Thousands of Bed Bugs Infest Home, Hospitalize Woman

The Kentucky homeowner is recovering from the bugs who were eating her flesh.
1:52 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Thousands of Bed Bugs Infest Home, Hospitalize Woman
Pest control professionals say the bed bug problem here is so bad they're literally in everything. From walls. To lamp shades. To purses. It's hard not to see this Frankfort home is infested with tens of thousands of -- bugs ABC 36 Ers took human -- on Tuesday. Now there's a plan to trap the blood sucking parasites this home is so bad. One of the country's leading experts is here setting monitors to get an idea where to start when it comes time to use chemicals Michael potter is a professor of entomology at the University of Kentucky -- -- written anything. This is one of the worst not seen others that are known in line with -- but this is about as bad as it gets that -- fell off this. -- It was so bad in fact it hospitalized the woman living here Deborah goings the bugs were literally eating her flash but bed bugs ten be preventable by starting with one ground rules don't. -- second hand items off the curb. Particularly. Beds and couches and decliners upholstered furniture potter says the population. Needs a little learning you need. Please educate the public more than it's been done in the public in turn -- to. Become more vigilant about this past. Something easy to do is look for eggs experts say to take a flashlight and look at -- -- -- household furniture and pest control professional Travis Hardin says not to try and treat a potential threat -- herself home pesticides will not eliminate the problem. This couple has been trying for a year -- you see how bad the issues. Professional say don't be another week before they're able to get rid of all the bed bugs until then they'll continue monitoring trying to see what they're up against. In Frankfurt and into Stephenson ABC 36 --

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"The Kentucky homeowner is recovering from the bugs who were eating her flesh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18440803","title":"Thousands of Bed Bugs Infest Home, Hospitalize Woman","url":"/US/video/bed-bugs-infest-home-hospitalize-woman-18440803"}