Chauvin juror: ‘I’m still somewhat decompressing’

Brandon Mitchell speaks with ABC News’ Linsey Davis about what it was like to be a juror on the Derek Chauvin murder trial and how the jury came to a guilty verdict.
4:24 | 04/29/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chauvin juror: ‘I’m still somewhat decompressing’
Turn now to the conviction of former officer Derek show in for the murder of George Floyd each in an interview with one of the twelve jurors who sounds shelving guilty my colleague Robin Roberts sat down with Brandon Mitchell previously known to us as juror fifty tube he told -- serving on the jury and unquote watching somebody die on a daily basis and Brandon Mitchell was kind enough to join us tonight we appreciate. You coming on the show mr. Mitchell as you said on Good Morning America you had to watch every watch video George slowly dying each and then at the end of the trial you helped send another man to prison potentially for decades I can only imagine the stress and the -- of all of that was emotional soul and you. I don't they they'll sell. It definitely took a few days are recovered uncle mentally and emotionally once the trial ended army and in each region with a bit while Charles going on I didn't value their time away from the trial. Just from our home moments of an emotional how. And you also said that the judge should instruct you watch the news during the course of the trial when you were able to an inquiry at all surprised by the public reaction to the guilty verdict in and was the country's response something extenuating concerned about are preoccupied about while you were deciding showman saint. This. You have not seen the instance of the new rules. On the movie being on the new law today I saw Madsen in just I'm still somewhat beaten precedent a model wanna Russian I don't wanna move it. But no I don't collectors any pressure or anything like. Maximum dose related to me anything going on outside who outside the jury room outside of the walls of the or. And you of course voted to convict Sheldon but was there anything at all any kind of evidence or testimony presented by the defense that should ever gave me cause of our children's out. I'm no. I've. There's obviously I was just openly stated in is Lieberman or how woman thieves are almost we've of that moment for them to have. So let's of the evidence that was is damning in his view excellent wow that's a piece of evidence. It dignity used back in and it changed my mind but I never seen. Take a sign that that deliberation room because manager before and it kind of take Aaron an unofficial pulling her sit down just kinda get the temperature around her things as person is guilty gear or not did you guys do something like that was there any. Well one it all shelved at some point we might have to convince this person are you all work all on the same page right from the beginning. I only do we definitely had a preliminary poll that we did a person familiar preliminary Roche seem everybody was. I'm there was nobody necessarily on the mat eulogies there was nobody remember uninsured that time so calm. Image is needed some more time just be sure. And which way they moments ago now obsolete we saw the Dow and they they all came. Two. Two consistent running Benjamin since this period end was comfortable with the decision that we made. Anything surprise you during that deliberation any kind of her conversation and or question. There's nothing tools and finally. I know they seemed most surprised that we weren't in and out of leader in less than an hour. That was probably the most surprising thing for me. Because it was a little over ten hours in so you're saying really during that time people works. Really trying to figure out an incumbent's you a conclusion. EO we wanted to make sure everybody was on the same page and comfortable being. I'm on the same page ready to make the decision before we submitted anything you really wanted to make sure everybody else. Comfortable. And lastly what do you hope comes out of this landmark trial which you played such a pivotal role. You know I really disorder or something changing band. A home the policing within the policing and America. You know black men are being she would and a dessert fortune raid by police officers and I mean that's not to last year according to detect cancer. And now we needed you're gonna wait soon. To give anyone just a protection and deserving of the community messenger. Brandon Mitchell once again thank you so much in time thank you Trent as the settlements have your civic duty. We imagine that it as a teaching quite tall and so we appreciate it to. Yes I appreciate your New Yorkers are.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Brandon Mitchell speaks with ABC News’ Linsey Davis about what it was like to be a juror on the Derek Chauvin murder trial and how the jury came to a guilty verdict.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77383703","title":"Chauvin juror: ‘I’m still somewhat decompressing’","url":"/US/video/chauvin-juror-im-decompressing-77383703"}