The biggest headlines of 2017

Devastating hurricanes, deadly wildfires and the rise of the #MeToo movement were among the top news stories.
4:14 | 12/22/17

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Transcript for The biggest headlines of 2017
The emotional. This inauguration day have Donald. 45 president American carnage stops. Right now by the hunt. Those beat street the national long we are here to see us act. From information was held hostage the single biggest land similar attacks in the history of the Internet. Dillon roofs sentenced to death we hadn't adjustments after murdering nine African Americans. Toward La La land. Oh yeah. Man is being shown outlined ominous. Suicide bomber set off an explosion in an Ariane grinding. It was named him to run those who lives on the line. It's one of get to pedestrians are vulnerable to pat and fifty lumping along can I mean to kill people. Fans running over worshippers mayor of Moscow line swallows an attack on what sense. Nothing has plowed into at least all hundred people on the streets of Boston. Searing gas attack in Syria the old one. You do anything to disrupt hitting Syria after the deadly chemical attack tonight I'd order it targeted losers. Words of war they will be mad when fire. Here in the country can produce miniature nuclear warheads rocket man is on a suicide. Supremacist. And counter protesters this car wound down the street. Blatant racist. President trump under fire I think is laying on both sides. I have refused must now attorney general Jeff Sessions is stepping back from any investigation into Russian interference from an election judge Neil forces sworn in to the highest court in the country so. So help. FBI director James Komi terminated by president trump he was not doing a good job Robert Mueller has been appointed convene the special counseling looking into Russia's interference in 2016 elections fewer big news Tuesday used fake news fake news it's all fake news. It's phony stuff. Out. House majority whip Steve school lease and three others shops I can't live. It is trying bill Cosby's as a free man we're gonna retry the case which. Spoke out initially against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein than others it. Me too dominated social media. Hi magazine's person of the year the silence breakers. Harvey live on a twelve Lawler. Catastrophic floods submerged one of the largest cities in the country 00. Yeah. Rise of human species that ran deeper in the floodwaters. Hit on its right over right now one of the most powerful storms after reports. Lunch and across the Caribbean the biggest catastrophe in lottery in history humanitarian. Right and again don't dice. Deadliest fire disaster in state history and it looks like well worn kill some fires listening California can you know Grover. Noses eyes thousands of people music. What kind of visionary and I don't Wear throughout the day. Terror attack here in New York City since 9/11 Shanahan knows killing at least eight people with a pick up trucks. Search massacre. Terms and length and letting. One is killed and twenty others wounded meeting in what is now the deadliest shooting in Texas history she'll be the first time in 99 years of total solar eclipse Bambi in tiger. Continental US largest jackpot ever won by a single ticket I haven't pipe dream. And it seemed content to. Thanks very Megan Markel. An American is about Mary into the royal family she chooses an invention. The room from Thompson to.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Devastating hurricanes, deadly wildfires and the rise of the #MeToo movement were among the top news stories.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"51953318","title":"The biggest headlines of 2017","url":"/US/video/biggest-headlines-2017-51953318"}