Boston Manhunt: Suspect Escapes, Lockdown Lifted

Mass. governor lifts stay-indoors request, re-opens T, as marathon bombing suspect remains at large.
10:14 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Boston Manhunt: Suspect Escapes, Lockdown Lifted
This is an NBC news special. And -- good evening to you I'm Diane Sawyer of ABC news headquarters in New York. And we're rejoining you because -- is going to be a briefing on the Boston bombings a briefing from the message. -- governor. And the Boston Police Commissioner. As we know -- just 24 hours ago we first saw that surveillance video they were then two unidentified man but now we know they were Brothers. And today one is dead the older of the two and a manhunt is underway for the younger brother. As you hearts and I have just nineteen a college student his motives a deepening puzzle. The city of Boston still in lockdown mass transit closed all day and the residents. Told to take shelter stay in place locked their doors. We're going to go now to ABC's team and our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has been following all of this moment to moment what can you tell us about what we're about to hear Brian. I am really hear first from the state police commander superintendent. Quality he realism briefing is where it stands as best we know there has been no spotting those -- of the suspect number two he remains at large. And the effort to find -- remains as urgent as ever. It's -- last night when they finally did locate him there are tons of explosives in his car they concern that he remains a dangerous individual. That they did find more explosive and there were trusted him -- talk today of a controlled detonation did that happen. It did not have to do not find. Explosive Diane in that a -- Here's the got -- good evening everybody everybody and thank you all of you for your patience until all of the viewers and listeners in media. In the area. Also been very patient and to have. Colonel -- -- India. Quick update on what we can say the ongoing investigation. Couple comments. The stay indoors request and T and yeah. -- -- and then she's. She's developed. Thank you governor. Good afternoon I certainly want to thank all of you for your patience I know you're all tired we certainly are as well. What we remain committed to this. We do not have an apprehension of our suspect this afternoon. But we will have one. We're committed to that. I want the neighborhood here in Watertown. To know that we went through about twenty streets here. Door to door. With our tactical teams we -- -- -- since two ensure that everyone was safe in their homes and that they saw the police on the streets. We did limited searches of those homes to render them -- We've also followed a number of leads this afternoon that have taken us in various places in eastern Massachusetts. And none of those leads have been fruitful to this point there's. Much left to be done. Including. Ballistics forensics work that it will be -- concluding in Boston in the next few days. We also have a scene out here friends -- scene where we had some. Exploded and unexploded ordinance their. That were made safe and remove. During the course of the afternoon. That is still ongoing but should be completed shortly. We are gonna -- back our tactical teams. But the state police will be providing additional patrols -- the town Watertown over the next about two to three days. For the neighbors. And then the citizens of this community we're gonna have four. The -- an additional ten state police patrols augmenting the Watertown police in those neighborhoods. Three ships today probably through Monday. So again I want to emphasize this is a complicated investigation that's being led by the FBI. Our presence here today. Was about the safety of the people in the community. We're confident that we did that to the best of our ability unfortunately we don't have a positive result at this point. But for the sake of every one. There were. -- were killed. During the marathon. -- those police officers -- lost their life. Or seriously injured we are committed to seeing a conclusion to this case thank you. Thank you colonel in light of the status of the investigation here in Watertown and leave. Developments. In the course of the day to stay indoors of request is listed. That she is open effective immediately the MBTA. Effective immediately we are asking the public to remain vigilant if you are out. Continue to be alert to suspicious activity. Unaccompanied or unintended. Packages in backpacks and so on remember there is still a very very dangerous. Individual had a large. But we feel confident. Based on what we know about the status of the investigation right now that to that extent we can return to to living our lives again in the areas. Where where the stay indoors and resident effect in effect. That request is lifted but remain vigilant. -- -- -- just say about a November you'll -- corporation. I've always. -- -- Very helpful to us the very different families and went to work the preservation. He has treated like every. Individual -- yet but the dozens -- -- -- slowly coming down. We'll continue to -- right about joke Boston. For those -- now I was all right Bob Knight. Says about it. The turner. Tell us. Yeah. Thank you again my messages to community a lot of time. It's a little different we're gonna do here you can see saturated patrols as -- colonel said. A police -- -- -- local communities are gonna support us now -- will be Villa so we're gonna see a big presence. We've all we've searched. I'm very -- search of the twenty block. In Nigeria unfortunately -- as you know we we didn't have any results. But we're gonna continue. To move forward. Desert community. I can't saying the White House community enough for what you've done your strength. But we need to continue as you heard the crime scene is not done yet does not going to be class for another few -- at least so we need your support via. In -- Please go -- should be. There was a lot of events in Watertown tomorrow if we're gonna happen but you can see a -- police presence as we do that. Thank you give police say a prayer for those. 11 where they don't know why I think the hardest -- out there there's a a photograph of our subject that's been widely distributed I want to remind the public that is there. If you see this individual police -- -- to emphasize -- do not take action on your -- we want you to dial 911 -- -- local police department and anything that you might know about this individual please look send that to the FBI tip line. This is very very important -- appealed the other day to the community for your cooperation you've come through. We need to -- continuing -- cooperation to solve this thank you. And there you have a we have news coming out of the briefing for the people of Boston especially -- order to stay indoors has been lifted. But they are asking residents to be watchful reminding them a dangerous suspect is still on the loose and be sure to call 911. If they see anything they apologized for having no apprehension at this point but they did say there -- -- sending more police into Watertown what they call saturation. Of Watertown possibly even. Through Monday I want to bring in ABC's Pierre Thomas. At the Justice Department as always Pierre. Well my sources are telling you tonight -- this remains a very fluid situation. This young man is proving to be very elusive still on the run and a great concern tonight I am. That this young man may be monitoring the media. Maybe monitoring the -- therefore they want to make sure that no information goes out except exactly what they -- out. Exactly -- -- -- appear and I wanna go to Lindsey Davis next because she is there in Watertown where we heard. There -- going to be sending a lot more police saturated patrols. People still indoors at this moment -- can you look around Lindsay and see that they're starting to come out their doors. Diane for the last few hours people have been starting to -- around an hour hearing that they can but just to be especially vigilant really received quite a difference from. This morning where people were actually taking precautions going back into their homes but if you can see -- down the street behind me rather empty the perimeter line is down the police officer. Who was policing -- making sure we didn't go inside those Tony blocks. He is now gone we've been pretty much policing ourselves and we've started to see those patrols. Go outside of the perimeter and start searching homes and businesses beyond this area. -- we're -- have all of that tonight on world news just minutes away for some people. And of course -- have a lot more on the two Brothers who they are what they did the full reporting coming up on world news in just minutes. We'll take a break for now we will see you then until them. Afternoon to you. This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"id":19002184,"title":"Boston Manhunt: Suspect Escapes, Lockdown Lifted","duration":"10:14","description":"Mass. governor lifts stay-indoors request, re-opens T, as marathon bombing suspect remains at large.","url":"/US/video/boston-bombing-suspect-manhunt-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-escapes-lockdown-19002184","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}