The Briefing Room: Trump touts economic growth amid Cohen allegations

President Trump says the economy will "go a lot higher than these numbers," after second-quarter growth reached 4.1 percent.
14:02 | 07/27/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: Trump touts economic growth amid Cohen allegations
And this Friday edition of the briefing room right from Washington DC ABC news. Piero I'm street Marshall I'm doing that doesn't. And Catherine think you both so much for being here today. On this on this exciting Friday here at the end of July. Ordered a star in Allen talking about the economy the president came out. We weren't expecting this this morning 9:30 this morning talking about the economy in the GDP growth four point 1% right. Great thing for America great thing for the economy. It is a good thing it it's a good thing and there's no other way that to say it and it's something I'm is that the president was really excited about he. You know we noticed he had nothing on the schedule all morning and into early afternoon we're what's he doing what's been. Sure enough that he wanted to help that four point and a growth. An end and there's no doubt that you know his economic policies. Tax cuts deregulation they are responsible but. He called the sustainable it's gonna last what a. I think the question is is this evening on the same over and he viewed this is a major oh victory lap units comes at a good time for Hannah and Republicans. On Capitol Hill going into an attack so using today is kicking Victor and I cannot White House you know and what and what economists some economists are saying is that you know. This boosted the search with was brought on by anticipation of the terrorist bomb and that it could reverse itself once the tariffs. Sort of take hold and and that's what we we have yet to see. And that's something that a lot of folks in the midwest are really concerned about it Alex Mallon joining us. From the White House Alex you went out he's talked to some farmers hears the sounds sound bite from one of those farmers he spoke to him. Patience is wearing thin on US pork producers because the next six months of market prices. There's a lot of red ink a lot of sustained losses of 25 to 35 dollars for pig. Projected when so we need the administration to come to these deals quickly and not have agriculture products like pork. Used as a retaliation tool in these trade negotiations. So Alex that back I did not sound very confidence is definitely not competent does the president want this morning with this four point 1% that it is sustainable. What is he telling you. Well when I asked him that about base that presented him with the president's comments earlier in the week in Kansas City where he's. So that farmers who were concerned about the stairs she just try and remain patient. And that's when he said he said patience is wearing thin. I wouldn't say that there isn't a sense of buyer's remorse to the farmers that I spoke to I've. Drove about eleven hours across Iowa on Wednesday speaking with various farmers and you know this is a group that the president likes to say supported him in the twice six election. And I don't think that they feel. That this is something that they that caught them by surprise they knew the president was going to engage in these trade battles for right now and they're looking at towards the fall when have to start paying back. Their bills and paying off these loans that they took out that's where it's brilliant start hitting them brighten their pocketbooks. And so when the president says that this is a sustainable growth that we've seen as four point percents not the first time. US economy has for a plane 1% just in 2014 I think the Obama economy got up to five point once her landed during one coroner. It do you do they think it's sustainable. Why can't think that right now they're experiencing losses this this four point 1% growth. It doesn't really refer it reflected their bottom line them that port farmer that. Was on that sound bite that you just played he says that he's losing right now about 25 to thirty dollars per pig I spoke with they soybean. And corn farmer who says that he looks out his fields and he ceases its harvests is essentially dropping about seventeen to 20%. In that and and that value so I mean right now they are dealing with this reality and it is that. They're going to have to essentially have more crops and less of an ability to share those crops because they're being locked out of the market by these Chinese retired Torre terrorists. Alex kudos to you for getting outside of Washington actually doing so important at the farm those he and any really did bring back some some good could do that I think he hurt her you read his story on line. Com. Also out they heard that when you left you got up close and personal those pigs and your card did smell like pigs afterwards. Did you need dollars down and counted the breast cut is your day. Yeah. Cleverly let in to shoot some of those things up close to see that shot right there. I passed yet one of those picks actually ended up spitting up on the inside the lens of my camera and I didn't notice it when I was shooting an inner really next day. But yet the real mark that was left Amin was on the left me of my jeans. We'll be able to wash that out this morning I kneeled and some pig droppings. That. They got heavily in the process pants back to Washington with the yeah I currently and that should he now has it was unbearable I had a but the man attractive as that. During a fine and other fun assignment like 48 at Seattle Washington we're gonna come back. Could DC now to talk about Colin now this is pretty big news president took to social media think we have that we've become Poland up. Two blasted dead fact that his former lawyer. Is now claiming that the president was aware some of that John junior meeting with Russian officials this. It's a big deal. It's it's a big deal something and the president has repeatedly denied. Any knowledge of and to bring bring you back that I was a junior at 2016 meeting that. I'm his son jock Don junior a man for an others had with. That Russian lawyer and trump tower to get dirt on Hillary Clinton sources close to co owner saying the president did in fact know about in the reason. It's significant now he says he doesn't know about it but he was involved on Air Force One in crafting that statement from Don junior about the meaning what happens in the meaning. Downplaying. On the fact that it was it I was about terms actually about Russian adoption so he was involved he says of the China. Out when he was involved in crafting that statement when the president was involved in the study only have found out a few days prior rights and may be made either some obstruction there. I think overall you know we know he hasn't talked to Muller yet the president right doctor. He's lined them up look not light but he is misled death apparently according to Cohen about his knowledge of of this meeting but. Doing so publicly is not necessarily a crime at all so I mean I think without Willy you know what it it remains to be seen what the actual consequence of this sky. Come down to because Giuliani is claiming now that cone can be trusted idea that he's like a lot before Condo on behalf exactly former client Zoe. He's he's he's not necessarily you know. How reliable witness in this whole situation either so it's it's what his word against on juniors at this point and where exactly in just its remains to be seen if there's any. Evidence about a fifth Moeller. England doesn't speak with the president on a range of issues is this one of them is something. And that comes up in a potential presidential interview but even this morning he was firing office suites against smaller and what he calls the thirteen angry Democrats who worked with them calling them conflict it's have yet that's needed a. President on specific dollar and then completely yeah turn out. There is up picture though that I I think speaks her cell pair we knew he spoke about whether the president wants to Saddam McMullen you know somebody and income families sat ms. Muller went against everything that I really the purpose right of the Davis say it done junior there and you have. Mueller and not just in the blue shirt the camel hat and that's Robert Mueller sitting. In the chair there with a white hair that's that Reagan national airport Washington DC that you of them being together spotted together by Politico. I Alex's. I'm told Alex is a pro on this gays and Alex and they look like they're maybe twenty yards apart there yeah. This is day 35 X which I think that anybody who's ever been to the stayed out of our teams are traveling teams. Understands that you whenever you are pat as gay it's it's basically for the delta shuttles. And you have to get on a bus that takes you to where your plane is so it actually there with their media chance that they were on a bus together after this picture was taken Roy. Even better picture than this. That things. And we know it and we know Mueller hasn't actually spoken they haven't sent. Her interview yet so. Doubtful that our us thank you seem the day after the know when news breaks he's standing there reading the paper you can imagine and who knows what he's into the headlines this morning room hasn't -- like I always say Mueller is the most talked about least seeing person in Washington. Now he's got to go hang out at the airport and maybe we'll all get lucky yeah. Yeah. So I would speaking the similar investigation come back to Russian collision. We have a new news today about the president potentially meeting with President Putin that. Summits after the summit the president did invite him from the Washington and then it was delayed. And now we're learning that not only as food and accepted an invitation but also invited the presidents had come to Russia. Yeah the president and say you know according to says the White House sincerest Sanders the president is open to the idea of going to Moscow. To meet with food and prudent has said he's. Willing now to come to Washington to meet with the president the White House. Did say however that that would have to be after the which content as they say is over on so next year they're saying so apparently they think too. The Muller investigation will be over by next year why that it has to be. A stipulation the meaning it's unclear but. Bora and really why they need to meet again now it's unclear. You know we didn't truly learned about. Too much about what they actually talked about those two hours what the next steps were what they want to do next so. It would be good to know. What's on the agenda at this time around. Fact there is it anything to do with the election that they want I just really push this past the election we heard the president say that he thinks now. Russia might be helping the Democrats. Yeah exactly he had delivered of that changing to not let our he had said that actually worsens could be meddling in a democratic elections to hurt him and they want to help the Democrats now and then of course comes after. Upton said that he in fact did. One child to a new license quicker action on that on that to tweet he say yeah that he said he's concerned about Russian meddling in the mid terms is now they want to help Democrats Zack. There is no bomb no I know intelligence that that's that we know to support we've talked intelligence officials say that's not the case. And Alex here at the White House what are you hearing from your sources about this pending meaning. Walt what I just found fascinating about Bolton statement referred for instance where it was when he identifies this is a Russian witch hunt. This is the same John Bolton who I think about three months earlier. Had called. Russian meddling an act of war and that's why sixteen election. At another point in the statement that doesn't really make sense is that if he says that. They'll be able to sit down a after the investigation is over after the first of the year but there's also in as I think he has pointed out there's no indication that Robert Mueller has said any sort of public timeline. That he's going to even be wrapping up his in this investigation. After the first of the year any aspect of that investigation so it's really unclear where they're getting that specific timeline from if they really. Have set this this benchmark. Four they will not sit down until after the Russian investigation is over that could be months they could be years if there but that's really the standard there setting. It's kind of just a puzzling. A benchmark that they're trying to set there. Will it keep watching that story to see of that meeting actually ever happens but a different summit that the president came back from earlier this year North Korea he came back with a promise. A returning remains of north of American soldiers who lost their lives in North Korea this today is the 65 anniversary of the Korean War. And we've learned that some of those remain turn now coming home. While that an NN and it's a big deal and and we we really can't stress enough how much it does mean to these families to get to their loved ones back. You know there's estimates that oh well over 7000 Americans were unaccounted for in the Korean War. I'm most of them in North Korea. An unknown number of remains are being shipped to from the north Koreans and the present think Kim Jung then I'll let you know personally that's as having ship to Hawaii. Bomb in the process gets a little tricky after that because they have to examine forensic they what's actually in there so. You know if they don't know exactly who they're getting are what they're getting necessarily and have to be very careful about that because the Koreans sadly. Have been known in the past two Sen remains that did with the brits. Sent back remains. That for you know before world war animal remains so you know. So if something happened that happens they're gonna check these trying yep DNA match them to the family is right but the Finley was now either way. It before they really didn't get that done the the vice president is going out there on August 1 took first ceremony to receive. These remains so. I'm I think they have a strong indication that our. There are remains in America and and and and it's a good thing and in this so we'll win for the president he came back from that meaning Katherine and saying that this was gonna happen and so. Is this a summit victory. Yeah he caught that and and you did say it was happening sci tech you said he's. Took to Twitter to think Kim Jong Yang had directly for the so I'm sure you definitely gives me it's not denuclearization. But it's something right hand and their keep in the lines of communication open and you know that's that's that's where there right now. AB CNET news app. For Alex in the White House Justin Kaplan and myself. We'll see next patent.

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{"duration":"14:02","description":"President Trump says the economy will \"go a lot higher than these numbers,\" after second-quarter growth reached 4.1 percent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56872286","title":"The Briefing Room: Trump touts economic growth amid Cohen allegations","url":"/US/video/briefing-room-trump-touts-economic-growth-amid-cohen-56872286"}