Catholic school bans Harry Potter books

St. Edward Catholic School in Nashville, Tennessee, says the popular book series includes "actual curses and spells."
1:34 | 09/03/19

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Transcript for Catholic school bans Harry Potter books
Thanks so it is time for our way we want. Someone on our favorite. Segments and we're starting with the story that makes Canada about a half a little bit to OK guys so the story is that an elementary school at Catholic theology school in Tennessee is banning lip Harry Potter books because it claims. That they contain actual curse is. And spells. After he consulted. Yeah out. After you consulted with several Baxter says. In the US and Italy who suggested that they be removed he said these books present magic is both good and evil which is not true but in fact a clever deception. His soul saving that that person's vote the real stiff many religious groups claim the books are based on satanic teachings and are blatant celebration. The people my flat. I I had. Does the good old southern boy you know we don't there when that witchcraft stuff. Via video and then that better than none of those roots the persons salivating like that. There's never things Kenneth that don't like to talk about on television. That the attacker targeted let them out which is she bellowed. That it so all I'm saying that we appreciate which is an awful of the richest continent. Oh what's that lives mattered all with his earlier I had hey. I had. You're approved moonlight in the wits. Truth about dress up there's Michael Myers. Literally of my worst nightmare that.

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{"duration":"1:34","description":"St. Edward Catholic School in Nashville, Tennessee, says the popular book series includes \"actual curses and spells.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65356071","title":"Catholic school bans Harry Potter books","url":"/US/video/catholic-school-bans-harry-potter-books-65356071"}