Chadwick Boseman: Celebrating a hero

Tributes pour in as people celebrate the legacy of the “Black Panther” star and activist who died from colon cancer.
7:23 | 08/31/20

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Transcript for Chadwick Boseman: Celebrating a hero
This morning we are honoring the life and legacy of actor and activist chatted Bozeman tributes are pouring in from all over the world after the 43 year old black Panthers start lost his very private battle with cancer over the weekend. So pride that that even the director of that blockbuster film didn't even know buzzing with sick. Bozeman inspired millions. Portraying icons like Jackie Robinson and James brown and of course. His groundbreaking role as the first black superhero to star in his own movie this morning the world is celebrating a hero here's TJ Holmes. Yeah. As the iconic black panther. Chadwick Bozeman became an inspiration for millions and not looking couple of people and I am keen to what compound. The first black superhero to star in his own movie. Why didn't quarantine and then phasing movie like this and rampant and blacks here Alice. It's important because I didn't I didn't have this going I just know what is gonna mean. To you when you see some days he can give you a certain type of confidence. We walked to the world. His death at the age of 43 from colon cancer shocks the world he received the diagnosis for years ago and kept his battle private. The loss filled by children everywhere a much needed superhero now gone. Those kids remembering the man that made a dream a reality. Marin who is an NB LT eight and movie he was someone who looks. Like his secret struggle even kept from his closest coworkers. Like his black panther director Ryan cooler saying after his family released to their statement I realized that he was living with his illness the entire time I knew him. But while he was suffering he was still bringing joy to countless others inspiring graduates and has all my mater Howard University. I don't know what you refugees. But if he'll willing to take the hot away. The wool complicated ones the ones put more failures at first this successes. The one that has ultimately proven to have more meeting while victory. Well glory be you will bring Randy. Visiting children with cancer at saint suits and I. It from Jackie Robinson. To James Brown. Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall. What we promise. Protection. Under the Goldman became a Hollywood star portraying icons like and now he'll be remembered by so many for his remarkable work. Smoking. Overnight his moral universe can estimates remembering the man behind the suit as so much more than just the man you saw on screen. I didn't have enough time check it is here. Far too short time. Chat Rehnquist eighty deeply kind. He's a historical figure. And it's the black panther. And also. Such. Look good and decent human being. Two out of those little kids. That love black panther and looked to to child as a hero. Just know the guy who play them is an even bigger hero in real life. So many people felt that they know him personally and TJ Holmes joins me now TJ we've heard from so many people who have said that bosnians private cancer battle and his death were particularly shocking and really struck a chord what we need him so magnetic and relatable for so many people. Well I think it's clear that stay black community in a lot of ways feels this he belonged to us. By this is I didn't grow up seeing a superhero TV or on the screen that looked like me out and grow up thing I can be president. There wasn't a black president this country it's allows ten used in my professional career so. When you have now a generation of kids smile my daughter seven she was born to a world with a black president. She sees a black superhero and now she had a different mindset of so many kids do than a lot of us state coming up so to see an African American get this kind of treatment and that kind of big screen treatment. And I know what to superhero not a fantasy world in all this aerial but you're you're seeing someone that looks like you. Save the world be the protagonist to be supported by all these strong black women. And that just says so much and I know this character means a lot to the black panther tinted people of all ages all races before the black community. This was historic. Chadwick both men at the age of 43 was iconic because all of this role and he will for ever be a game changer not just getting the role but how he carried himself so to venerable character in the way. He handled that role and remember also this is maybe the best of marvel movie. Not just because of the critical acclaim but it is the only marvel movie to actually win an Oscar he won two or three. That year is the only one to be nominated for. Best picture so in addition to make in a billion plus dollars so it you just can't overstate you can't overstate just how relevant he is in that role once. Jackie really was a pioneer not only for the black community but far beyond that and in the past few days TJ we've really been getting a sense of just how far reaching Bozeman impact was and will continue to be a little personal here -- you talked about your daughters have been what does it mean to hurt his C representation as you mentioned in what it means you with a parent to watch her blossom into the society where that's possible. Miller I don't have to explain right of so many folks look. Christopher Wallace righty he had the best line when we knew from. Sometime from the hood from a black kid either slinging crack Rocco you gotta we could jump jet. That is what so many kids too often that's all they have to aspire to. Because yes they might not see a person next door someone in their family going to college and all these things look we can get into that whole debate about what. Education access to a but sometimes it matters to look on screen. And see some might it looks like you being the arresting officer instead of the perk being arrested it matters to look on the screen and see some money not just the sidekick. But the captain of the ship. It matters to also look in the White House and see some might it looks like you and so for my daughter to be able to come up in the world like SS who was born in Tony thirteenth the big was. And she was born to work there is a black president so let's sheets she's not thinking. Price is not as they're really thinking what can I be and what's possible with and so she sees a black superhero and air I'll never forget she went to. To school you know the showing share they do and they do different letters during a showing share today as letter B Tilly is the letter whatever and on the day they had letter V. She took in her black panther. Action figure. And her word and her show and share was by bringing up. I loved it all right and that is because if things go lit up in a different world so yes it's a fantasy it's a superhero superpowers. But you're seeing someone be the hero that looks like you've saving the world be the hero for change. And that gives you and kids just a different mind set for shooting for the stars so. These kids are coming up in a whole new world intent would Bozeman will for ever. B the gas. That took that next. Yet his legacy no doubt will resonate for generations to come TJ thank you so much for joining us Muir.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Tributes pour in as people celebrate the legacy of the “Black Panther” star and activist who died from colon cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72730839","title":"Chadwick Boseman: Celebrating a hero ","url":"/US/video/chadwick-boseman-celebrating-hero-72730839"}