Biden lays out COVID-19 response plan

President Joe Biden signed executive actions on establishing a testing board, extending mask mandates on some forms of transportation and requiring travelers to the U.S. to test negative.
4:29 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Biden lays out COVID-19 response plan
Our plan starts at one aggressive. Safe and effective vaccination campaign. Meet our goal administering 100. Million shots. And our first hundred days in office were on day one. This will be one of the greatest operational challenges our nation has ever undertaken. I'm committed to getting it done we're committed to him. And I explained as I explained last week will move heaven and earth to get more people vaccinated for free. And create more places for them to get vaccinated. To mobilize more medical teams to get shots and people's armed and increased vaccine supply and get it out the doors fastest possible. Yesterday we got started. We directed the Federal. Emergency Management Agency FEMA. To start standing up the first federally supported community vaccination centers. With the goal of standing up. 100 Sanders within the next month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Launched the federal former C program. To make vaccines available to communities. In their local pharmacies beginning early within them I think it by the seventh or eighth of February and very early February. Also tasked the Department of Health and Human Services to prepare and expand. The pull of medical professionals who can administer the vaccine. Convinced that backs. And ensure we have enough vaccination hours of people doing vaccines. To meet the nation's needs and quickly. In addition of this effort our administration. Will be asking congress to fund. 044 for the funds to grow the public health workforce. We also are gonna take immediate steps to partner were governors mayors and other local officials who we've been talking to all. Who are in the front lines of this fight. We direct reader Grigory directed FEMA to establish a Covert response liaison for each state. Which means every state will have a point person. At the federal level. To maximize cooperation between the federal government in the states we're fall short to be made known about it may be mean or wannabes. This is a model we used to respond to hurricanes hurricanes sandy which I was deeply involved. And in just a few moments I want to sign a declaration. To immediately begin reimbursing. State's 100%. For the use of their national guards to help Covert relief efforts something Democrats and Republican governors alike. Have call for. But the brutal truth is it's going to take months before we get the majority of Americans vaccinated. So. While we increase vaccinations. We're gonna take steps necessary now to slow the spread of the disease as well. Wanda bar 100 day challenges. Is asking the American people to mask up. For the first hundred days the next 99 days. To master become a partisan issue on fortune. But it's a patriotic act. A for a few months to Wear a mask. No vaccines. The fact is that the single best thing we can do through more important the vaccines because they take time to work. And if we do this is American C experts say by wearing a mask. From now until April we'd save more than 50000. Lives going forward. 50000 lives. I'm asking everywhere. The mask. For in the next hundred days. Yesterday I signed an executive action requires mass in social distancing on federal property. Today will be signed an additional action executive action to extend masking requirements on interstate travel. Like on trains planes and buses. Stand. In light of the new Covert variance there were you learned about. We are it's where we are in it and we are instituting now a new measure for individuals flying into the United States from other countries. In addition to Wear a mask. Ever flying to the United States from another country will need to test before they get on that plane. Before they depart and quarantine. When they arrive in America.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"President Joe Biden signed executive actions on establishing a testing board, extending mask mandates on some forms of transportation and requiring travelers to the U.S. to test negative.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75410667","title":"Biden lays out COVID-19 response plan","url":"/US/video/biden-lays-covid-19-response-plan-75410667"}