The building blocks to a new education

LEGO Education launches products for middle school classrooms to teach students how to improve their STEM skills.
4:22 | 04/03/19

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Transcript for The building blocks to a new education
Hey guys I'm Kimberly Brooks you're watching ABC news lives. I'm here at the legal education launch event today where they're introducing their news Tim products for middle schools all across the country. There may need to build confidence. Also help these kids maybe they hats. Fell. I'm here with say it very excited because. Is there reason even add this I prime product that merely. Do we have litigation spike primetime continues scene from a full bathrooms musical content so they six cent any yes. Com and assist in the partly technology easy. One of these simple system particularly on programs and create unique models and please. That is exactly like my children's and it Lego bricks available to sense the some breaks. We have lots of needed which is connected to the of the top players aren't hanging in replica of what you're doing. Yes you build with the software able to lead over the next this is the guy who looks and women's. And yesterday so full gospel of the Pope for the days to answer you don't have glasses. The film look he's moved up and sound reasonable. I'm an umbrella with move them now. The Sunni simple volley does. So I lose depending on what the weather. Little these little gadgets come on exactly that would take the weather today. It's sunny outside not and we have the smiley face limits of my guys be happy. It means. Why is this sort of products so important. We're stem education and by the way. I noticed that she sent steam that age is an avid and there you know him that he is for art. So why is so important for the senate. Cecil bond building confidence whatsoever and in this age group we find that kids lose confess I engagement in classrooms with technologies. And it's also big focus in the future it could be prevented vocal effect till it's. Been Gil Santos. Handler bill something doesn't mean diesel buses. And easy excuse to blunt things then confessed it. Snow right now I'm here with the airing in. You actually ask him educator right yet. Teaching stands as a teacher at its own challenges how does this particular product and that sort of thing. Smith stars as and we want stem education and learning for kids to take off at the start buying power of the season. And so this platform here they built adolescent. There's everything you need to teach reading it starting. So if you're ticket that's on sharing them have to believe that they can do this they have the all the left and plans ready to have all the spinning contests stuff ready. That everything immediately picked up the next step. How do you think this. Singular product on the health with the education you're trying to install in implement. Shares the first thing that stood out it was. How to wit and easy we could have success. In programming built right right away we saw within one minute. That is the life flight if we can detect instant gratification can we lamented that the nation and society where something happens we've got to look. And now from their gold how to get the defective thanks. Once I wonder if I can do pats and belly of a platform for them to do that. That's the key piece here is about to sit down it. Many kids have all learned coating the how to use these tools these distances and he's thinking to make their ideas come alive. How do you actually in this. Product into the schools and that's right here now and then what's the step to getting into the classrooms and what about those classrooms and schools. Four this brought up. Very real the first thing we have good news is not worry about pushing product into the class that the product did you think about what if anything that we. What is the proper time to fall to class. At and what is the materials available to us to do test. This product is pretty universal we can we just and the letters we've revisited history three to weave it into a computer science class. One product yet. All right guys it's sunny in media like we're smiling I'm Kimberly group that you're watching ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"LEGO Education launches products for middle school classrooms to teach students how to improve their STEM skills.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62150779","title":"The building blocks to a new education","url":"/US/video/building-blocks-education-62150779"}