Black Lives Matter organizer facing potential charges stemming from July protest

Activist Tianna Arata and attorney Lee Merritt talk with ABC’s Byron Pitts about her case being considered by the district attorney and the overwhelming amount of support she’s received online.
5:49 | 08/13/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Lives Matter organizer facing potential charges stemming from July protest
And now we bring you the story of black lives matter organizer Gianna or rock that backlash behind her July arrest. The twenty year old was taken into custody after police say a protest she organized took a turn for the worse it ended with cars being damaged and the safety of multiple people including a four year old put it risk. Police recommended a number of charges that prompted fears that she on it could face serious time. Supporters have created the free T on a hash tag and change dot org petition calling for the charges to be dropped. Has over 300000. Signatures. With me now is T on the Harada and her attorney lead merit. Janet we'll start with the you tell us what happened that day and different protests and go from being peaceful to dangerous as the police allege. That protests that happened on July 20 earned Swiss actually incredibly peaceful and super filled with joy. And there is. And narrated being Prescott that's not. Accuracy at what actually happened that day. The police department initially recommended charges that could mean time behind bars first down in the district attorney is. Now considering what charges will actually be brought forth link question for you in your opinion. Why would any charges be unfair. The appropriate charges here. Shouldn't be directed anti I had says she just explain what in the protest. Was from a new look Alex student perspectives. A concerned citizen leading a group of young people to exercise their First Amendment right. To speak out about injustice in the country she was not involved in any criminal activities. And it's clear that this slows. A move on behalf of law enforcement designed to discourage protests in the community. John of these San Luis Obispo police chief said the city quote supports peaceful protest but we will not support violent acts and will continue to take actions to protect our community. What's your reaction to that end and didn't feel protected by the police in your community. My reaction to that it is. Every single protest that we it. I'd bet I have been apart. Income incidents that has been peaceful it's been banned completely joyous. One. I've also urged to everybody it protest. Numerous times we are here to be peaceful to be calmed and an anti protesters and agitator is the best thing to duke for. Is it ignored them and not give away our energy. Where the police department especially admire rest I don't feel safe but also I. The background where I've seen police mistreat my closest Stanley since the agent banks since grade school. So there's always banded distressed not only we're knee but also we marginalized communities and it at least. League you had strong words and ensure brand for the district attorney of San Luis Obispo and you're opposed to you told him. He should drop the charges quote before your county's city and home album barter by activists from all over the country. Find out if this is an ideal idle threat if you want to. Are you weren't all that some bad actors may take advantage of this moment and your message do you feel possibly. That you put the DA at risk. I think the bad actors have already been on the work criminalizing. Tina TI it is the voice didn't eat for this moment this the Boyce named eats it needs he hurt he's been respected each image and in the community needs to adjust around the message of those young people that is the masses probate and the country Britain ouch it's received the backlash from the state its unimpressive in American history's worst day in our resources. To criminalize speech in heart. Protesters renters protesters with a clear message. Violence the console mall or miss you know who live in the deities please call an editor and so we we me voices lemon T Estes and a citizen of this will not only continue and community in that they don't respond my message. Tool to Libya it was clear our community will stand and support black women who stands for protesters in need will so to that region of the country and demand justice. But isn't there ending you think for all sides to ease up on their rhetoric just a bit. And I want to be clear it's not rhetoric choruses would see how satisfied Fords like contest meant vendor in this country. Unlike any other country on our week she'll more our citizens. I think partially more citizens. Than any nation and world history speaks is not elaborate or not not all the rhetorical battle of the reason you've seen some of these states is good news because people aren't spending enough in demand each equal protection under the law and equality when it comes who. Police in Indiana and can. John a final question to you by your ear young woman a student. What's your reaction to all the support we're getting. And social media people donating money and supportive you. It's incredibly overwhelming skinny I and. Super excited. This instance injustice against me and also to use that to be able to amplify. Other people's stories who may be. Don't have the same platform that I being at this time. Ring thank you both so much we will see you again.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Activist Tianna Arata and attorney Lee Merritt talk with ABC’s Byron Pitts about her case being considered by the district attorney and the overwhelming amount of support she’s received online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72340823","title":"Black Lives Matter organizer facing potential charges stemming from July protest","url":"/US/video/black-lives-matter-organizer-facing-potential-charges-stemming-72340823"}