Boston Bombing Suspect Faces 30-Count Indictment

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, is charged with four murders and other crimes.
14:37 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Boston Bombing Suspect Faces 30-Count Indictment
This is a special group. Report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm under a barrel in New York for an ABC news digital special report a flood of new details about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects today a grand jury handed up at 75 page. Thirty count indictment against diehards are -- I have today the surviving suspect in the -- Boston law enforcement officials are right now giving a briefing that we're gonna go to that right now. In personal injury and death as well as most maliciously destroying property. Resulting in personal injury and causing death. And use of a firearm during. And in relation to a crime of violence. Including. Using a firearm to cause death. Carjackings resulting in serious bodily injury and interfere with commerce by threats and violence. The indictment contains detailed factual allegations about the defendant's alleged conduct. And role in the crimes have been charged according to the indictment so -- so and -- -- and his brother temelin. Took steps before April 15 to prepare for that their actions that day. Among them. On or about march 20 the defendant and his brother travel to a firing range in Manchester, New Hampshire results Carson diet. -- rented 29 millimeter -- guns purchased 200 rounds of ammunition and engaged in target practice. On or about April 5 time -- I have. Ordered electronic components on the Internet that could be adapted for use in making I ET's. And had them shipped to the Cambridge residents that he shared with his Brothers so car. The defendant also downloaded a publication. That provided instructions on how to build the bomb. And the day before the bombing the defendant opened a pre paid cell phone account number in the name of -- hard cyanide. According to the indictment on April 15. At approximately 2:40 PM. Talents tonight place a backpack in front of 671. Boylston street for -- and sports is located. Among -- dense crowd the marathon spectators. The backpack contained. An IET. Constructed from a pressure cooker. Low explosive powder shrapnel adhesive. The electronic components and other items. At the same time. So -- I've walked to 755 Boylston street in front of the -- restaurant. Where he also placed a backpack containing a similar kind of -- ED. Among another crowd of the marathon spectators including dozens of men women and children. According to the indictment at approximately 2:48 PM. So Carson -- called his brother using his prepaid cell phone and spoke to him for several seconds. Seconds after the call. Tomlinson nine if detonated the bomb that he had a place in front of American sports. -- -- that bomb exploded. And among. Many things that killed crystal Marie Campbell and it also maimed and seriously injured many others. Seconds later. After the first explosion. So -- -- -- detonated the bomb that he had placed in front of the form restaurant. And when that bomb exploded. It killings -- -- And Martin Richards and it also means and seriously injured many other -- in that area. The indictment further alleges that on April 18. A few hours after the media began disseminating photographs of the Sinai -- -- identifying them. As potential suspects in the marathon bombing. -- and time -- -- armed themselves with five IEC's. A Ruger nine millimeters semi automatic. Handgun ammunition. A machete. And a hunting knife and -- a Honda Civic two MIT and Cambridge. When they arrived -- -- school. The defense -- his brother murdered MIT police officer -- collier. Shooting him in the head at close range. With a nine millimeter semiautomatic handgun. They also attempted to steal his weapon. Following officer -- murder Zulfikar and Tomlinson I have carjacked an individual. Was referred to in the indictment -- -- And who was in a Mercedes. And -- carjacked him by pointing a gun and threatening to kill him. They indicated to the victim that they intended to drive his vehicle to Manhattan. So kind temelin. Forced GM to drive to Watertown. Where they retreat to portable GPS device and other items from the on Pacific and then forcing him to drive to a service stations to get gas. While they were searching for a gas station. They -- DM to a Bank of America ATM in Watertown square and force him to hand over his debit card and personal identification number. So press and I then used to this debit card and withdrew 800 dollars from the victim's bank account. At around 12:15. AM on April 19 while the defendant and his brother was stopped had stopped for gas. -- a victim escaped from the Mercedes and called 911. After the victim escaped so hard and -- Hamlin tonight drove to laurel street. In Watertown where police located them and tried to apprehend them. It was at this time that the -- I have Brothers began firing at the officers. The -- opposes used for IED's against them one of which was made from pressure cooker. Low explosive partner -- shrapnel and other items. After. Attempting to shoot. Bomb and kill or disable the officers who were trying to apprehend him. So Carson I have drove directly at Watertown officers -- -- -- John McClellan. And John Reynolds. Wentz are higher so crescent Nyhan a jolt at the officers he barely missed Sargent -- -- Lacey. Who was attempting. To -- talents and I have to safety. So -- they have drove over his brother temelin seriously injuring him and contributing to his death. In the course of making his escape. So Chris and I also caused Richard Donahue a Massachusetts Bay transportation authority officer. To sustained serious bodily injury. -- and later abandoned the car on spruce street in Watertown smashing bulk. Of his cell phones and hid in a dry docked boat in -- Watertown backyard until he was captured by the police. As a result of the charges that have been filed today. The defendant faces up to life and possibly death if convicted. I do want to say that I have met with several of those that were injured on April 15. As well as members of the deceased family. I was able to he would does that -- thoughts discuss the process moving forward. And learn a bit about them personally. There's strength is extraordinary. And we will do everything that we can to pursue justice not only on their behalf. But on behalf of of all of -- And we've just been hearing from Boston law enforcement officials detailing some aspects of 75 page 38 count indictment against junk cars are -- and the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. Some of the new details to emerge today include how -- -- -- of Brothers allegedly carried out the very coordinated bombings. And then the murder of officers on -- are right now. I want to bring ABC's Pierre Thomas as well as ABC's Aaron -- ski both had a chance a look at some of the documents. -- what new. It's a couple things struck me about the indictment one. Is -- to the degree to which the suspects were radicalized online are we getting information that they learned how to make. The bomb from. Downloading information from inspire magazine which is an online publication from al-Qaeda. That they ordered their components. Online also that they were inspired by the writings of Anwar -- locking the radical cleric that the US killed in -- -- attack some time ago but again he again. Appears to be able to inspire from the grave this is like half a dozen cases so that we've seen where. A -- -- is inspiring Ewing are radicals from the grave and the other thing I would add is that confrontation with police. That killed the older brother we're learning that they actually had a hand to hand combat with the older brother after he allegedly shot at them and threw bombs at them. And that they were trying to. Basically -- from the scene when the younger brother ran him over again critical dramatic details. Absolutely and Aaron and caused no suspects have been named is that right these Brothers -- of an acting alone. It's not for lack of looking son -- the authorities have been back and forth to a number of state -- and different countries -- interviewing a potential suspects are looking for any kind of connections particularly overseas. Terror related connections but it does appear. That this -- I have Brothers were -- -- -- -- -- radicalized via the Internet. And acted alone and it goes through the indictment does in some rather specific detail about. Where they -- certain components for not only be the bombs but where they obtain their ammunition where they obtained. Fireworks and gunpowder. And so it does appear as hard as it was to believed at least at the outset that its -- I have Brothers -- did act alone. And here we're also learning that they practiced. On gun ranges is that correct that's that's new information is net. Yes it says that sometime in March they went to a a gun range to do some shooting I believe that's the date. Again practicing how to use firearms. You know again the FBI continues and extensive international investigation particularly in -- to see. If the older Brothers army got any support. From. Radicals overseas. If you look at the indictment there's no evidence. That shows that he got that support again the investigation is still ongoing but today if you look at the indictment looks like these were two young men. Who -- on line and carried out an attack on this is something the law enforcement. Has been long concerned about the so called lone wolf -- fact that people could be sitting in the basement of their homes and learn how to become terrorists. And yet it also seems that there was a very short period of time -- -- in the bombers and got this radical information. And when they actually carried out the attack. If you look at the indictment it says that they begin planning at least in February. So if you look at from February to April when the attacks. Were carried out that's not that long a period of time. Two -- and develop and execute -- plot. And is -- having to do law enforcement officials tell you that that is sort of -- usual. At length of time for people that get radicalize themselves in their basement or does it usually get a little bit longer than that. Because there's nothing set in stone they brought numerous cases. Involving stings in -- people who were radicalized on line that they got word. Information about and here -- four before Boston they've typically been capturing people before they can actually do. An attack -- a number of these cases. The people thought they were actually launching attacks when in fact they were talking undercover FBI agents but in this case the FBI had -- -- on. I was -- -- earlier. Drop the case after they could not develop additional information he was actually doing a terrorist act. -- he goes to Russia. Comes back home they don't follow up at that point and again in that period from when he returned from Russia -- from February to April they say. He developed this. How much damage in such a short period China Aaron we're also getting more information about what was written on the boat to heart was hiding and before he was. Apprehended some -- saying it almost amounts to a confession. No because he speaks to the notion that America is killing innocents. Abroad and and if you stop doing this will stop doing this not a direct quote but summation of what. Was scrawled in the -- where shall hearts -- -- -- -- was hiding in the hours before he was. -- he really sell. Out of -- boat as state police. Hovered above using infrared camera equipment to detect. Any particular movement such a dramatic and 22 captured -- that for a little while seem like it would never come. And remember as pierce says that this all started in February 2013 according to court records and the initial target we were told. Was perhaps. The July 4. A fireworks on the test went on along the Charles River in Boston and ultimately the plan. Took a little bit less time in the Brothers perhaps thought and so they decided on the marathon attack we've been told. But the July 4 of the event on the yes a lot of it's going to go off in Boston this year is under intense security this time state police put out special instructions for anyone going. So even as this case now moves forward as a as a regular old a criminal. Prosecution. There are special steps being taken as a result of this of this -- that marathon attack. And even today you heard -- and he -- director the FBI sank the people of Boston remember the investigation shut down any major American city and surrounding suburbs. Absolutely settled it already ABC's -- and her ski and Pierre Thomas thanks to both of you for being with us and for more on the latest developments in the Boston Marathon bombing indictments should go to I'm Tanya -- in New York in this has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from --

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