How a border wall would affect property owners

Yvette Gaytan says that Trump's proposed border wall would likely interfere with her property and is unnecessary from what she's seen in the area.
4:49 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for How a border wall would affect property owners
As you've heard sixteen states are now suing the administration. So are a number of landowners in southern Texas who live along the border who say their rights will be infringed upon. When this border wall is constructed and we're joined now hot live from south Texas by one of those land overseer that. A guy time who is one of three party to a separate lawsuit against president trump her house actually overlooks the Rio Grande river which is right there on the border with Mexico you that thank you so much. For joining us today and would love to get your ear tape why you're joining us lawsuit. Because I don't believe it can emergency period it isn't an emergency act city. I had lower every day am here today in a and I am not scared to be out here and there's no. Real emergency yet there is. Eagles crossing I personally haven't bullying on my property I see on the news I'm sure there is little going I'm. They not want to think we'll go from one point and ordered to the other corner order little to do everything to secure border. That we received some pictures here your house which is right on the border and obviously we can see behind you the river there that's the Rio grunts on the other side of the river that's Mexico. Shut put out just bookings if he can't point point out where you are more we're seen. Or right now I. About probably. Sixty feet away from actually the riverbank and either river right here there's been peeled a cracked and Mexico. An army. So spring. But there's peeled right there and you constantly here tractors plowing and you see people out there work or. But feathered and that that father is straight out. And where would the wall be built in the lawsuit you said that did the government actually already contacted you last year. I'm asking for permission to come on your property and prepare did it begin construction where behind you would would they be building this wall. It wouldn't be behind me actually it would be greater friend Eileen which is actually. That way while it is tort out. So it would still be it would still be on your property sort of dividing your property them which your for your property runs up to the river does it. Yet that out of the way. From what I'm hearing from other places they're to act on how the house does not fit them. They're gonna hit half a mile away it that 430. I eat away from river. While so well let me ask you a little bit about. You know what the president Harry. What the president has been saying you that he obviously is called this an emergency. The administration has argued that for the greater good and data wall is necessary for national security reasons. Where you're standing. Com it what do you say to that argument that a little inconvenience to you may be some construction. Over a little while is for the greater good of the country to to keep us safe is that something that holds water with you. Now because hours true and he would be trying to change pilot. He would be trying to work to give incentives to. Our budget will went a lap you're that they got back to head. Though target an emergency in York heading budget to a department that secured border. Yeah out and and it just is a message to him until lawmakers before we let you go. If this does in fact go through and they're successful in starting construction on your property what. What that means you what what will you do will you have to move. It depends on how much land they actually aren't there at all actually stick 430 I eat away so I just apparent gun wecht. They want. How much property and it it would aren't. And it would mean everything to keep my gag built this house. What mr. bare hand being dying and he worked hard for that house. Edit that and has been in our family for generations. So a a a certainly a passionate and very personal fight for you in your family. One of three land owners that are now suing the trump administration. In federal court. Over the land rights that are are part of this border wall story of that guy time thank you so much. For joining us here really important to have your perspective and and fantastic to be able to see first hand. We're that border wall logos to thank you for joining us we'll continue to follow that story.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Yvette Gaytan says that Trump's proposed border wall would likely interfere with her property and is unnecessary from what she's seen in the area. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61199338","title":"How a border wall would affect property owners ","url":"/US/video/border-wall-affect-property-owners-61199338"}