The Breakdown - President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on final 2020 jobs report

Plus, distribution centers are preparing to transport and receive COVID-19 vaccines.
25:06 | 12/04/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown - President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on final 2020 jobs report
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out and I'm Terry Moran once again. 2800. People died and over 2171000. Tested positive cold at nineteen yesterday alone. Those are both record numbers and medical experts say we still haven't seen the impact. Come on Thanksgiving holiday sort of. Today CDC warned that the virus has entered a phase of high level transmission in the US DB agency warned it's more important than ever to follow public health guidelines like wearing a mask and avoiding crowds and indoor gatherings and washing hands regularly. Does guidelines are more important than ever because we're so close right now are we to getting that call but nineteen vaccine states and cities around the country are already preparing for the day when they. They are able to start getting the vaccines to patients. Into their arms are Matt Gutman got a closer look at how that's going to war and he joins us with more mad. I Terry guy and so we heard on her health. Hospital systems in Phoenix as you know and down these are these tents that they've set up their. About 5678. Of them and what they're doing his or administering. Not vaccinations inside. Down to you slumping people's arm having a syringe in their hand there's nothing incited a worried. Taking people's names and until and to wait in the parking lot. Over here for fifteen minutes to make sure that nobody has any of her symptoms again. This is just a troll oil relay to sheet where the kinks are in this distribution system. Now they operations manager here tome something really interesting and that is. They got the vaccine to how the raw materials but. There is no playbook this has never been done in the history of medicine nobody has worked with an MR NA. Vaccine before that's why inside. You may be able to see those. Freezers that we saw early this morning that keep the vaccine at minus eighty degrees or so Celsius. So back out here. What's gonna happen is cars are good arrival over. On that side and they're gonna cycle through. Get checked in weeded out if anybody happens to be in this line by mistake and then they're gonna go through these various tense. Talk to clinicians and get the vaccination. Moved to the waiting point. Lots of kinks and lots of uncertainties. They have to figure out exactly and they don't know this yet but exactly. How to get the vaccines. From the clinic in those freezers inside out here now they have about an hour to work with the vaccines before they become too volatile to actually administer so. Today has someone walk it out in the Agusta they have a golf cart taking it out there working all of these things out how long does it take each car to go through. That's what they need to work out are people gonna have of her symptoms or they can have some sort of side effects which is possible. What are they gonna do with them there are lots of things to work out but the biggest questions for everybody. Dealing with the vaccine many places hope to get a by December 11 of course and begin administering it by the fourteenth herself. The biggest question how many actual vaccination doses will they get. And when are they actually going to get them again everything still up there near the playbook the number of doses and the timing back to you both. A lot of steps of the process map but good to see that they are doing everything they candid try to repair work at all out now they're ready. When that vaccine is approved it of course as we wait for vaccine approval here in the US. Airlines are also preparing to ship the vaccine across the country we went behind the scenes a United Airlines to see those preparations underway right now. And you but he has has a firsthand look from a united facility in Chicago GM. We are in the belly of a triple seven and united says that they're going to be able to transport in each one of these planes more than a million doses of vaccine now the challenge though he is keeping them cold enough so take a look at this because we gotta tore. Of the cold storage facility here in Chicago united it's going to be using this facility to sort the vaccines they'll be transported in refrigerated shipping containers at up to negative 94 degrees. And it they have to be stored those containers will be capped it even larger refrigerators now this is an operation unlike any other in American history now keep in mind we are actually inside a passenger plane OK the seats are just above those who know the difference though is when these vaccines are on board. Passengers will not be this plane will be empty to get this plane across the country as soon as possible and get those vaccines out if the FDA. Approves them now. This is not the first time that united has transported vaccines at this temperature and we are talking about old truck cold. Transportation. It happens all the time they do it all the time now but not at this scale we're talking about millions of vaccines here so the race is on to get more freezers here. Diane. Appeared at least have done it before if not at this scale GO Benitez in Chicago Horace thanks for that. But the CDC estimates that as many as 329000. Americans could die from colon nineteen by the day after Christmas is just 22 days from today bush and the news of the vaccine is bringing hope to millions but as we await approval or just how. How are those distribution centers where the vaccines currently being stored. Preparing to ship out bad potentially lifesaving medicine. We heard from Matt Tudjman and his reporting from relatives and some of the people who are handling it firsthand. I believe it holds roughly 200000. Doses load. Back city and were ready to begin vaccinations. Or around December resisting in different the supply on hand we are earth. Training and taxpayers. Because it's a large number of people to vaccinated and relatively short period of time. Within a few days free and open it up to health care workers and I do believe. And once the you know people see that we're fascinated that we're not having any issues with the vaccinations. They will have march 2000 feet in the vaccines. As of right now we have our electrician working in the back hallway to prepare those reasons that are coming and it's it's it's quite an operation. Our goal is to immunize any back percent as the people in North Carolina is seasons he can come we really wanted to do a good job at getting information. Jenna and tally actor it. Complete consistent way we have to make sure. That good people better communicating. These messages. I'm are going to be trusted voices are going to be she needed even gonna look like the people. That we are trying to reach into every instance. The ones we have worked new -- are obstacles. We have asked him to do however is concerned music points of distribution for other health care providers in their era and just because you know and people here in two recent rally racing here that's not the town's residents upbeat and molesting you know obviously don't need a group a week. Wear masks they all of you all students can't stand you know we are needed or more months at least. Let's get more now from infectious disease specialist ABC news contributor doctor Todd Eller and doctor Al learn first up what's your reaction when you see all those pieces of the puzzle starting to come together. It's really amazing Diana mean this is so logistically complicated but we've gotten through Dutch the first part getting. Durbin were. Appears to be a shake vaccine now the distribution in the implementation. Phase is critical eye indoor garage the occasion girl lot of moving parts of this but we're going to do. The goal obviously is to get enough people backs native that we achieved. Herd immunity we're still way away from there in the meantime president elect Biden has said that once he gets to office he's gonna ask. The whole country to Wear masks. For at least 100 days how big an impact do you think that could happen. This does is smile actors have to say I mean this is is his national. And guidance that we really didn't he because it asks can't be optional we know many studies now have to. Masks to reduce transmission by as much as 70% we know it's good country their master most. What should die in our true hope in nineteen and I are not getting and I certainly coalesced agrees it is very important high actually be Nasser going to be need to be on the hundred curious but it remains to be seen I think it's good to take small chunks are really like I'm here are masks going to be very important virtue dollars and 21. And we should add the CDC Yeltsin has issued new guidelines saying that people should Wear masks in doors everywhere at all times other than when they're at home essentially so they are also stepping up their guidance there. But when you look I wanted to back to the vaccine distribution when airlines. And distribution centers are all getting ready to ship out this vaccine once it's approved what risks are there when it comes to transporting. Something like this. Particularly with each. The temperature requirements and what's the most important thing to keep this vaccine safe. Well I and I heard what are your favorite movies was planes trains and automobile. To punish or really tough but I was planes trucks and warehoused freezers and that's just the start I you purge your take us through what it's gonna take to get there seemed from the plants actually into these into these facilities. Stories its freezers. Refrigerator is it's -- shall we help and let us in the United States and in the world to be able to create high heels. Armed but we've heard from socialize or they're gonna have Jerry annual high tech GPS on the monitors that are gonna deal will tell we are these teams are inaction and and what the temperature is precisely so you know again I think the infrastructure is there harsh it is true this is herculean task I think. I do believe that we're going to we're gonna do this or graduate Reich doesn't mean everything's going to be an organ and friends are and are Haitians are going to get the vaccine that they need to ultimately and that's. Epidemic. Now we even assured at this point of the vaccine will be safe and that of course is why the FDA's taking the time to go through the approval process that's going through right now but if anyone in particular who should be more concerned than others. Well again you know. The phase three trials conducted by his visor and return option do you really need short it was a diverse group this wasn't shows young healthy people middle aged people. It's a broad range elderly patients with chronic conditions these need to close to 40%. These clinical trials so right now Jerry is really know why did you know adult at least we're going to be saying should not take this vaccine how many children going to conduct and I can't believe he's the guy seems we'll be okay in that as well. We need to trial that and that's going to be going on 2021. Sore right now you know compromised patients they should be you know really hear the front of the line as far as people who wanted to change his vaccine because there are higher risk for severe and bureau comes. It confusing to say that can I got a question on Twitter from someone asking about. People who are in you know compromise and how a vaccine can help someone whose immune system is compromised can just briefly explain that. Short and just remember. We're not telling when or why bush whose virus actually this is not this being the first two umpires are these are messenger RNA. Scenes images are just genetic sequence it's just before it it makes the body produced a spike in teen age and at what happens you inject cash it is it bought a creek despite approaching is created we in the body and then our immune systems were absolved and is targeted. Against spice and what it does is it doesn't oh. Ultimately it is huge it is you were Inge to cook in nineteen you already happy antibodies that are then going to be. Trying to be actual virus got a key and there's a lot and and what happens you can picture of molecular going over now she can't act to watch and Asia and enter the cells and on top works and we have to each year in the war of oh how well works in different populations. And that remains to be seen. My guess is it's going to be working well in a broad range of population. Laurent actor Chad and I we appreciate your time as always thank you. Final jobs report of the year came out today and that revealed the smallest increase in employment since may a major drop off from last month. And when we come back president. Remarks about that report how he says the economy can rebuild. And what he told a reporter about whether he's spoken to senate majority leader Mitch McConnell about a new stimulus deal there was. Welcome back president elect Joseph Biden delivered remarks today on the final jobs report of the year the US added 245000. Jobs in November surge in the smallest increase since may. In the big drop off from the 638000. Jobs added last month the underlying message to out the president elect's speech. He says the economy is stalling but if we act now the country can rebound and start rebuilding. If we don't act now the future will be very bleak. Americans need help and they needed now. We need more to come early next year. But I must tell you I'm encouraged by the bipartisan efforts in the senate around nine. Hundred billion dollar package for relief it's a bipartisan effort. Congress as they work out the details of those relief package. They're have to focus on resources. For direct public health responses to cope nineteen. We need meaningful funding for vaccines and so don't lose time we people waiting for an additional month. It's. Prez like Joseph Biden's remarks come amid new hope for another stimulus bill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today there is momentum. To pass a deal before next Friday's self imposed deadline. For more on this we're joined by ABC news political director Rick Klein business correspondent you double and doctor Todd L Lauren and senior congressional correspondent. Neighbors. Key he talked about a lot of different initiatives here chief among them it seems is this a 980 billion dollar. Bill stimulus package that's being considered. By the congress right now in Biden's made clear he wants to see this past and he seems to be implying here that he had a big hand in getting it to where. It already is what do you think. She did and he is his efforts I think John idol a murder that you know more in in in subsequent days. Having pre teaching here he has been behind the scenes talking to some of the major players and also to signaling publicly and privately bowl. How important it is to move this or it I thought one of the most telling things about that. Op press conference just now was the answer to marry rigorously enough when she asked whether he had spoken with Mitch McConnell. I took it as a yet. X or a or something very much changing in that direction and acting that didn't present elect Biden's role you're cannot be overstated in part. The substance here also for the idea of reaching some kind of a deal now in anticipation of further work on this after January 20. And Rick he's calling this CI down payment which Mary also pushed him on seeing what if this is it if he'd like to think optimistically. But he seemed to be painting a picture of not just this particular deal but how he intends to conduct himself. As the executive this country and it seem like he's trying to hint that he wants seem more compromise more coming together lessen the stress of I get it my way or no way and more of let's settle on a compromise. Is the essence of Biden isn't as the essence of what you brought to the democratic primaries of the entire campaign. Enough of the political infighting he's holds many of the many a story about his ability to work with Republicans he's told us sort it out or with Mitch McConnell in the past he recognizes that it got that she'd say he's governing sciele and his governing abilities and be reaching across the -- he's a lot of Democrats think. Eddie it's a Tennessee to think that Republicans are suddenly in a war with Biden administration after years is obstruction. I'm the Obama years and I witnessed it firsthand but that has been a constant refrain for Joseph Biden that this is the what the American people want so far through the election he was proven right the question is does it maintain. When he's president. The Rick and I. I think the optimism has increased substantially the last couple days I'll lot of people hoping against hope that something get done and LT look likely hasn't Monday but as we close out the week it doesn't look likely they'll be something even if it's a smaller deal marriage right that it might be the last major biting an apple but that isn't the weighted Biden gonna go into it. Thinking about that first hundred days that masked mandate of course is critical but so is that first legislative push there's always this we Alice the first thing. That a president does upon taking office body might be an obvious call because of the urgency of the of the pandemic but. Going after a major spending bill trying to make you think I artisan one would be an enormous achievement given the political climate in Washington and given. The very real consequence is that in actions he said it represents for so many Americans. And Mary Bruce now who is in the room and asked that question of president elect Joseph Biden and marry you didn't get any answer but it was an answer in a way has he spoken. To Mitch McConnell and he declined to answer with a telling smirk I guess so so what do you make of that and more broadly. As Rick was just talking about. This style he passed is this style of and he believes that if you don't embarrass the opposition that you keep your commitments. You can still get things done and who. A it. That was a trick T classic to politicians. Not answer. And also classics marks and Joseph Biden clearly hinting each and suggesting. That. Did he spoke to leader Mitch McConnell and that he may be a driving force behind the the optimism now that we see in Washington behind this new back. Bipartisan compromise bill of course we have seen a lot of movement on that since Joseph -- came -- not just that he supports discs but saying repeatedly and publicly we heard it again just now the down payment as he describes its oak agent in doing deal now is what should Democrats want it certainly isn't everything that Republicans are looking at orbit it's as he describes it simply is star because he's adamant that he can get congress to do it bigger deal once he's in office and you'll note that we pushed him on that because of course should this deal is far larger this compromise bill the Republicans have been wanting to do Republican leader Mitch McConnell still she is an on board even with his compromise plan action yet by any. When I. Asked about this and they will ultimately come around come January -- can be willing to spend more because as he said they need will be so dire actual Terry Kinney has been pretty -- so far as well -- and congress has been spinal -- more than six months the two sides very much in -- so even if they can't get this compromise build on in the next week which is -- the deadline they have separate themselves whether or not they can -- -- Next month and in the monster com is still a bit of an extract -- despite the president elect optimism that he can get Mitch McConnell to the table but of course chaggaris with that sparked suggesting that -- -- -- it no way I'd gotten the ball rolling with Mitch McConnell should is why in some -- you see that optimism from the died in nineteen -- of course often stresses that he had a long relationship a good working relationship a personal relationship with Mitch McConnell and bring the two sides together should you show that in the past I think we also have to remember -- -- -- Capitol -- the Joseph Biden left several years -- is not the Capitol -- is inheriting it is very different political climate in Washington. Thanks very. I wanna bring in doctor Todd Eller and now for more on the public health aspect of this visit doctor Alan you heard. President elect I didn't say there that this isn't just about the economy that it is a public health issue and he's putting out things like people need to have paid leave should tell actually stay home. When they're sick and don't go out and spread this virus and states and cities need more aids for their coded response how much of this bill how crucial is it you'd think. To the public health aspect of all us. Should die and this is crucial and the risks to all Americans right now. And tinged with cold in nineteen is that a historic. High yesterday there were nearly 3000. Student and I'm you are baseline. Is unacceptable right now we need. To make sure that people are staying hall on debt they have utility. To work from home. Did they are being massed in their homes does he she just came guidance. Like you mentioned before. Not only do we need to mask in public. We need to mask in our homes. Because guys fall and winter approach and drew temperatures get colder most of these transmissions. And company indoors in our homes. So. We right now I want to be clear. Cold in nineteen isn't he leading cause. In the United States it is surpass heart disease is surpassed cancer. And we have to get on this or there is. And A he was also asked about his plan to ask Americans to Wear masks for his first 100 days in office. IT seem quieter out right said that he believes by his leadership if she shows by example at the whole team shows by example. And the American people see that leadership they may change their behavior given your experience with patients due to nothing affected. I do I mean you know we've seen multiple studies. At masking reduces transmission by up to 70%. Don't parts of the country in our communities. Are now asking more from where she. Called in nineteen so I. I think this is very important I do think this is the type of message that we won each year shipped as singular message and as she leads by example hi I'm really hoping that Americans could there have been less out to where these masks are going to do that because these will save lives. And on the vaccine distribution or something he said that kind of raised my eyebrows saying that as far as he has heard so far he has heard no detailed plan. To get the vaccine from container. Two syringe and specially given a low temperatures that we know that either vaccine has to be stored in does that concern you. So you. I mean to say this is a logistical challenges it isn't is sort of under playing here but I please remember. Both. Bull Durham and I choose vaccines can be refrigerated as well adjourn its at least thirty days in which Pfizer is fired days so there there is some wiggle room with us and the Pfizer accede to be placed on dry ice and I must trade right now because less people are trying to change there's less need for gasoline. As part of their production is optional and and again with the production of ethanol when the products is carbon dioxide shouldn't you actually make -- ice so again there are challenges with supply change as well but my hope it is you know a lot of stock in and money has been put into best and why you believe that we are going to be successful in the end. And that doesn't press here on the breakdown I'm Diana Tatum and I'm Terry Moran we'll see you back here Monday at 3 PM eastern have a great weekend.

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