How Biden’s face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin will go down

Ahead of the highly anticipated summit, Biden told reporters in Geneva he’s “always ready.”
4:44 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for How Biden’s face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin will go down
President Biden set to meet with Vladimir Putin tomorrow in Geneva it's the final stop on Biden's first official overseas trip. And all those allies he met with some is chore. Have a stake in how this last meeting goes congressional correspondent Rachel Scott joins us live now from Geneva with the latest. Rachel what's the latest on how this summit is expected to go down tomorrow. We are former Russian official they're expecting this to play out over fortified our so here is how would going to work the two liter gonna come face to face. In two separate meetings what is going to be a smaller meeting we're told. There will be about four people in the room that includes obviously president Biden Russian president Vladimir who in. As well as two senior advisors on both sides were told of the secretary of state for instance will be in that meeting and then there are expected to break. Come back for a larger working meeting that's going to include I have more officials more senior officials on both sides of the aisle here. After the whole thing is saddened Dodd we will see both leaders. For a press conference. Unlike the last time around with former president Donald Trump and what not seat a joint press conference. President Biden is going to come out and take questions after president who it president who is going to go first but that press conference. Taking questions but again a very stark contrast to what we saw unfold with former president Donald Trump when they too were standing side by side. And former president Donald Trump openly when against the US intelligence about Russian meddling Diane. And Rachel bite him we heard him there he says he's ready how has he been preparing. Yeah. Yet we know that the president had been knee deep in practice we know that the White House has. Assembled a team of experts on aggressive if there's an increasing rate by visiting. God yeah. They have a lead up did this community said that he is ready. A lot president Biden said this is what he dived back foreign policy for him. Has always been care about it's always been key he had a lot of experience with it over the course of his political career not only in the senate but of course as vice president. And not be the first time that these two leaders come based a base of course they met back in 2000 Aladdin. President Biden and said that he looked into his eyes and that that he did not have a soul. So original there's a team. Prepping Biden for a soft approach and then another team prepping Biden are harder approach. Yes sources tell us die in that there's really two camps right now. Inside of the White House one camp that really wanting to take a more mild in softer approach when it comes to this relationship with Russia. And then there's another Camp David by those that really wants present at present invite into really take a really strong approach. I had to this meeting in Philly remains to be seen which approach the president will try to do maybe we'll help try to level between the two of those. Who we know that the White House once three clear things out of this we're learning that. They want to talk about areas in which they can work together the also want to talk about America's national interest and. Also expressed the president's vision for America could still expect basin on this are very well. It is high stakes meeting the president himself even saying yesterday that president Leonid pop and that is the Smart and would be happy here. And Rachel and also none going into this that cyber attacks election Madelaine those were likely topics and now we're hearing they might also discussed. A prisoner swap. You can. Really it put forward by Russian president. Vladimir Putin he came poured. And do some negotiating in public he said he be willing to hand over cyber criminals. It the United States did this saying the president was pressed on this at a press conference. He called it essentially progress. That president who in with preventing this idea but a White House official told us. That that is off the table president bill and also raising the idea of a prisoner swap unclear where the White House really stands on that in this moment we know that there are at least two. American prisoners right now detained in rationed to former Marines at the president does plan to bring up tomorrow and is meeting with Russian president who in. But it remains to see whether or not the White House is going to get on board with the idea of a prisoner swap at this time fan so let's prudent hoping to get out of this meeting. Yeah you know it is interesting day and because a lot of critics point to that fact that. By president Biden holding this meeting with president couldn't put them on the world speech in fact president Biden is getting a lot of heat for that from some of his critics. I think president who win in that is going to convey a very strong stance on how question meals I he has that Russia's best interest in mind as well that judging by how you've been publicly negotiating. I clearly he's going into this wanting to Beatty exchanged prisoners from it aging cyber criminals as well Diane time Rachel Scott thank you.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Ahead of the highly anticipated summit, Biden told reporters in Geneva he’s “always ready.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78298692","title":"How Biden’s face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin will go down","url":"/US/video/bidens-face-face-meeting-vladimir-putin-78298692"}