How to build an eclipse viewer

Also, folks in Idaho describe what it was like to view the total solar eclipse.
3:09 | 08/21/17

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Transcript for How to build an eclipse viewer
And pay the great American it lets your coverage continues here on TV the I'm coming here with the Walt and Walt dangling for you for the public think that a black now I still have time to build one of the outlets live patty do it well it's. You find a box full of coffee from the room other. I bet you focus small hole in it you put in a piece of white paper in the back over here. They cover this pitiful and and you want to have a little little bit of three millimeter hole coming through right here. You look at it from B clients in the summer beat out like behind me and you see the reflection of the late Friday. That it look at that absolutely every. Right there that they eat out event like that it's cruising across the country heartbreak for the vote in Carbondale Illinois. But the are not keep your chin up Illinois Carbondale coming back the next. Solar eclipse the real ranch seven years. Rights. When it or. Hey it party made its way through Idaho abilities but without there's a way to that op out in the eyes take it with the crowd at pilot had back at her now. See how folks are reacting Olivea has some of that you'll way Andy slightly worn off now are people talking about. Op she. Dell talked about it I mean it's been pretty exciting you're on the now in. Here I. I don't know. During a class and they're still doing it now without them now. Could be more than nine out didn't eat out in the air. At that rate you I can just the that does not split an accurate and deep seated three people might have shot here they're. Without the and they brought their bikes like you guys bring your bikes. So we could dried up here and witness this beautiful clips that they didn't want to take it chair outlets that are happy mr. being invented here they decided to bite you at the top talent to take you. We started around because the Condo at 7 this morning got some coffee were here at the trail had eight. I mean it was about a two and a half hour. Back Sam and teach you guys sneak it in time for the. We got here at exactly ten in between and and I think it. First started dressing room and vary so. Yeah how we keep this guy that pretty tired but he got to the top. Pretty pretty went out at Purdue and out. To. Me. And when asked it to me we were a little bit there's a lot of energy we got up here though people were pretty excited and also. Port line that we had from the night before that how how. Just. I've once in a lifetime owners in America I was incredible. Like a 300. Sixty degrees on sat with like black out coming from public spotlight it's really beautiful rented or Ames and all around. The foothills sought to use its court. Not that the US district chatting with asks a paid act he on them all and that they with that you're gonna have continuing average.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Also, folks in Idaho describe what it was like to view the total solar eclipse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49342534","title":"How to build an eclipse viewer","url":"/US/video/build-eclipse-viewer-49342534"}