Charlottesville victim's mother honors her legacy 1 year after tragedy

"You don't get to shut my daughter up and get away with it," said Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer.
5:55 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Charlottesville victim's mother honors her legacy 1 year after tragedy
However while we're gonna start things off this morning with a state of emergency declared in Virginia as we approach that one year mark from those deadly protests in Charlottesville Virginia. New rallies are planned for all over the country with fears of more violence to come. ABC's Eva pilgrim is there in Charlottesville on the ground an evil what's the vibe there right now. There's no wait that's over this city that. Everyone remembers what happened here. Just last year and and those memories are still very and then that pain is still very re all. And and people in this Mir still dealing with the memories and the trauma of what happened here we're joined. With Susan bro you are the mother of Haller have their higher who was woman who was killed here at this intersection last year when that car came. Flying down. Your life has been dramatically too. It's dramatically. This is that if I mean that we heard saying. And they. Could the government secretary. Kept my political opinions pretty much to myself my family and friends but. Very different but that's not considered an activist and advocate outlined. And I your daughter and an honor my daughter the right thing to do you don't have to send my child happen anyway whenever man. Long as you and I believe the same message. We can't leave them. You come here. A lot. Why. Where idea. Lindsay all the time I'm always aware of her. This is where he was taken from me. And that's where people really thought. Comment about her. I mean that if we here. I come to sort energy sometimes late in the evening. Again. The earth they can't read thing. They're not written to me they're written to the public Heather. To threaten you with the energy that's here. Another there's rallies and again this weekend. Spent one year. Him. What goes through your head thinking about all the things all the traps that are happening now the conversations that are happening again. Maybe we're in a little bit of an average Joseph with the the police state this year coming maybe not I don't have. It is what it is and we will move forward. Despite. Whether from that I'm moving forward. We're trying to make the world a better place. And either get on board or get out of the way. Question in this haven't Aaron member. Its air force us to talk about things that we just don't talk. I mean we don't talk about race in America very often especially not publicly on the national stage. To you think that's a conversation that we still needs to be having. Absolutely. We don't have that conversation. We're going to be back in this position again at that time. This is the root of the problem is that we've always acted as a people of color particularly black lives have never mattered in this country. Starting with if genocide of native Americans and making right on route to slavery and beyond. And until we acknowledge that. Hands. Now we've got to heal the bitter city concern asking active. We tried it breasts and Gila river and everybody just shake hands and get along that we solve not. How do you want people to remember this weekend and remember Heather it's I don't want them. Think about the other I don't let them think about it. Here war. Even here for equality for every Atlantic. Here it none of the leader not a you in order but. It's pretty far back in the acting out there a lot. We can't. She was not an assassination. It was it was a random murder of a hate crime. A on the issues that hasn't gone from the place where he had in mind let's have that typical kind of thing. Okay. I'm going. Thank you so much for joining us and Diana they have a lot of preparations in place but here in Charlottesville and in DC and an advance of these rallies in the protesters that are expected. In DC they're actually not allowing people even with it. If concealed carry permit to have gun near the rallies. Just an attempt to make sure people are indeed safe and that there they are able to keep the peace. And Eva what they are you starting to see signs of that security going up already. He's we can already see some barricades in some places that are set up for events. I'm here in silence though they haven't blocked off roads and Wheatley yet they have. Put out a map so the public knows what roads will be blocked off and there's a list of things here that you just cannot have it is very different. Then last year simple things like even for us we can't carrier try pat. Tripod for our cameras or have boom microphones. Once these events start to happen so they're really making sure that. There aren't sticks or anything that can be used as a weapon. To her. People they're clearly trying to be more careful and they were last year with good reason. In the pilgrim Eva thanks so much in great interview with Heather's mom New Hampshire to painful weekend for her. But a big weekend in Charlottesville and all over the country and we're glad you're there to keep Atlantic forest thank Tina.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"\"You don't get to shut my daughter up and get away with it,\" said Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57134595","title":"Charlottesville victim's mother honors her legacy 1 year after tragedy","url":"/US/video/charlottesville-victims-mother-honors-legacy-year-tragedy-57134595"}