Boy, 5, Fatally Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister

Kentucky police say the young shooter was given the .22 caliber rifle as a gift.
1:33 | 05/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boy, 5, Fatally Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister
Three -- minutes meant the difference of life and death for one Kentucky family and now -- left coping with the tragic aftermath. It's a sad situation need to write that -- the nightmare unfolded at this home losses bottom road in Cumberland county. Kentucky state police say the mother stepped outside her home for about three minutes when she heard the unthinkable. Police say her five year old son shot his two year old sister -- wind starts with a 22 caliber rifle. She heard the gunshot. Mr. went back again and -- found a lover of settlements in the on the recliner. The young girl was rushed to a nearby hospital which she was later pronounced dead. Cumberland county coroner Gary white was told by the family the boy received the rifle as a gift and has used to before which is common in Kentucky. He has the rifle was kept in a corner of the home and the family had no reason to believe -- shell was left inside. White says it was a tragic mistake. Locals describe -- though it's a tight make community about 7000 people lived here many of them are shaken by the tragic loss it's. Shark boy and there are entire community and John Phelps junior serves as judge executive for the county. He also lives a few forms -- from the distraught family I have known them for many years. Phelps says they are good family who got an unlucky break. I don't think anyone can imagine what they're going through May be an apparent. Car sales -- This is just heartbreaking from virtually Kentucky not a -- -- Nashville's -- two.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"Kentucky police say the young shooter was given the .22 caliber rifle as a gift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19091618","title":"Boy, 5, Fatally Shoots 2-Year-Old Sister ","url":"/US/video/boy-fatally-shoots-2-year-old-sister-19091618"}