Bodies Found in Iowa Believed to Be Missing Cousins

Authorities say they are "confident" bodies found are those of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.
2:42 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bodies Found in Iowa Believed to Be Missing Cousins
Investigation continues in the discovery of two bodies it was reported on December 5. Tony twelve that this time we can confirm. They yesterday at a -- 12:45 PM hunters discovered two bodies seven bridges conservation area near -- -- -- -- -- -- Those bodies have been transported the Ohio State medical. Examiner's office and make -- -- for autopsy and positive -- notification. The seven bridges wildlife area will be closed. For two public access until at least this coming Monday. At this time law enforcement is confident. Base the upon evidence of the CN preliminary investigation that the bodies found yesterday are those of -- -- And Elizabeth Collins. However the results of the autopsy have not been made available to law enforcement. And -- positive forensic identification of the bodies has not been made. Once those results are available to us after we are made notification to the family. We will notify the media and the community. -- large area surrounding where the bodies was discovered. Evidence teams from the -- and Blackhawk county sheriff's office. The Iowa division of criminal investigation and IOC medical Examiner's office and the federal bureau investigation. Are conducting a thorough search in and around the discovery location. The duration of that search may last several days. Investigators from local state and federal agencies are continuing to investigate the disappearance of -- -- and Elizabeth Collins. And relationship to this discovery. New -- continue to come into law enforcement. And investigators are following up on those leads as well as -- former -- that is being derived from other sources. We're asking that anyone with information in this case. Particularly. Involve suspicious activity and around the seven bridges conservation area. To contact the Evansville police department tip line at 3192326682. Or cedar valley crime stoppers at 1855. 300. Tips. Information can still be emailed to our missing child girls and GPS. State. -- -- US. The 150000. Dollar reward is still available through law enforcement and -- separate reward fund. Through the cedar valley crime stoppers is still accepting donations to be paid out for information leading to the -- -- And conviction of those persons or persons responsible.

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{"id":17898137,"title":"Bodies Found in Iowa Believed to Be Missing Cousins","duration":"2:42","description":"Authorities say they are \"confident\" bodies found are those of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins.","url":"/US/video/bodies-found-iowa-believed-missing-cousins-17898137","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}