Border security negotiations stall days before another possible government shutdown

Bipartisan border security talks stalled over the weekend, now leaving only four days until a second possible government shutdown.
27:45 | 02/11/19

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Transcript for Border security negotiations stall days before another possible government shutdown
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing room on this month they have got Maguire Washington with a senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce great to have you married to treat all week. He kick off the countdown to another possible shut down I sort of I don't understand how we're doing this all over again now the clock ticking for days until we are out of money again. In hits seemed funny when the weekend I know you were talking about coming together on stage seen Democrats actually we're going to give a little bit but now today. There's all this dispute over detention beds how to get to this point are well at settled. You're right they didn't think their enemy announcing a compromise deal today that obviously is not happening because talks once again are stalled and this time the big holdup isn't just the wall which is still a sticking whether they do think they can around a compromise over that. It is this issue of detention beds Democrats are trying to end demanding to limit the number of beds in an effort to try and force the administration. To focus instead on detaining immigrants with criminal records not just. Undoubtedly want to make an otherwise pal sign and they want to limit the capacity is to try to force the administration's hands because they feel that they are concerned that they're doing too many broad sweeps they wanted to look focus on detained just undocumented immigrants with criminal records not just. Undocumented immigrants that may have a slap him with other side of the White House has huge that the president says that they that they he has the not to threaten his blasted Democrats. On Twitter and and is led to the situation where ever rising look at it once again tick tock tick talk where does this leave snacks are wearing. This is showing nowhere were allowed back its. Naylor meeting you're trying to come up with some kind of plan I'm told all hope is not lost there's bullies wiggle room on the hill that they are. Significantly behind this process and and told that they are further apart right now. Then they work. All of this playing out as you know marry as hundreds of thousands of federal workers who suffered in the last shut down record 35 days just finally. Many of them got their back pay. Situated now they're looking at another possible shutdown we're joined now by one of those federal workers from Chicago marine cargo she is an EPA scientists there. Who we have on the show or talk to ABC news. Back a couple weeks back about the impacts on her glory in great to see you so what are your feelings as you're watching this political showdown unfold. Once again. I am. Along wits and millions and other Americans. Dismayed that. They can't just get through budget that doesn't. Includes fighting about. Something that doesn't affect our missions that work. Hanky do. We're civil servants and we're trying to get our work done and he really shouldn't involve politics not. Keep the government open funding essential books these essential services that we rely and as citizens and then as employees that we wanna continue doing at a near. And you told us last month security ABC news live that ended the shutout had a huge impact and you and your family your primary bread winner in your family. Not just your own personal finances but also the work that you are doing two separate things good working EPA. Have you gotten your back pay and how about those projects that you managed of those kind of gotten back up to speeders they're sort of a backlog still lingering here. There's definitely a bad luck as for the back pay them. I have gotten some back pain but a happy accident at opportunities nearly a beautiful accounting to see in everything's accounted for there. And then instrument projects un. You know we're we just had to catch it meeting this morning where. You know where. Training get things rolling back. There's so many questions everywhere everyone's busy in meetings and catching up from that and our ratchet down against so in addition she trying to catch up we ask you this week worrying about is the government and shut down again and preparing. So what what and what consequences be for you marine personally. If it does if we do it unfortunately cross and into another shutdown on Saturday night what would second me in this go around for you. Just. Like isn't. What is it like it. Deja Vu of the same stress he just had a month ago where you know how Regan and pay the bills and you know real life. Guinea I have a budget sheet and need follow along and then you have to worry about OK did I get on back pain and which it bills and agony pain Allen. He town. It's really is really different. We can hear the sense of disbelief and your voice and data you use a south generally makes it sounds like that this is actually you know happening and we hope it doesn't happen again for prefer certainly. Marine cargo so thank you so much for joining us we want to check back with you and EPA scientist in Chicago back on the job hoping. We don't another shut down thanks so much marine and Mary Bruce. You did mention negotiators are meeting this afternoon they're gonna try to come up with something up against this deadline Friday what happens if they can't come up with a deal. You know doesn't automatically mean shut down or are we don't have. Basically three options if if you look at the big picture here of one they could pass another short term solution we're told that that some Republicans have been floating the idea of just doing a one year CR one you can chizik continuing resolute government funded SE CN Amro but just keep things the way they are. Democrats and already rejected that's and that went out the window but they could come up with another possible short term effects. The second option is that the president could could go around congress and declare that national emergency that he has been threatening he still is leaving. That on the table but of course Republicans even some of the president's top allies say that what's at that president there warning it's a bad move and it would almost certainly be challenged in court. And by Democrats but it could allow the president to tea at least politically claim a win. The third option is to go ahead and shut down the government to try and force Democrats to cave in the White House did say over the weekend that they aren't ruling that one out. Either here Bruce great to have you know you got to get back to doing some reporting on the story so it's over the White House were torn Phelps is tracking some of the things various talking about the White House view on all this Jordan. Have they taken a shut down off the table what are you hearing there about the prospects we could be headed for one in front. Down and unfortunately the prospects are very real the president acting chief of staff make Paul Delaney with on the sending chase yesterday he said he absolutely cannot. Take it government shut down off the table. I his argument there is that that would be taking away a huge negotiating tactics that. The White House has its hands right now so they're keeping those threats very real and pressing app that it. And Jordan all of this unfold and as the president is gonna hit the campaign trail tonight he's headed to the southern border to El Paso, Texas his first campaign rally. Of 2019. But he's actually facing some blowback over his use of that city as a case study for why a wall is needed. Yet DeVon at the mayor of I'll pass it weighs just. One example pushing back on the president claiming that somehow El Paso has become so safe because of that wall but. At the mayor pointing out that Al paso has never been one of the most dangerous cities at bears history El Paso was never one of the most dangerous cities in the US. We've had a fence fourteen years. And it has the impact of illegal immigration and her criminal activity is not to sold deterrent. Law enforcement in our community continues to keep us safe. So they are that mayor pointing out that the president. I is misconstrue link this obviously the mayor concedes there that all the while has been one factor. It is not all of them and DeVon furthermore we saw crime rates drop in El Paso in the years before that while construction even began. He had a brand the president of course holding up El Paso in his State of the Union Address last week. When talking about the wall will be worth closely watching tonight Jordan Phelps thank you so much for your reporting. I've been mayor of El Paso Tex is Dee Margo is a Republican. He's had some very interesting things to say about the president coming to visit his town are Cecilia Vega senior White House correspondent just caught up with the mayor. And this is a little bit of their conversation. You heard the president say it he says El Paso was one of the most dangerous cities in the country and now thanks to the border fence it's not to that usein. We are the safest city in in the nation according to FBI statistics but it's not as a result of the border fence he was merely echoing what are. Attorney general the Texas attorney general said if you expo in McAllen which was not correct. Which is a which is like well I missed interception. Early but yes that we were lawless beforehand with high crime rates it's that are in the fifth when. And it was a 180 degrees that's not the case reality on the ground is playing well. For 2005 we've always been one of the safest cities in the nation. I think when the fence went up we were like number two. Or and then we became number one. Did border fence have any impact on crime here well I think he did have some impact. Along with our. Community policing and things of that like that. We were sovereign nation we need to control our borders a physical Beers probably part and parcel of that. Security but it's not the total panacea. To take manpower and technology the state of Texas you can't you cannot do offense. Based on our geography from El Paso to Brownsville. So fans were seen as signing C which says he doesn't want it you try to understand does it matter to you what they call it a wall offense. Is is any of that needed here. Well I think you're places that it would be needed to help channel. Migration and in. You know most of the drug sitters at that are at the ports. They're not they're not out in the open areas. And it also from it from from the migrant standpoint of those crossing illegally. The films I do use a little exasperated. Well I'm. You know I've stood a week. Explaining them mischaracterization. Us. We're we're we're. We're than where the intersection of three states New Mexico to all of Texas. Two countries the United States and Mexico. In one region comprising two and a million people. We. We've we've been together with orders for a wolf almost 400 years. Their families on both sides are commerce on both sides. We have a 1151000. Jobs on this side of the border tied to the macular. Manufacturing process in northern Mexico and they have 559000. Is there crisis at the border. Well we're getting three to 400 Marc Rich per day coming over after being processed by so I'd say that's a problem. We did this significantly greater than we've had the past years. So we need to do something but I'm not so sure. Our physical barriers are what we need to do we need to do something more related to what would tune in Central America but she's saying you called it a problem. Which cholera crisis. Well it has become very taxing honor in GO of the annunciation house if we get about 500 that's a problem so will tax our resources that are. So. I don't know that I would holiday crisis. But I would say to the to challenge and it's a problem is it worth declaring a national emergency room. I would say no from my perspective it also is not worth to shut them. There were no you know I listened to the pundits and Washington and elsewhere talk about this who want and who lost in the shed there are no winners of that purchase them we have thirteen thousand federal employees here know. There were no winners. You are on the ground here this is your world you see this every day. What's happening in Washington. With their perception of what's happening in El Paso is it a misunderstanding. Is it blatant mischaracterization. What are they doing what facts. Well I'm not sure they really have defection most of them never been down to the border. So my position has always been if you understand border you come bill press and what is the message from El Paso to president try. We're vibrant community where the safest city United States. We need to control our borders Qwikster other ways to do besides just focusing on that single physical barrier. And that was mayor Dee Margo Republican mayor of El Paso with arts senior white has correspond to see they've made a much more coming up. On world news prime here and ABC news levity PM tonight great to see that reporting. Should say the president is headed to El Paso, Texas tonight of course who will be a big campaign rally they're 9 PM eastern time. We'll have that free here and ABC news live also. Former Texas congressman Vento overwork who was challenging Ted Cruz 120 T campaign a rumored possible 20/20 democratic contender. Is holding a couch or rally tonight with a number of Democrats and immigrant advocates there and El Paso. We will be bringing that rally to you live as well all that coverage begins tonight. 9 PM eastern time here. On ABC news live on joined now by one of our political reporters great to see Rachel Scott. Russian from the snow and that cash Iowa and Minnesota you were out there on the campaign trail blunt when a blitz 240. Miles. You drove through Iowa I think many more are current energy on the docket for you would tell us your impressions what was the scene like out there were seen some pictures here. I view from Amy Klobuchar is announcement that was were you ended your trip. But you've got to CU a number of democratic candidates up close of the weekend. Yeah that's ray DeVon so I was in Iowa with senator Cory Booker his first trip to Ohio lessons first announcing his candidacy for president. And he is having a lot of roundtable discussions and community forums spread out all cross the state so we were Criss crossing along with him I was crisscrossing along with him following him at each of his stop your company. And he had some company he had to petition he had he had mayor Pete blue age which I wanted trying to get good sense and music lessons and ignorance. And an air out and Indiana who lets the Redmond just near to me is that near you despite bubbles up the millennial on the air. And see how there as well holding some roundtable discussions and holdings in the Greeks greets and coffee shops and love of the Iowa right it's one of those rare states where. You could run into a presidential candidate and a college yeah. I slept on the candidates everywhere you went where the big turnouts were there is sort of world what was that like. Yeah well it hurt senator Cory Booker there was definitely some large turnout is big is largest event at 500 people. That we're there and it was cold right that we were all packing and at one of his location that was standing room only new and a Drury in Iowa and everyone impacted with sitting shoulder to shoulder and a lots and lots of people packed backs ace that definitely exceeded the and that location Ottoman. And enthusiasm for Democrats in Iowa and of course you ended your trip to Minnesota my home state and you were in the middle of a blizzard I can't I was there ever been a presidential candidate to announced. In a blizzard any clue which are. Something of a moderate or centrist she's running on the kid on a campaign of getting things done. Been sort of a bipartisan. Our dealmaker in Washington. He. Britney since iPad announcement first but first all what was her pitch. And certainly what was that like to be out there sixteen degrees in a blizzard when she announced. Yeah wiping out one of the supporters put it best when he said from white out to a bid for the White House because it was white out conditions out airing in that park is. So it'll mean you Mormon bristles and be able to see the skyline. And what is all fogged out with those white out conditions that were there it was just flat out really. Cold but still you see the senator she was out there no gloves no beanie. No teleprompter. Or some punches and. He took a little swipe at Hillary Clinton. Yeah saint she's going to be spending time in Wisconsin. Yeah which is she said nearly didn't spend as much time also talking about Iowa of course and midwest seems to be her bread and butter George Stephanopoulos chief anchor. Good Morning America got a chance to sit dollar in Oklahoma charred this morning after her announcement in an exclusive interview here's a little bit of that conversation take us. Fast it feels like it is a major major burden to you have to do this right. That you have to get to this point where you decide I'm gonna go through this I believe I'll be a good president. And our nation is tired of being governed by chaos. That we need to be governed by opportunity. And so that's what I talked about yesterday that huge snowstorm I bring I bring a background of growing up in the heartland. I bring some grit to the race that comes from being their granddaughter and iron ore miner and the daughter of a teacher and a newspaperman. And someone that has risen to the challenges every time I get a job. I did that as prosecutor for eight years I did that in the senate. The president sign in the last year's 34 of my bills into law that I Vlad or been the lead Democrat on and I like to get things done. And then I think finally I don't think anyone is talking enough about the challenges that are the challenges of our day. These are challenges like the digital disruption and the changes that it's making to the workforce the need for privacy laws and no one's willing to take. I'm the tech companies I am. They need to do something about prescription drugs my guests of the state of the union heads the sun. Who had to ration his insulin a restaurant manager because it got so expensive. And then he ended up done. Not that is what's happening right now in America and so we need to bring down the prescription drug prices we need to make it easier for families. And we have to do something about climate change. Anna Nicole which are Rachel also think it's a tough questions what are the first negative stories to hit her campaign. I was this report they cannot last week from some of her former staffers that she's a pretty tough boss. And I understand out there in the snow we have some pictures in this did you actually asked her about that which would she had to say. Yeah we'll biz these reports really did hate her big announcement her big day you know beer or reports from the Huffington Post and say that she has mistreated her staff and so right after that speech ended. Reporters were rushed to this high lions. And were awaiting the senator to come down in process and we shouted questions or her and among those we asked her if those reports are true inch said. Hate list and I am a tough boss I have high expectations for myself. I have high expectations for my staff. But I love my staff in campaign aides tell me that the night before she actually how an event to honor her staff the staff appreciation sort of event where she invited volunteers and campaign staff and family and friends to come. To thank them for fruit per their support. She does have the third highest staff turnover rate in the senate some that was sort of the starting point of that conversation but interest in hear her answer. We shifting gears a little ritual four minutes ago we got to talk about some other news by another senate candidate today commonly hears of California. Had it it Kristina interview with a couple of guys on a radio show where they asked her about marijuana off hot issue in this primary season take a listen to her answer. Also anomaly as it is through DC you'll pulls legalizing weed. That's not true and the UN and look I joke about it I have done my family's from Jamaica are you kidding me it hit. The film and have you smoked. Welcome again agenda and email I did and I didn't handle it. A little long time ago but it definitely the dignity of the garage and I just wrote roots. I knew what they call them. Liked the feeling that the real yeah. Well as diligently. As it's a year but. It's to have the legal though to and it. Medicinal would you know do would elicit I think that again a lot of people July and we went. Yeah. All right source of spread some joy it's actually going to be a hot top. Put this primary season as you know Democrats talking about this most Democrats and X 7%. In the most recent pew poll say should be legalized nationwide. Yeah and it doesn't communicate when Booker without an Iowa campaigning and he can't turn into a talking point in saying we have so many people that have been sentenced for you know low caller offense criminally hasn't been ruled out the issues as well but he was saying hey let's say Neil people smoke marijuana people. Use the substance and we shouldn't be criminalizing these people if presidency past presidents have admitted to doing it themselves so. Mary Yu CS senator Harris stopped poking some fun at it obviously like she said sneaking Jewelers and they can. Or enjoy that have been a mantra for the day Richard Scott. Do you any good luck back out there on the trail furnace while you are now for an extraordinary Stephanie absurd environmental reporter Stephanie great to see you so. We're actually tell a story that probably hasn't gotten your attention you may not have heard about it but it is certainly an environmental disaster as you've been encountering this is a story so much time on the debt affects dozens of states and involves a chemical that's contaminated water according lakeside communities and officials at the EPA. Just now starting to get a grip and take a look at these pictures. This white foam on the surface of of the water this is a lakeside community in Michigan and one of the city's affected. Is is getting an up close and personal feel for this substance it's called. And yet there is account yes a piece fast PF AA ass and actually stands for a class of chemicals there's hundreds of different chemicals in this category. There used rocket that things are used in firefighting foam that used in food packaging carpet scene other kind of a miracle chemical in the world of chemicals for making things nonstick and water for in also firefighting foam rank must cop commonly used. You aren't around jet fuel fires you're looking into this particular these pictures are from community members and share them with you these are this is that this is an actual late look at that right there. Comic moraine what are the impacts of of that chemical gas jester Dow women. Well it's. You know they. They tell they've been telling members of this community to stay away from this fall because you don't wanna ingests this substance rate the main concern is that fear ingesting anyway acre. You know your dogs are swimming in the phone they're gonna swallow the water. You're swimming and don't watch yourself off but you know really this these chemicals are it's one of the biggest stories in kind of if you follow the EPA closely there right now classified as emerging contaminants as a big debate going on. Community members like those enough Scott you know they say we've grown up swimming in this lake and now you're telling us it's full of chemicals. We need more what you need to do more we need this clean up right away. EPA is working on a big national plan to do you that but you know a lot of community members a lot of states say we need more and we don't. Expect a lot from an administration that. It was not immediately she. It'll slow are to negate investigative reporter I Garrett Ellison he is weak and live dot com and Michigan and one of those on the front lines in the story joins us out now live Garrett. Great to see you sir you've been pushing the envelope on this story. Are reporting it out before it's been in the national spotlight even as EPA struggles to get their arms around it. I'm British inside the frustration and some of the communities that you've been working and as they've sort of start to learn. It's the impacts of this very dangerous chemical. Sure thanks revenue and that frustration. And communities like let's go to dot com rocker Belmont and Michigan. And you may have heard. Bomb -- people. Have a kind of look before she it's an actor Heath Voss type of effect on the lives arm when it's discovered others in the environment. In fish contaminating. Or smaller is like that not only seat. Bomb they are wondering it how about Lyndon exposed to it. I'm isn't in my drinking water I'm and unfortunately mr. and we then finding. There's many communities. Has been found in the potter. Bomb. And did spark they will look to safe level. It is EPA the level advisory. Com state missions and different levels. For ground water surface water and those a lot of confusion. Hmong communities and a lot of people. Many many questions than it definitely one of the immense. Why are we just hearing about this why is this the mets' new wise and it regulated already. Yes it does it did there are some striking similarities to like the flat water crisis after when the leaded dead in the water for so long residents warned about it. In many cases too late after they'd ingested it for many years this this is very similar what are authorities there. Sane about this are there any efforts underway to clean it up. Yes there are. And Michigan. 28 team. The state and embark on the first statewide effort across the country defiant test all different drinking water system. This bull community residential all schools that draw from out well private. Are well. And they found. In at least 12018. Testing they discovered. That there was Pete box at least some kind of due process some level even if that's very low levels. In drinking water serving about one point four million people statewide which is. Gorilla population of about ten million people mr. here. Arm and that includes some pretty big water systems. That since the city Grand Rapids city zoo is city of Ann Arbor they. Varying levels of this low levels but varying levels of that stuff. Her what are they telling people to do are there ways to to test for this at home are they telling you boil let if you boil water or does that get rid of it. No knowledge this is like these chemicals are so robots. These these are nonstick. Compounds that repel water and Seton oil and you can't just boil all the stuff out if you're at home concerned about. Looking at this water drinking limit and you have to doctorate who specialized techniques such as granular activated are under. Reverse osmosis arm there are filters you can get for your home that we'll take care of it. Armed there are also you know the whole house filters are under the city's. A lot of people are just resorting to buying bottled water getting and water system that. And I believe that can be very expensive I Garrett Olson lot of time but thank you so much for joining us. And you can follow Europe's reporting a great reporting and at and live dot com we'll check back with him on this story isn't folds and Stephanie. This week EPA is expected to announce a new rules on this. We're expecting very soon national management plan for. We don't know what it's gonna include there's been some concern that they won't set a drinking water limit and majority leader I Chuck Schumer are minority leader Schumer has actually threatened to hold up. Andrew Miller's nomination EPA so we'll see what. Happen to like affecting dozens of states think he's so much for that supporting China in the spotlight where we haven't taking a look great to have you Stephanie great to have you with us here. In every parent today on this Monday I'm Devin Dwyer Washington join us tomorrow 3:30 eastern time. And again tonight 9 PM eastern for the president and that all works rally in El Paso, Texas we'll see.

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