Chicago hospital shooting latest

ABC News' Alex Perez reports live from the Chicago hospital where a gunman killed three people.
2:40 | 11/20/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago hospital shooting latest
We begin with that shooting out in Chicago for people are dead including the suspect and a police officer after what apparently started as an argument. Between a man and woman ABC's Alex Perez is on the scene at mercy hospital Alex what do we know so far. Paid and we are learning a whole lot more about how that chaos unfolded here. I just less than 24 hours ago take a look behind me that is a mercy hospital things look. Relatively calm here right now but as I essentially four hours ago it was a completely different scene here authorities now telling us doctor hammer out O'Neal was leaving her shift here at the hospital walking out. When she was confronted by her ex fiance. A man who has been identified as Juan Lopez authorities say her ex fiance was armed with a gun. They say he shot and killed her and then entered the hospital where he unleashed mayhem are randomly. Shooting killing a pharmacy technician Dana last. Inside the hospital of course a number of Chicago police officer started arriving here on this scene one of them was 28 year old Chicago police officer Samuel Gimenez he entered. The lobby here where the shooter was and authorities say they exchange of gunfire officer Gimenez was killed. The gunman is also. Dad now authorities say the officer who was killed had only been on the force for about two years had actually just finished his probationary period with the force in August so had only been a fully fledged officer. For a few months. Here of course this a devastating scene this entire community here really shaken up. Our this hospital the doctors here the nurses. Were placed on lockdown and all this was going on in shortly there after once things were under control. I you can see those doctors and those nurses were escorted out of the hospital. With their hands. A terrifying scene for everyone here. Diane I bed and kind of ironic timing for the hospital two outs I understand they had just. Started learning how to prepare for an active shooters duration. He. Yeah actually just less than a month ago this hospital had trained for an active shooter situation doing a number of exercises. To prepare them for something like this. Of course they hoped they would never have to use that training unfortunately it came much sooner than anyone expected than anyone ever wanted. That police officer officer he meant as he was married he leads. Behind three young children Diane so much tragedy there and Alex Perez from Chicago. Alex thank you.

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{"id":59320161,"title":"Chicago hospital shooting latest","duration":"2:40","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez reports live from the Chicago hospital where a gunman killed three people. ","url":"/US/video/chicago-hospital-shooting-latest-59320161","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}