Campus Shooting Hero's Friend: 'I Owe Him a Beer'

Jon Meis, 22, used pepper spray to subdue accused gunman Aaron R. Ybarra.
1:47 | 06/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Campus Shooting Hero's Friend: 'I Owe Him a Beer'
Didn't John least -- a sigh of relief after coming face to face with the shooter on Seattle -- campus. Confidence that far outside of his -- -- a senior electrical engineering student is a volunteer to security desk -- -- Miller home. Solid. -- -- pepper spray sprayed him and tackle them. Fellow classmate and friend Patrick McGuire says he's not surprised -- put his own life in danger to save others. And I could have been one of these people that. Was injured in critical condition. A lot of us version. We're in that building and you know he stopped him in the lobby didn't get any farther -- -- grateful for you know. During the shooting other students also risked their lives to protect fellow classmates. But we got with a like an experiment first. That we heard screaming student Blake Oliveira found -- -- that -- physics class -- stood next to the door with another classmate. Fearing the suspect might try to come inside and eventually the cops came in through another door from another classroom that they -- connected. And they ask -- is out as students left at crime scene was scattered across the first floor of the science building. There were a lot of shotgun shells on the ground I think some of them orders expired some of them. Not fired yet. It looked like he was. Down. That he was planning to go the distance and John -- John niece was taken away from the scene on a stretcher then brought to harbor view tonight his friends are just relieved he's okay. And proud of his heroic actions. Get a lot of this morning just acted quickly. I -- fears the level people will be. Not -- if he had he had done that.

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{"id":24032120,"title":"Campus Shooting Hero's Friend: 'I Owe Him a Beer'","duration":"1:47","description":"Jon Meis, 22, used pepper spray to subdue accused gunman Aaron R. Ybarra.","url":"/US/video/campus-shooting-hero-jon-meis-24032120","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}