The Breakdown: Biden-Putin summit on the horizon

Plus, Attorney General Merrick Garland lays out the Biden administration’s plan to combat the threat of violent domestic extremism.
32:38 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Biden-Putin summit on the horizon
Welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed up. And I'm Terry Moran president Biden has arrived in Geneva ahead of his face to face showdown with president Russia Vladimir Putin's. He met with Swiss president do you prom alone in his final public event before the summit. And he answered a single shouted question from the pressed. Asking if he's ready for food and. And always ready born ready we're gonna break down how Joseph Biden is prepared for the meeting and what's it's taken what do you hope to accomplish coming. Meanwhile back at home attorney general Merrick Garland is laying out plans to combat domestic extremist violence which the FBI says. Is currently the biggest threat to national security and the bureau is now warning that Q and on conspiracy theorist could go from. Pulled digital soldiers. To committing acts of real world violence possible break down why and what the administration plans to do about it. And. The United States is passed another grim milestone in the pandemic 600000. American lives have officially been lost to cove in nineteen. But there is light. At the end of the tunnel it seems New York. New York City is now the latest New York State Natalie to state lift all pandemic restrictions effective immediately after hitting the target of 70% of adults in that state. At least partially vaccinated. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Says the New Yorkers can now return to life as we now. But we begin with president Biden set to meet with Vladimir Putin's tomorrow in Geneva it's the final stop on Biden's first official overseas trip. And all those allies he met with on the store. Have a stake in how this last meeting goes congressional correspondent Rachel Scott joins us live now from Geneva with the latest. Rachel what's the latest on how this summit is expected to go down tomorrow. We are former Russian official they're expecting this to play out over four to five hours so here is how it's going to work the two leader gonna come face to face. In two separate meetings what is going to be a smaller meeting we're told that there will be about four people in the room that includes obviously president Biden. Russian president Vladimir food and as well as two senior advisors on both sides were told of the secretary of state for instance will be in that meeting and then there are expected to break. Come back for a larger working meeting that's going to include. I have more officials more senior officials on both sides of the aisle here. After the whole thing is sat in died we will see both leaders hold a press conference. Unlike the last time around with former president Donald Trump and what not seat a joint press conference. President Biden is going to come out in T questions after president who it. President who is going to go perks without press conference. Taking questions but again a very stark contrast to what we saw unfold with former president Donald Trump when they too were standing side by side. And former president Donald Trump openly when against the US intelligence about Russian meddling Diane. And regional bite him we heard him there he says he's ready how has he been preparing. Yeah. Yet we know that the president had been knee deep in cracks we know that the White House has. Assembled at team up at sports auto crashes there in the fifteen rated I visiting. We've got to yeah. David Lee that citizen it is sad that he is batting. A lot president Biden said this is what he does bats foreign policy for him. Has always been care about it's always been he has a lot of experience with it over the course of his political career not only in the senate but of course as vice president. And not be the first time that these two leaders come base that base of course they met back in 2000 Aladdin. President Biden and said that he looked into his eyes and that that he did not have a soul. So original there's a team. Prepping Biden for a soft approach and in another team prepping Biden are harder approach. Yes sources tell us die in that there's really two camps right now. Inside of the White House one camp that really wanting to take a more mild in softer approach when it comes this relationship with Russia. And then there's another camp they've advisors that really wants present at president Biden to really take a really strong approach. Add to this meeting in Philly remains to be seen which approach the president will try to do navy will help try to level between the two of those. But we know that the White House was three clear things out of this we're learning that they want to talk about areas in which they can work together the also want to talk about. I America's national interest and also expressed. The president's vision for America. I don't expect basin on this are very well. It is high stakes meeting the president himself even saying yesterday that president who and it popped and that he is a Smart and would be apple theory. And Rachel is also known going into this that cyber attacks election Madelaine goes well likely topics and now we're hearing they might also discussed. A prisoner swap. Yeah and really put forward by Russian president Vladimir Putin he came poured. And do some negotiating in public he said that he be willing to hand over cyber criminals. If the United States. Did this saying the president was pressed on this at a press conference. He called it essentially progress. That president Lynn was preventing this idea but a White House official told us. That that is off the table president bill and also raising the idea of a prisoner swap unclear where the White House really stands on not in this moment we know that there are at least two. American prisoners right now detained in rationed to former Marines at the president does plan to bring up tomorrow and is meeting with Russian president who in. But it remains to see whether or not the White House is going to get on board with the idea of a prisoner swap at this time fans so let's prudent hoping to get out of this meeting. Yeah you know it is interesting day and because a lot of critics point to that fact that. By president Biden holding this meeting with president putting put them on the world speech in fact president Biden is getting a lot of heat for that from some of his critics. I think president who win in that is going you can day a very strong stance on how question meals I he has that Russia's best interest in mind as well the judging by how you've been publicly negotiating. I clearly he's going into this wanting to Beatty exchanged prisoners from a Beijing cyber criminals as well Diane time Rachel Scott thank you. Are well the relations between the United States and Russia sent to the worst level since the Cold War for good reason Russian keeps attacking this country and others cyber. And also military attacks in in the country's nearly them. And so what will constitute. A positive result for the United States when president Joseph Biden faces off with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Switzerland tomorrow we'll joining us now to discuss that. Democratic congressman Bill Keating of Massachusetts. Garden thanks for being with us. I think he caricature. Well you serve on both the foreign affairs and the armed services committee so that's a that the couple of lenses on this critical relationship here. Why would you like to hear from the president coming out of his meeting with President Putin tomorrow. Well first of all it's gonna be inescapable just like that you get on before saint call one this summer. Well. I firmly believe that president Biden has wander the meeting he worried that start. Because what I wanna see reinforce that this meeting is the strong alliance we have we want you in the US that the Russians or the Chinese don't care. We have a coalition. A coalition that's been with us for half a century gee can we are transatlantic coalition. So. Before this mediocre start president Biden set. Sales for the victory because. He solidify that relationship can't go to NATO or just talk about the cost of NATO he talked about the value of eight. And so he so with the trade agreements that are. Months long years on some of them. All of a sudden coming together. As a result of the work he's done before so he's got what give Michael most Smart pregnant you're. I you're divided from the US allies. He's fighting has already secured debt coming into the meet. You know get cannot follow up on that does press you a little bit do you really think that that. The solid relationship between the United States and NATO allies and Europe in general. Can be repaired with just a visit if you would the prime minister of European country after American voters in America constitution put Donald Trump in the presidency. And he undermined those relationships. To the cheers of millions Americans get your rig count on America African un ring the trump bell. You can are ahead without exaggeration over 300 meetings the last few years we've European officials date. Still trusted and us. Despite what was going RO the last two years they desperately wanted US to become engaged again and take. Not just be harder or take a leadership role. That's so even if you look at the polling among European. People within its respective countries we're seeing dramatic changes where the US favorability which was an 11% is now all seven. So yes. That is happening and it's happening with. Trust because. Despite some discord of the last few years. These were decades are building this relationship. Okay so another shoe do you think president Biden should negotiate the release. Of those two American former Marines Trevor Reid and Paul Whelan Waylon and reed's family pleaded for that do you think a prisoner swap or something like that would encourage the Kremlin. Just to target more American to some people of warmed. Well I did yeah it's 900 days I think tomorrow. For all Wheeling. And Trevor Rees jamming it up artist so you suffering the same way now. Had not been in touch with the cheerleaders cheered are written a letter to all we have an. Communicated to our State Department and other state department's task force citizens ships net. Paul Whelan is being held unjustly or read is being held unjustly. There's been discussions informal I don't know I wouldn't I wouldn't categorize them as formal discussions about prisoner slots. But that the people that are being discussed right now when you consider or treat our prisoners asked at least some of equivalency. And it. Frankly have been named city char from the Russian side there's not that kind of equivalency although. I hope they we want family. Read Emory. Desperately hope we can come to some agreement if that didn't involve some kinder slop of individuals so be it. But I think it has to be somewhat. Oh unequivocal. I'm not a quote about an equitable kinds law. And so Udell from the president Biden and President Putin will be in that room tomorrow. But there is another presence there really another adversary in a way aligned with Russian that's China. At the NATO summit Biden and other NATO leaders released a communique. Labeling China as a challenge to global security really a turn. Four NATO in its attitude towards China a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry today response saying quote he -- of one country. Or a bloc of countries dictating world affairs is over. So how do you see the threat that China poses for as little as Russia tries to line more closely with it. And and how do you think the president is handling that in this meeting. There's no question that China is our greatest heart right out and he talked to our allies talked to other world leaders. That's clear. Dessert is it ballots being struck Keira. Trying to take the western countries the debt program democratic countries any. Coming together because we realized. That we are in Europe authoritarianism. And at the top of that list is China. Russia's economies. Nothing compared it to China's. The threat is nothing compared to China's although they have nuclear weapons and nick great provocative towards. And in need a lot of room. Difficult renowned cyber acts. On issues. Human rights. Deer problem but China is the number one threat. Coming out of this week. Where the president has been in you're talking to your Ian eaters. Any will continue on this course. We're gonna band together. We have the coalition I spoke about China does not have that coalition I think that's Wendy. Terry that's why did eject statement that they did that your worst nightmare is coalition. She of democratic countries are coming together. Or would the to turn drug another's one of the one of the deliverables you might say out of that detonators some out of the EU. At NATO US talks in the president announced a deal with deal on an issue that that I've been reading about for decades. The fight over aircraft subsidies subsidies the US subsidizing owing. And the European subsidizing. Airbus part of the reason both sides agreed to suspend tariffs on each other's planes is that they can focus on countering China. So how significant is this step and you think the president is doing enough on trade it to check China. Like you brought that out there wasn't major. Success. At these meetings. It you know what it translates to in the US have. Security over aeronautics industry it needs securing. Over a million US jobs this very court to us. But as you mentioned Jerry has a bigger role to world why. As. The European economy and the US economy would be about a half the world's GT PT yeah. So. We have to deal from strength in that regard. And we we can restart resolving these trade issues. We're moving strongly. Along those lines and and we also open the door for technological kind of discussions going forward. Making sure that. We we can begin more earnest discussions about steel and aluminum. Any deep the US trade representative is there and we'll continue the discussions even as the president is leading. One of those visions about a flown under the radar for people that is quite significant and now let's talk about the big picture. With president. Biden on the world stage what do you think has been his most significant action of the biggest change in direction we've seen so far. From president vice. I think its stability experienced predictability it sounds and some very exciting. It's back I tell you. The European officials have talked to Dick Bennett wanting that the last four years. And they're getting you know they always say to me. You know we have the same concerns you do. Within Russia except we are neighbors. They share borders many of those countries. Year they have had the aggressiveness that scene and Georgia and Ukraine and its threats that have occurred. 8 Eastern Europe. These are real concerns they have. And did have a predictable stable US is essentially been even more so I think dig your seen from this trip and Elsie yes. I would this summit. He'll be leadership coming back from the US which is not going to be one of the app and our allies don't want us to be. They want US the US to take that leadership position and president Biden brings that Winick also experienced. People are asking that question I think is always why is Joseph Biden are ready for this up. Well he's only been preparing for most disliked. As for sure in any. A long time and he brings that experience to the table there congressman Bill Keating Massachusetts thanks for being with us. Anixter. And we will have full coverage of the Biden Putin summit tomorrow right here on ABC news line. Meanwhile the FBI director and capitol police department inspector general are testifying before congress on the January 6 assault on the capital. FBI director Christopher Wray has said the biggest threat facing national security is domestic extremist violence. Now attorney general Merrick Garland is laying out the Biden administration strategy to combat that. National strategy recognizes. That we cannot prevent every attack. The only way to find sustainable solutions is not only to disrupt and deter. But also to address the root causes of violence. Of the plan focuses on sharing information thwarting recruitment and mobilization efforts destructing activity before violence occurs in addressing the long term issues that lead to domestic violent extremism. Let's go to ABC's political director Rick Klein along with justice and Homeland Security reporter. Jack duct tape for more on this Jack I wanna start with you first off how serious is this threat. And how is the Justice Department planning on carrying out those initiatives they laid out. As well. And it clearly jittery six showed us that the threat is quite serious. You you saw people coming from across the country to attack the foundations of our very government so. Clearly if there was no wake up call already that extremism was was brewing. It it became quite clear on that day the challenges so domestically. As opposed international terrorism are that. Did some good. Some of the methods that the Justice Department uses to investigate. Aren't always available. Port domestic terrorism as they offer international terrorism. That it eavesdropping authority some things like that that are much easier to do overseas are more challenging here. But they're also gonna rely on. More through the integration. With fusion centers state and local law enforcement to really try to. Call up intelligence to understand. How these groups are acting how these groups are communicating. Within the bounds of what's allowed and protected by the constitution. And it has also warning that she went on conspiracy there is can go from digital shoulders. Soldiers to committing acts of real world violence what's behind that Jack. Well again we we see some no real world results you saw a lot of that they accuse supporters. Are people who who carried the banner that conspiracy theory shop on January 6 and there's you don't. They have this belief system and so. How that gets managed and how their ideas and ideologies. Turning to actions or something. That investigators are pin homeless street planners are very concerned about. And Rick whenever this subject comes up Republicans are always say hey what about black lives matter they said well what about and T fought. That they make the claim those are equal with extremist threats. To the country. So the FBI that is really waiting at a pretty fraught political territory here and that's a that's a problem for an agency that that really has to. Enforce the law for all people. Yet you seem Merrick Garland is Justice Department at the crossroads of a whole lot of different story lines that. Would cause him to potentially have to play make political calls. I think from his perspective from the Justice Department's perspective. Their point is that they're there to prevent crimes are there at a opted to investigate. A potential crimes and crimes actually occur I and ranking it the did the various threats doesn't actually serve much of of an end and and playing well what about his in game insane while the other side does it to that doesn't serve anything either this is a particular threat in a particular threat that they're identifying and identifying a strategy around and as Jack pointed out. It's one it's that showed in very dramatic. In an awful fashion how serious he can be just a few months ago. What they say patriotism is the last refuge discount is that now I guess what about ism is the last refuge of a scams are Jack. Were also seeing today a trove of emails released from the Justice Department showing. The pressure. That the acting attorney general was under last year to investigate president trumps false claims of election fraud he was leaning try to muscle that us department to get on his side he's announced. Purportedly come from president trump himself in the final weeks of his presidency. The and his assistant. Also from his chief of staff mark meadows so. What can you tell us about that ended significance. Well it appears that the White House is putting withering pressure upon the officials running the just department at that time Jeffrey Rosen wasn't acting attorney general. The attorney general William Barr had stepped down on December 14 so after. He's the electors and the various states. After after basically election have been certified. Don't bars out of picture Shapiro who has run the show and here's putting pressure on him to try to advance some of these wild conspiracy theories. About. That you brought it and and things that didn't happen but what we saw here is that the system worked and Jeffrey Rosen. It did not. Approve any investigations or pursue any of these things that are being pushed ahead of him. Wild conspiracies about satellites from you know run by people and Italy. Changing actual votes. And this is also very late in the game. And you did it. It's a story of the just department sort of held its ground but. The sad part was that there are pushed to do so by the White House and you know if you hope that those tours and a line in terms of. Rule of law. And Rick significant is this revelation from a political stamped by. Well it's startling to see Darren black and white the pressure being exerted again as Terry said in the name of the president in some cases. We've known broadly because the president needed tweet about some of that talk publicly about I his efforts to get the Justice Department to look in I do think though this adds to a mountain of information that's that is building up its accumulating about the politicization of the Justice Department in the trunk Tara this comes on the heels of revelations of essentially spying campaigns monitoring campaigns there were launched against members of congress and other Beers the perceived political enemies. And this is going to land now in the lap of Merrick Garland and his Justice Department they are going to have to litigate. Some of these things looking back with a lot of calls for for answers I think Jack's largely right the system held in the in terms of the Justice Department. Not pursuing the more wild and bizarre conspiracy theories but the fact that that over pressure was being sorted by the president people around him is something that is gonna continue. It to define it efforts to it to figure out what happened and how can ever be prevented from happening again. Rick Klein and Jack duct tape thank you both. And the nation pass another devastating marker in the pandemic today 600000. Lives have been lost in the US to cope at nineteen. When we come back as more people get back stated we have a closer look at what the latest death toll could mean about another wave. Stay with that's. Welcome back the US has reached a grim milestone in the cold at nineteen pandemic as the death tall has just surpassed 600000. While some states may be entering a return to normal more than 300 people in the US are still dying from cold at nineteen each day. Here's some health care workers with their take on the number of lives lost. It is grim milestone it's very sad to think that many people that lost their lives of many humans a tactic. But right now we find is he still you have tacitly condoning. The sentencing challenging because I'm from a nursing and want me feel like they have been prevented with vaccines so it makes it sometimes even harder to you. I'm Slattery is around those people personally snow. It did happen. The opportunity to spend some time with a family member who. I was really close. So they're left. And then spent several weeks that this. And senator and I didn't know that this letter thinking that the doctors nurses and losers betrayed their exit than medication like an everything. That this patient wasn't going to make it and I had asked her different assignments because they knew he wasn't going. And know that they that he cuts. I happened to be here. I was on the other side of the icu they can hear is coming over crust. Street that consumers. I think this thing that is what it hurt us he didn't. To beat here and see these things David that we see. And then to go out to do go home and tried to live a normal. Exit yeah. With people who don't know what Gerber and if you didn't don't think Kobe is even built to keep important where their math. So let's not get it actually. It is still very real and it's still. Something that is very safe and should be taken very seriously. The told this pandemic has taken extends so far as we just heard and as you heard the United States is reached. And surpassed 600000. Deaths from Covert nineteen this means that approximately one in every 547. Americans. Has now died from this virus and despite the vaccination role out more than 300 people are still dying every day. Joining us for more on this and is infectious disease specialist. It's at South Shore health and ABC news medical contributor doctor Todd Eller and doctor Ellen thanks for being here with us as you have been really you're out. This pandemic and and there is the light at the end of the tunnel but we would do wanna take a moment in some ways it feels like were returning to normal. But on the other hand we have this grim milestone 600000 does at least their access deaths that may. Also be counted in that in that told. But there's number in context 600000 able good filled Yankee Stadium. When eleven times over Fenway Park sixteen times over so. You know how can we have this whole and and yet recognize the devastation at the same time. Criteria usually not shaking you know before I go wandered this is really hitting home for me what we just heard in it is it's really taken Sony and what you pointed out. As far as the 600000 deaths I personally would witness some of these deaths in your steering down at the patients were dying and then you have to look the family and their families their loved ones. In the face and tell them that they're their loved ones are not gonna make it home minutes. It's just devastating indeed even now. Well it slowed down on there are still people dying we lost a person in the house 24 hours in the bottom line is the majority of these deaths are in the unvaccinated. Population so on its heart at the same point. Things deaths have slowed down in the beginning of the epidemic took four months to reach the first 100000. Another four months to reach 20002. And a half months to reach 300000. That only one month in January coverage couldn't reach 100000 each so these really sped up and it has taken four months actually. To get to the last 100000 for 600 so. You're right arm we are doing much better but we still have to urge people to quote get that vaccine. And we still have more than 300 people dying every day in this country from coal that now are there there are new concerns over this. Delta variant which overseeing affect younger people more in the UK. Isn't enough of the country vaccinated to prevent another wave which some experts have expressed concern over this fall. It's really important I answered to look at this closely there's no question that accurate parts of the country where your community. Is getting vaccinated group at a good clip we're really seeing that community immunity or what we like to talk about is as herd immunity. We're we're seeing cases go down significantly the question is how long is that the last and it's certainly not the last external part of the country does not vaccinated the bottom line is the best way to prevent a resurgence is. Is to make sure that we gitmo the majority of the country back to you how much is necessary to prevent a resurgence of that delta spirit lets you don't really know every member we have to be careful because in the fall and winter as we move indoors is going to be easier to transmit. And under while some states have hit president Biden's goal of at least 70% adults vaccinated with at least one doubts does a lot of states struggling to get to populations vaccinated. And vaccinations or are going down to how is this going to impact the spread of covad. With his use as you note this new delta variant that's making up 10% occurred infections in the US and 1980%. Just taken over. Cove it in the UK. Writes remember the delta variances or 40%. More contagious than any Al for Barry to the one that was first described in the UK. And that's important to realize and one thing we noted. Is that. Two doses of vaccine. Works much better against the delta Gary that one goes to the good news in the United States is the fact that the two goes I'm already vaccine. Are separated by three of four weeks whereas in the UK there's often a three months' operation so it urged people to make sure that the follow all but that second dose is becoming even more important as these periods become more contagious. N new York and California are just some of those states that have now reached. That threshold of 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated both of those states are also easing restrictions now. But are only had something like fifteen states hitting that target so far so. How significant is that in this larger context. Well you might think this was you reaching 70% for first dose on by July 4 and is obviously was a you know I I think definitely challenging goals reach did you think when you look at the majority of people over twelfth that most places are going to be near or after the 70% mark I don't think he's thinking magical about 70% it got the goal is to really get even much higher than because we're hearing about the experiences that you guys are talking about ever doubt much more contagious. And with winter you know not that far away in and we're going to be congregating indoors. We really need that extra boost for protection. All right doctor Todd I always great to have you thank you. Teacher does. And we have some sad news report about a member of our ABC news family you likely don't know his name but you have definitely seen his work. Jim Cecile a beloved video journalist here has passed away after about a look lung cancer. Jim started working at ABC news in the mail room back in 1972. When he was just eighteen years old. Happy days was still on the air and Jim used to put Richie Cunningham publicity photos into envelopes. Well he eventually became a camera operator a job he always said gave him a front row seat to history. Jim covered everything from politics and natural disasters and every. Thing in between. Jim's daughter Caitlin recently posted. Ever world news event he watched on TV my dad was there he was in your living room and came home and we got behind the scenes info through his eyes. Like any veteran photographer Jim did anything to get the shot his wife says he even had a plan. For who would give his camera next making sure it went to someone with the same passion Jim had look at them there our thoughts are with Jim's wife Kathy. And his children Jeff Justin freon and Caitlin. Jim Cecile is 66 years old and any time I was an issue with in my new. That it would be a confident and calm and decent place that had a lot of laughs he was it. A gentleman in in the best sense of that word and I have to mention he had a passion for making hot sauce anyone who has ever shows them. Got some of his hot sauce which are made from his own peppers and it was it was delicious but really was or a guy with a ready smile a great guy. And a good heart. And everyone says if you ever on a story that required a hustle there was no one better to be on that story with bench and Cecile. And that does it for us here on a break down again our condolences to Jim Stanley thank yelled for joining us and anissina. And I'm Terry Moran received thank you tomorrow for full coverage of the summit between president Biden and Vladimir Putin and the great thing.

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