. Carte Blanche that he. We've got up there them elect. King my king a mockery of the day they are girls both of Britain in Brooklyn's. Thank you for. Here when people say it my daughters. Laurie like. Roger Goodell told me today that his daughters watch my show and that was the weirdest things after Abbott of an island. Or it. He invited me to a Texans game because I'm from Houston. A that I did for that. Overwhelming feeling. It now. I used the practical. It. I thought you had an acting for ten years start at four and I still get star struck all the time. That's okay covering it and sure eventually it'll happen but right now it's it's. Never. The words that are marked. All. Department. Report. You know we had fun it was. Time. You know. On. Now about it. And stranded eater. He's. Or. Okay. Cute. Let's eat the others. Yours but how long cousins let your cousin. And your demand in the medal here common law cousins and. Stanton. And then you. Really really big ranged your voice is amazing thank you got a few. That aren't you are outlined in the music video for it it's yours if you want I am not seeing right at the news dot. Like I got all these backs on net and but you person in the music. Like on his plate that. Are. Okay my. I thought it might not like. He made up like it apparently can make out like I. That's that's Kevin that's our own them are amazing. Amazing actor. It was very powerful. I am like. I've seen the union offered up our news. Oh. Like chocolate. If any I mean you nowadays. I think I get like other other other. I think you guys have to ago at least that's my producers like Johnny. You guys guys outlines. It out now. So I. Oh. It's not mark. And it's. Asymmetry. And cracked. On it. Yet you. And it done. All the all of and all of policy he's ago yeah. Break it. I don't. But I my. I had you know hey we're yeah. Hope. All. Now. Hi my. Suddenly I had thought that my. The I didn't know I was preached change well song thank you. That means that was not hurt Erdman yeah. Already had not heard about it. Caring today and it's a case. You aren't really an egg like six hours. IMAX. It is. 08. Or let's ask fox. It's. Like. I'm AKA ray. High. Working his. Prepare for the next it work now. Eight or beyond that the it's. Melissa as a media. Finally here yeah. I'll act. After crash our Josh Lawler. An. IQ wa hula. I. Actually spoke late he's. And I. You eighty views each. There's that day than in in the eighth Al there is a there's this fiscal Schwab outside. Which were up. Why I like to read my name's Jay. And outside jobs. Lag. You are. I think Ellen I classes have been. Europe originally from Houston's army let you go. I just like you the chance to give a little hometown I know this is a big deal because you're then able to go back home he been on the ground and working. But you've got a lot different. Outlook mean some of them might elect Becker YouTube right now. I'm chip sectors of the it went. Up. Until all the people watching us right now Houston. You're. Strength. You order your cup lottery and your support one another has been truly inspiring throughout this entire ordeal. All of us are thinking about you we all care so deeply for you haven't acted town. Oh. It's so much. For your artwork. And all the volunteers GRE. ES. There. It's nice to expect him you know what it's like our way yet asked at Houston on. Op. Rain protect thank you so much for that. To be human needs I adopted brother. There that. A good luck he. I mean you know it's an internship. At hope it. Yeah that's the benefit of got got it you receive. That's the project is now I'm wondering if revenue for the op rat on rocket attack in Pittsburgh. Rock rising Tony my producers giving me numbers could to get updated numbers yes. Work it. Our. The number 85599. Give has received 21000 calls that have been on the animals. Harvey has been taxed. To wreck crossed numbers over 151000 times. I'm as a twenty minutes ago disease did getting has made one point eight million dollars nationwide so really awesome numbers. We're actually doing going to be keeping this FaceBook live stream up through eleven. AM. So far eastern time eastern time so if you are watching live now keep sharing the video. Keep coming any in the comments section whenever stars coming in with you in there. A lot of fine look at me having some additional stars coming and help us with the phone banked. Some friends from our water coming down all sat across the street has I've sends us. An interview in humans. Might we might I am though. I was like at 905 immediate and that's bad you know about this back while time. And maybe I I kind OK thank you for Dave giving a gang you can text. In 9999. Tax party. Weaken aren't their request last Eee PC also call 85. That base of one ranked and I watch the question as to push poking. If it. Larry thanks for joining us back.

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{"duration":"21:50","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert talks to Kevin Jonas, Meghann Fahy from the \"The Bold Type,\" and WABC's Sade Baderinwa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49537427","title":"Backstage at Disney's Day of Giving with volunteering celebs","url":"/US/video/backstage-disneys-day-giving-volunteering-celebs-49537427"}