Blizzard or Bust? New York City Spared by Storm Slamming New England

New pictures show the storm's destruction in Marshfield, Massachusetts, as thousands of travelers remain stranded.
7:05 | 01/27/15

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Transcript for Blizzard or Bust? New York City Spared by Storm Slamming New England
I know you not to say anything about your book but how you feel about one work today. Forever but look if this does not want the public what I'm here for people apart and not. What happened who didn't regretting. Blue third or bust this storm still leaving its mark in Boston and it is no spring break this highly anticipated winter storm. Brushing by New York City but beating up Boston and much of the New England coast. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen in New York overnight that winter blast and blizzard shifted east. Spare a New York City from several feet of snow today the city that never sleeps with aching back up after travel bans and transits shutdowns. ABC's lot of that has more. Millions are still affected by the storm that raged through New England. Look at this photo from space and you can understand the magnitude of this storm almost half of Nantucket is without power. Areas of Massachusetts Connecticut and Long Island in New York blanketed by twenty inches or more. Storm also brought out some unusual images outside of Boston yeah Eddie with on the prowl. Rob Marciano met one business traveler who forgot to note. Don't go to the office academy get it while here in America's busiest city everything ground to a stop. Streets bridges even in New York City Subway system all closed. I caught one of the last train last night. As you can see you silly it's teeming with people. Tonight is almost empty. Governor Cuomo is not backing down from his decision to shut down so much of the state you act on the information they did happen. Because the roads were empty we could actually plow the roads Connecticut's governor Malloy gland for the protective action. We only had eleven accidents. Our highway system. In only one minor injury let's spectacular. There is no one parent than his apologizing today. I'm meteorologist who took to Twitter saying you it acted up to get it right we didn't I'm sorry. In New York on it back in. Thanks a lot now to a New England sea town taking a beating from this storm. These pictures just in from Marshfield Massachusetts the town nearly destroyed with downed power lines and flooding. Becoming a real concern now latest numbers have more than 20000 without power in that coastal area. As of this morning residents have been evacuated as a precaution ABC's David Wright has more. I'm David Wright in Marshfield Massachusetts. This morning at high tide an eighty foot section of the seawall just crumbled here and you can see how ocean street now. Is a river. Some of the power lines are down as well other one swaying precariously we can't stay out here very long. But now. As it winds kick up again they're bracing for. This evening's high tide and worried that more flooding and more damage could follow David Wright ABC news Marshfield Massachusetts. Thanks David travel and transit chaos. This latest storm battering major transportation hubs in the northeast now the storm's impact felt nationwide. ABC's Karen Travers has more on what to expect in the days ahead. This massive storm is moving out but its impact would be felt all week we do expect there to be cancellations and delays over the next. Two to three days if not even longer. This life flight Mac usually showing heavy air traffic but now empty skies over much of the northeast. And the travel woes extend all the way to the west coasts leaving passengers frustrated. We had at 3 o'clock flight data again and now we're finding out that all the flights are canceled a wind up going home for another two days. And stranded. And trying to go to and you aren't. And trying Tel hours. Thousands of flights canceled nearly half a million passengers affected. Pull your carriers if you're planning on leaving out of moral in the roads have been reopen whenever that that August. The snow totals may not have been as high is expected in parts of New Jersey and New York. But it was also the high winds that led airlines to cancel most flights in and out of the northeast. With a travel ban in place in New York City these stranded passengers couldn't leave the airport. At Philadelphia international cuts for travelers who got stock. And some lucky folks were able to get hotel rooms that this Bush's view on. New getting on the flight by Thursday morning bill not be happy camper that. He impacted airports are expected to reopen tomorrow and things should start getting back to normal but experts are warning travelers. To be patient care Travers ABC news Washington. For more now on the track of the severe winter storm let's bring in AccuWeather is lovers bring you Marissa. Came there while we are still tracking our winter storm right now it is just east of new England and as you can see right here in the radar well it's coming down pretty hard we do have moderate snow. But before it is all said in done. Well we're going to see an additional twelve to 24 inches. Across New England that's where the biggest hit has been thus far. New York City while the real glad that storm miss new York law apes and slightly shifted east and as you can see one New York did pick up substantial amounts. But they only picked up three to 60 overall. It was met Barry and settled and the unsettled conditions will continue with throughout the evening hours especially across New England places like Bangalore get ready for and for another twelve to 24 inches as I mentioned so overall. Very unsettled unsettled especially across New England are not as far as the track of the storm as. He had into Tuesday in the evening that storm will be slightly further north and east and Wednesday it by Wednesday afternoon it will be impacting Canada. But the good news is it will be away from the region away from the northeast so the best dates have definitely do some cleanup will be on Wednesday high pressure moves and the sun comes back out. So we are looking out way better conditions as we head into tomorrow. Clarissa we know that new England's getting hit hard by many people here in New York saying that they're glad. That that storm shifted east and big reason for that are just mother nature. It was just mother nature just did a slightly east turn and in miss New York it wasn't asked compacted as we. Originally thought it would be so that's definitely good news. For the Big Apple. All right Lawrence -- you thank you very much for that update. And of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on ago. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"New pictures show the storm's destruction in Marshfield, Massachusetts, as thousands of travelers remain stranded.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28522171","title":"Blizzard or Bust? New York City Spared by Storm Slamming New England","url":"/US/video/blizzard-bust-york-city-spared-storm-slamming-england-28522171"}