Boston Marathon Witness 'Could Feel the Ground Shake'

College student Dan Lampariello describes his firsthand account of Boston bombing.
3:00 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Marathon Witness 'Could Feel the Ground Shake'
Right now wanna go on the phone now to someone who is on the scene as well except one of the photos have been showing you since explosions at 2:15 PM -- -- for -- There's real -- -- excuse me again we see that photo you took great -- -- white smoke. Shroud being a fireball people rushing to the scene tell us exactly where you work. I George. I'm I was about 200 feet from the finish line which which looked -- as -- explosion took place. We're right in front of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel there. On the very. Scary but -- -- one of the most scary instances that I've ever been involved with. We're out here what my -- was actually running in -- -- -- out there waiting her arms and we thought maybe it was fireworks at first but that he's got a second explosion we don't. So that photo we're seeing right there is that the second explosion. -- this second explode yeah. -- firmware from where I'm looking back -- pictured here right now. And looking back it looks like -- data store -- called marathon sports Laurie Garrett the initial. And how far away it was the first. Beaudet and -- sorry how how far away was the first one. Off from where -- -- it looked like it was right at -- -- -- -- large barrier over the the finish ordinarily these cameras up top there it looked like it was right about there so exactly at the finish line like the -- -- -- -- They're the second -- a little bit more towards where I was away from -- To finish morning. So from where you work what what could you feel. When they went off. I -- I could feel the ground shake it was definitely a larger explosion. Com not sure what I mean he's a lot of smoke after just a lot of chaos. I mean I got right out of there there was a lot of people running trampling did very scary scene currently -- And we heard that it was like the loud just under -- -- that hurt. Is that a distraught. Most definitely a description it was very -- it to the ground sure -- -- dealers going down for US. -- -- -- -- Which I wouldn't go back to your photos by -- for 12 because I've been trying to figure out how many people. Our crowd and how many layers. Of humanity. That we -- saying there on that sidewalk. It. I mean where I would we have his Jersey buried they'll find all the Boylston street like there are pretty Marathon Monday it personally for expect anything like that to happen. Anything we regarding there were a lot of runners running down the street there mean. As you can see in the photo. Just people it was his -- chaos people running away from the -- -- barriers. The runners running back backwards on the racetrack not sure what to -- you. Armed police officers and paramedics going to opposite we're going up toward the finish line. Definitely your marketing the great thing that definitely was -- that -- -- that was that it -- the police department. Probably right bear seen when a second -- -- -- Running right up Boylston street up to the finish line. -- and we can see all lead -- -- you hinted at this as well bed marathon day in Boston patriots day in Boston. Give us just the flavor of the scene in those seconds before. The explosion what I. -- lot of college student in Boston. And you think patriots day Marathon Monday integrate -- just -- have -- -- -- -- you don't cheer on everyone's been inspirational day. You don't think anything like this is ever going to happen. When that -- like this in Boston. And are always your friends and acquaintances OK -- They are I had actually my aunt and uncle were both running in America -- luckily they got a -- got diverted from over to Boston University. Armed I was with another couple every respect parent my girlfriend we are -- we're actually Daryn back bay at Boston right now we got right out of the area as quickly as we could. Well thank you so much for phoning in to us the thank you again for that photo which helps us understand so much about that moment. It isn't in for. Well thank you -- so much it really priest did.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"College student Dan Lampariello describes his firsthand account of Boston bombing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18961762","title":"Boston Marathon Witness 'Could Feel the Ground Shake'","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-explosions-witness-feel-ground-shake-18961762"}