Bush 41's Jump as Told by His Harness Partner

Retired Sgt. 1st Class Mike Elliott has made two other parachute jumps with the former president.
5:31 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Bush 41's Jump as Told by His Harness Partner
Sargent Tom how many -- -- -- with the former press. Today was my third jump with the 41 president. Which -- they -- to do before I jump five years ago his 85 birthday and and also for the rededication of his library and honestly Texas. And he was a -- time. Howdy do know he did great I mean unbelievable. I think about a got a ninety years -- You know he's last year -- Was not -- -- in the almost that was he's recovered. He was just so happy -- smells. I get a -- cold and altitude but it was built only only problem that I and thing with -- -- the president the former president excited about this is very. From the day we sort of plan which is -- -- electric leopard and visit with them. And he wanted to see. When we -- watch him work out. You know and he was -- -- is that -- -- -- as is great -- I'm looking forward to it. And then today is this just six miles in -- so far and its residents in the wanted to. The former president's saying anything to you maybe you can hear that of these anything right before -- no not at all he kept giving a thumbs up and asked him as president -- OK certainly unique human thumbs up on the -- hard here and helicopter. Before the -- he was he was talking and he was he was joking around and it is those came over game a big case. You know so this just so excited in what awaited celebration that -- -- -- Any anxious moments at all we're just so smooth field and hard time. Not the nation that I -- at all. Tripped up landing was any problem and are coming now what you gotta realize he's he's ninety years ago. And he's having no problems -- Louis -- Sistani and his legs. I'm enough for the land in. It's kind of kind of tough suspect airplane from Wilson back -- So when it was not as courteous we would like would have been. When he walked out important data while he got his military was acting very enjoyable -- -- anything. Well here with his -- he kept thank you means I thank you for making this possible. I could not stop -- me and many feel really good to be apart such an -- -- to clarify one thing. Is this his last job I've heard him he has said it would be. Thanks I think is -- -- -- -- night 95 birthday. Harassing them and everything mrs. bush -- -- You know CC was she came on this with him -- -- and is that you know make sure you take care of them. And she's she's a serious woman. -- -- Out previous jumps were they from claimed -- from helicopters -- -- take responsibility was the first army sent out of -- helicopter. Everything in this it was aircraft. -- -- -- Picked helicopter because of his position that is it is a little extra minutes it was easier in -- helicopter they -- war. Not a whole lot of -- we can get up quick and get him -- we try to mitigate everything possible. That we could. -- one wrong. That's what it's apparent danger right and and -- there's inherent danger in Travis Clark -- -- -- soundtrack. We looked at everything that we can do to make it safe that's what we did modified its artists modified -- -- -- -- double to model. We had built helicopters about as with a helicopter. We made -- -- that. -- -- -- -- We have 6000 teachers. The owners -- would be 121000 feet but just a mother nature did not allow that today. -- -- picked -- -- -- feet so we had -- to get up and make its impact and -- that was a main mission to keep it safe. Stay with the regulations and 6000 is what we got in he did assistant job -- that out. And I'm told your fairly experienced. -- have a few jumps cinema -- 101000 to 101000 jobs. I was with the army person team to go nice for nine years that's how I learned my skill -- and I really think army and -- -- gold -- to give me an opportunity duties -- better. And -- -- a lot of reps in veterans and veterans -- -- former President Hu also a combat veteran -- you how'd you get together and hopefully put -- ago. Well you know since I felt like. Behavior -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't his 85. -- -- -- -- -- -- Maine he said he's goes up again on his ninetieth birthday. And what she said dad I didn't know where I was going to be what position would be the military but I knew -- this violence called I'll be ready for. About six months ago I sent a letter appeared to him as his backers and a don't know -- the greatest -- -- the -- he's ready. And of course like everyone else is -- we don't think it's going to him again. Well about three weeks ago by email inspector -- -- -- backers say the -- -- -- -- Mike we don't want the job we don't think he's done. Well about two weeks ago I got to -- the email that might he wants the job -- So we came up we had set -- witnesses Becker and she has that -- is eight. Talk to him and who we are today he's made as if they jump my third -- with them. And he was very happy went to the house that with the family -- -- -- come up here and again he was just very happy -- -- -- was there and and -- wasn't in a column the phone is like on -- As odd jobs. It was great you know this mile electric -- That would be able to give him that in his birthdays is quite an honor and I'm just happy that we can make it happen you know -- -- -- got to give President Bush for a 43. I don't think he's gonna do you think this is as it -- this is his -- legacy and that was a reformist.

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{"id":24116939,"title":"Bush 41's Jump as Told by His Harness Partner","duration":"5:31","description":"Retired Sgt. 1st Class Mike Elliott has made two other parachute jumps with the former president.","url":"/US/video/bush-41s-jump-told-harness-partner-24116939","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}