CDC warns coronavirus outbreak will worsen

American medical officials are preparing for COVID-19 to infect communities in the states.
4:07 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for CDC warns coronavirus outbreak will worsen
And as the market's reaction to the outbreak causes concern for many of us oversees the situation there is already very serious and more countries in Europe have confirmed cases most of those patients having traveled to Italy where the number of confirmed cases there is now 322. For the least ten people killed by the virus. And the highest Hansel outside of China is in Iran recently see their their Health Minister exhibiting signs of the virus a symbol of a nation. Struggling to deal with the outbreak wheel gets the latest from China from Asia and Europe the first. We begin with Steve Ellison saw me in Atlanta for the CDC just issued a stark warning. US health authorities tonight say there's no doubt we'll see more of this Americans sick with the corona virus who need to be kept in isolation or it. Or shall see what Carl Goldman as one of 57 Americans fighting the disease. We had no comment asking the American public to work with the pepper hair and met expectations. That this could be that. In their most clear warning yet the CDC all but promises that the corona virus will spread here. And that Americans need to prepare. We expect we will see communities grant in this country. It's not so much a question that it did happen anymore but rather more crack a question of exactly when this happened. And how many people in this country we'll have to be an element. We really want to prepare the American public for the possibility want their lives will be disrupted because of the pandemic. At a 3M factory in South Dakota where they make masks and respirators that helped protect from the disease. There working 24/7. And still can't produce them fast enough we're told by the experts in rage CDC. That there is a very strong chance of an extremely serious outbreak of the corona virus here in the United States in a hearing in Washington today the government shared that it could need about 300 million respirators to be used by health care workers but only has about thirty million on hand. That didn't go over well we start Homeland Security doing at an up respirators are not. What has authorities alarmed are the clusters of outbreaks happening outside of Asia that are not directly connected to Asia. On the Canary Islands off the eastern coast of Africa more than a thousand tourists are trapped in a hotel because an Italian guest came down with the virus. In Italy more than 322. Confirmed cases with. Ten people dead. And they haven't even found the source of the outbreak. In Iran at least fifteen people were killed by the virus and nearly a hundred are sick. Including this Health Minister who yesterday was on camera. Downplaying the danger as he seemed coughing and wiping his brow. Today he learned he too has the corona virus the trump administration today was trying to bring calm to both the panic. And the economic markets stocks are down today again. We have contained this I won't say air type at pretty close to air tight the president says they're throwing everything at this. Very well under control in our country. We. Have very few people believe that the people are getting better they're all getting better. They're hoping the virus dies out with warm weather. And Steve essence on a joins us now from the CDC headquarters three. Even say today he's not a matter of if they are saying it's a matter of when and what else are they saying. Well they're really concerned about the clusters of outbreaks that are happening. Outside of Asia across the world that are not directly linked to Asia that has been very concerned and that's why they believe that. We are in there where it's certainly going to see an outbreak here one other. Lindsay that I should mention is that there is big concern about these respirators. And mass there is a plant in South Dakota that it has ramped up production to produce them. The government says that we could mean about 300. Million of those masks and respirators. If there is an outbreak. And currently there are only about thirty million on hand. Lindsay Stephenson Sami for us tonight thanks to you.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"American medical officials are preparing for COVID-19 to infect communities in the states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69216484","title":"CDC warns coronavirus outbreak will worsen","url":"/US/video/cdc-warns-coronavirus-outbreak-worsen-69216484"}