Cat Rescues Little Boy From a Dog Attack

The family house cat, Tara, saved 4-year-old Jeremy when a neighbor's dog bit his leg and dragged him down the driveway.
6:31 | 05/14/14

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Transcript for Cat Rescues Little Boy From a Dog Attack
And take a look at this video out of Bakersfield area one tough cap that stopped what could have been -- nasty dog attack. Watch as this dog approaches this boy on a bicycle. And the dog had no idea what was coming when he picked on one little boy dragging him off his bike. Until the -- flew -- to action turning the tables and sending that dog running hello everyone. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with one story out of Bakersfield California where -- cats feline instincts kicked and when a family member was in danger. Reported Leslie -- of our affiliate KE RO has been on the story all day today -- joins us via Skype from Bakersfield. Leslie this amazing video was taking off on the Internet walk us through with a -- with a sweet -- Tara but don't mess with this kitty. Yeah I would not as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. All. Comes. -- Aren't. Sure -- not. And -- certainly very protective and it's very disturbing to watch this video give us an idea about the little boy he mentioned Jeremy on his bike. And his family are they still stunned that they -- cap turned out to be this fierce life -- and how is the little boy doing. And Tierney in -- OK and I -- it cheated out. Age -- at night around it. Here until I get him. On down. -- -- showed that he. Had a little bit on his leg. He is okay he its quarterly buying he. He called it means -- -- -- -- of their own and not scared and Don not and I can't. Fermented and then land. Early to say a bothered by this accident and in your hate it steals -- -- -- How much their hack -- it their little boy are -- to me and their hero. So how much -- wound -- eight. Has the family had any problems with this dog before -- there been any other incidents in the neighborhood. You know -- -- have. And they actually an accident like this -- The dog had been in there aren't a couple times it went kind -- urinate here in the air I would kinda bothered -- family but it never attacked. We also meet at a beleaguered -- Donna at -- protection. And -- -- their neighbors and their home broken into a couple times. So they are funny using it to retire their home making -- burglarized again -- down. Never had a -- like it. And are we learning more about the dog of what's going to happen with the dog is you know. Our animal health inspectors also going to come back. I'm we know that Ebert actually voluntarily -- in the -- To -- local animal control the dog will observe the next few weeks and if it eager entrance Italy will be able -- -- either take it back or. I give it to another -- if it's not McDonald will be. Little bit more about Tara that hero cat what are neighbors sane and of course we're watching this video is very dramatic very hard to watch. But then we see this cats swoop in and save the day. You know -- neighbor I loved -- Air time and her and -- get actually pulled me out a week ago. A bunch of girls came I -- are in their hand and saying we love your cat can we. Come lately every lot in. -- -- It's just bury currently very personable. Turn it you -- The house it doesn't -- a -- from you next he'll actually called on its own name is eight our -- TM. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it I almost not the -- It's actually enjoy getting to her and spending the morning -- part I'm not the price speech -- -- -- -- Jeremy. And of course her timing couldn't have been better of that dog acted very quickly and we've seen some of the injuries that -- little Jeremy sustained. -- had to get stitches but given more time this could've been very very. The very bad accidents. And I think Jeremy -- It's calling Karen here at ten -- it's -- -- I'm -- any longer any. Any couples in Unger -- Jeremy. And I -- it -- it would end in a lot worse than it. Aaron 88. And it is he doing well Aaron been on the air when she actually -- she did uncle H she -- And it cannot go through she's okay. It a bit of a group kind of run -- let it happen to her -- done. Overall it was a really constituents it's really -- cat and they can't. 808 the little boy anymore -- knows what would -- package the -- still thinks about what would happen. But they're glad that they have -- parliament elects its trying to. Not to -- I think it's safe to say that -- is going to have one fine feline meal tonight Leslie man and thank -- so. Keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- star in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"The family house cat, Tara, saved 4-year-old Jeremy when a neighbor's dog bit his leg and dragged him down the driveway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23719072","title":"Cat Rescues Little Boy From a Dog Attack","url":"/US/video/cat-rescue-family-house-cat-tara-saved-year-23719072"}