Cannabis cafe opens in West Hollywood

Lowell Farms Cafe, the first legal cannabis cafe in the United States, opened its doors Tuesday.
3:50 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Cannabis cafe opens in West Hollywood
What act that opening of Lowell cafe this is a historic event for the first candidate cafe where you can smoke candidates. At some farm to table snacks all together in the same place legally of course we have some questions to his on Fred Roberts is the executive chef and partner here. A grant why isn't important in California and the US to take that additional steps will be able to smoke and it's. Legally in the. I'm born for the world I think it's important normalizing the conversation about candidates consumption. Com and to be able to pull fits in a safe space where. Consumers of like mind can come and enjoy great meal and we just leave her pace aligned with this week I'm sure this is. Happened before all over the country and private homes we just have a public thinks he would bring its android. And you might have something interesting it's kind of like the equivalent of the Somalia a it's of flour posts can you tell me. What in the flower hosts do in their formal training for a flower. Are both are very Burson candidates they're able to repair the Pacific strains with the menu items. Tell me about what a flower those done is patton's view from here it's in Tacoma bottomless. Com well. I guess for the Cyrus does very could be your guide here at the cafe to let navigate through the power and a piano and a variety of candidates product that we have. I have been about tender their glory years in the city of Iowa Clinton and up sides and very act every seven defence saved there really long. And I'm compiling all of Canada Chile thousands and out of and people say year and expect. And believe there are some of the dishes some of the they'll listen this is you can have he air coming out of about it I started this salad with state they need not. Well would you recommend. Still burn and he did not show that it probably recommend their secret soured deep knowledge of this it's even strain. It's very active and very social very folk dance but I feel like. It's here and a group planning and sharing not that's probably how you want to see. And then it started with Allen of the state in my hair cut spending a little bit earthy and felt more like anode sheet bleeding more like an index. Something a little bit more flavorful to bring out there is Steve Burton knows. You let me earth and it came flying that presents a walking cast on historic day that he means the first president ninth. Absent. Lately. I live very close and pondered actually sitting. Outside at three in the I didn't I decided he'd take the rest to get here today. Luckily people that's not usually don't wake up that early. If the person on July 5 at eight planes to be able see. And I hope. Honestly. Hurt me when it comes to eating and having candidates care. In knowing that Iraq its flavors of new. It's just like. Having a specific Hawaii. News. Now littered you know whatever in my view they hear enters the front end here. I would say the candidates in the copies so far he I think they like this in part to be able to take its powerful thing plays in the developing news stigma I think the campus consumption and showing that this can be done a classy manner if you will and a safe manner. And that there's a pairing with boots so there's a whole new I think industry being ladies being explored here on this. Definitely in this is to be shared so I think everyone around us sun definitely has the same. Understanding aspirations that we all want to influencing plant about it all enjoy together in the same ballot. And check out of here around I'm coming up for that you're watching ABC news flash.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Lowell Farms Cafe, the first legal cannabis cafe in the United States, opened its doors Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65996346","title":"Cannabis cafe opens in West Hollywood","url":"/US/video/cannabis-cafe-opens-west-hollywood-65996346"}