6 children, 2 adults die in Chicago fire

The Chicago Fire Department said an infant was among those killed in the pre-dawn blaze.
2:18 | 08/26/18

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Transcript for 6 children, 2 adults die in Chicago fire
The morning everyone in this Jose Santiago fire commissioners and if Chicago. Approximately 3 at the morning mourning got off a fire. Structure. One. Twenty south Sacramento. Someone had come from war early and saw smoke fire and started to warn people that were located at. 124. On money south Sacramento. I was actually located at 11 for the rear structure that there was a fire area firefighters upon and trees mine victims. To their answers. Right now we have. Eight realities. Of what six children. Or adults. We'll have another. Young male. Approximately twenty years old and another child that's being worked at stroke hospital right now. Well. And patients like I said it maladies. As companies got in there. Alive or elevated what is the box eleven alarm and then all the way up at this rate which is very rare. In Chicago. It's the nature of the injuries. The and addicted patients. Also had quietly. Officer injured firefighters got it was injured. And he's at rush hospital right now good stable condition. Make accusers stated the company to write anything they heady player in the rear structure. When they see this immediately went to an aggressive exactly. Appropriate line city's election and they also acquired an exportable. I let out there it's he's elevated arm is needed. I think guys I destruction they realize their sacrifice billions of certain bills. It's passable working with the EMS ambulance. To make sure that they treated the case. Firefighters worked aggressively as of this hasn't moved everybody out we had available as fast as possible. Hamilton went to work we have a triage area right by the building and they treated for all the cases from there. We did a phenomenal job porting your neighbor get here and they had enough time to get here at him anyways but it's possible accord say it's come to her injuries we got here.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"The Chicago Fire Department said an infant was among those killed in the pre-dawn blaze.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57412081","title":"6 children, 2 adults die in Chicago fire","url":"/US/video/children-adults-die-chicago-fire-57412081"}