Bill O'Reilly parts ways with Fox News

"The View" co-hosts discuss the conservative commentator's departure.
3:52 | 04/20/17

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Transcript for Bill O'Reilly parts ways with Fox News
Well now when pop. Well well well well that. Look there's so. Bail all Riley. It's out at fox god bless you. And everybody in the room god bless us all. And the women who is the woman whose anonymous allegations helped get him off they have she's gonna. Becoming thwart would with the house in a little while not right here on the view but before we get into that. How would want to point out. Fox broke with very full. We broke with bill let's. Take a look. Didn't kill at sunrise. Yeah. Are. Well I'm honest tonight. Well and you count seven. An eyewitness not. Snow. It took us five minutes it took fox twenty yeah yeah Alan. Thirteen million in settlements and possibly another forty million in severance for Fox News did anything and so. You think this is night changed anything on there because his replacement but as Tucker Carlson. Who said the concept of sexual harassment was make that Biden Democrat. I want to just says I'm wearing black to mourn the departure of Algiers. So I've sat. Mind you talk about this was really in monies gained some money game for fox it would never of happened if this hadn't gone public. Dude at people like Gretchen Carlson so. What came to mind right away or shout out yet big shout out to offer for the bravery of that also this from my. That first people that are looking and thinking about what trump is doing in the White House and recently we talked about his how he rolled back Obama's 2014 fair pay in safe workplaces order. Which allowed it. At the time companies to stay site work on these types of things. So it didn't have to report said he didn't report it and and this is so important right now because he's had not blown up publicly we wouldn't be sitting here they were willing to re sign him. For the money money money even after knowing about these allegation extra one of the allegations dates way back to 2004. When he paid out nine million for one person because of this girl who said and she recorded this so there there's proof of this. How he asked her about member Duluth right Daniel am still. A company was able to keep this silent even though these things had broken and it did not break camp until this went public. So things like this that trump is rolling back people who need to pay attention to this kind of stuff. It wasn't notion and I remember working I didn't work with Bill O'Reilly and never did his show. I never I never even spoke to him actually but. It was this notion that he was untouchable I remember when I first got hired. Waukegan hall alliance that would take make up artists I don't government was saying. Don't look and DI don't talk to me doesn't like that at me thinking. Is this okay he I didn't really understand that and there was this sense that you know there were a lot of rumors that he was he was tough. That I remember hearing all this stuff like that girls used to run out of the room that they would be Friday that he would be and I I I didn't do we shall I I was asked to do a lot of what I was asked to do an elephant able to do it. But autos that trumps thumbs a silence. We haven't heard from the president suddenly audience I'm glad he's and I say he went on record and said he did not think it was so bad what bill that is let's. Setting with my candidate didn't say we're not know he had cause isn't a travel on so yeah right and you don't direct yes and a wrong direct.

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{"id":46913444,"title":"Bill O'Reilly parts ways with Fox News","duration":"3:52","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the conservative commentator's departure.","url":"/US/video/bill-oreilly-parts-ways-fox-news-46913444","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}