Buffalo Belted by 2nd Snow Storm

Could weekend warm-up bring flooding to the area?
9:21 | 11/20/14

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Transcript for Buffalo Belted by 2nd Snow Storm
The big chill and that second blast of winter belt in the northeast Buffalo, New York. Bearing the brunt of it more than seven feet of snow folks cars buried motorists stuck on state roads. Residents note again and some sadly did not survive. It's. Terrible that eight people lost their lives we feel for their families. Of course. I'm actually surprised that it's not worse believe the government. New York's Governor Cuomo there hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen a New York most of the nation may be dealing with below average temperatures. But it is buffalo that has days of digging out ahead. The governor urging people to stay off roads and also to stay home ABC's Caroline Costello joins us live from buffalo. The very latest on the storm and the nation's cold November 10 temperatures Caroline high. Kynan Sallyann today the piles of snow continued to grow out you can see this 19 me and this is nothing compared to some of the others we've seen as the snow clouds. Move through the problem is as they dig down the snow just keeps on coming. Another wave of heavy snow hitting the northeast today several feet of snow turning homes he moved south buffalo tracking. Boland site. Mother nature adding her own bank to this winter blast what will. Lightning and thunder snow rattling with no bouncy. Buffalo getting pounded with record accumulation in the area expect to get as much snow this week as it typically get any year. 220000. Tons of snow covering Ralph Wilson Stadium. Being shoveled by fans in exchange for cash and free tickets city crews and the National Guard still trying to clear those snow clogged highways. They've had to rescue stranded drivers and state officials have now banned others from the ropes or. A much better position than we were yesterday but. Was still not home. And they are more chapters. In this story before it's done the epic snow and below freezing temperatures aren't just in buffalo. Much of the country is feeling back pain wind chills in the midwest have been below zero today. We wait Bob victory just like my beloved we just like like all right I got a got. I've from frozen train tracks in Chicago to frozen fountains an Atlanta to record breaking cold in Florida the Arctic blast. It is not over yet. And where we are right now the snow has obviously let out but we seen other band moving toward us right now. To give me an idea how buried some other area's largest about ten minutes south of here people are stranded in their homes. Police officers bringing the medical supplies we just watched a woman get into a car with a police officer. Taking insulin to a family member of hers who is stranded Michelle. Carolyn still a very precarious situation there and big snowstorms are nothing new for residents of buffalo and those lake effect areas. But this early wallop seems to have taken many by surprise what are you hearing there. Absolutely yeah add their use did snow in buffalo they no snow here they are used to it but this. Is a storm of epic proportions. Five feet. Earlier this week and by the end of this week possibly two to three more. They're saying that the total in this week alone. Could equal what they typically see in an entire year entire season of snowfall so it is a lot of snow I was listening. To some of the local news cast this morning weatherman saying that this is some thing. They have either never seen before or at least have not seen in many years this type of heavy snowfall with so many inches falling per hour. And then. You know getting dumped once on Tuesday and then a second punch. From mother nature today and tomorrow so this is something that is truly astonishing to even this area that is so used to snow. And Caroline we know that that storm fast and furious and still. Working in its. Black magic there so to speak out were some people just not ready for it. Yeah I mean people weren't expecting it not this early either you know it's November November weather obviously a little bit more pleasant men on the winter months ahead one of the things that they're concerned about now is potentially. Roofs caving in especially mobile homes are so much snow on top of those those roofs that the concern is that some of those roofs. Ney KV and you know you mentioned at least eight people have died as a result of the storm many of non. Dying not in car accidents but because they suffered a heart attack from shoveling on moving. A snow plows to one of the things people are being warned about you know don't shovel don't overly exert yourself and also. Don't leave your home. They're trying to fly now on the highways that we've seen clogged in the streets they're banning people in some areas from driving saying that if people drive and get stuck it's gonna prevent the National Guard. And the city crews from doing their job in continuing to clear out these roads they don't want to lose ground they've made progress but. With more snow coming more snow on the way. They don't want this to sort they don't be spinning their wheels so to speak and down losing the ground that they've already gains all right ABC's Caroline Costello live. In buffalo stay warm out there. And now we want to bring in AccuWeather is Molly Cochran with the latest on the storm Molly is this region bracing for more snow today. That's right and we are bracing for more snow in the buffalo area and now before we had the buffalo I just a point now that we also have some lake effect snow coming off of Lake Michigan. Some snow showers and misty in county under a winter weather advisory and two. Early Friday morning now as we bring it back to buffalo where the heaviest of snow has been seen. We are expecting an additional round in Orchard Park where there. Trying to clean up for Sunday's game up more snow on the way so quick look at the radar we can see this band of snow. Just in the south of buffalo we gotta see this bald it's going to sink its way push its way north words so in downtown buffalo a few inches to be expected. Now average rates per hour of snowfall we're talking about one sit three inches and that's per hour or so and locally higher amounts are going to be expected. Aches specially and the darker shades shaded areas of blue so wink his third. A New York catching a break in the action we've seen over seventy inches of snow that's taller than meet. Over the past few days. But some snow showers are going to. I'll lately continue in the south buffalo area now as we travel throughout the night this band of snow is going to shift its way south board. And we are going to have some of that snow lighten up but still nonetheless aside from the lake effect snow also summit and vary and gusty winds. And the cold so some blustery conditions. Once again that banded snow going to sink its way southward for Thursday night and tearing into ski country. Jamestown, New York also eerie that hasn't really seen that much snow. Is expected to see some snowfall tonight so locally higher amounts. Other flip or more of snow Orchard Park that being going to be reaching U I think we could see upwards of eleven inches two. A foot of snow in addition to what we saw last night so white out conditions going to be very likely. And also some road closures. Are right so we've got this snow but we've also gotten a forecast a warming trend following. All of this blustery cold that might be a welcome sight so what are the dangers of all that snow Melvin does this set the scene for another. Lake effect scenario. Now the good news is when that Edgar ray we are talking about a warming trend as we enter into the weekend across the northeast. In the buffalo area but we do have some some concerns with this Buffalo's average high temperature for this time it here in the mid forties but were forecasting. And then fifties for Sunday and Monday compared to what we've seen it's going to feel like spring time. And that could spell trouble as you mentioned because of some flooding concerns. We're turning it significantly. Warmer than we have in the past few days it's just going to come down as rain and that could add some additional weight. All of that snow on homes. On their rooms is so once again they issue's going to be some roof collapses as we go throughout Sunday so just be on alert. And use caution. AccuWeather is Molly Cochran watching it all for us thank you very much for joining us. Thank you and of course keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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