College students burn author's book after heated Q&A session

Video shows Jennine Capo Crucet's book being burned at Georgia Southern University after a discussion about white privilege.
4:04 | 10/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College students burn author's book after heated Q&A session
So we turn to this interesting story out of George at Georgia Southern University so. Here's how it went New York Times contributor and Latino author. Geneen cup Poe Chris set. Came to talk to students about her novel make your home among strangers ask the title of the book. It's a book about this Cuban American girl excepted into a prestigious predominantly white university. And her struggles in that space so after she author spoke to the students there. They had this heat eight QNA where some students quest ended. Why the author was there and in didn't really like her interpretation of white privilege still later that night as you see there was video that was posted on Twitter showing students standing around a fire. In burning this author's book and other tweaks surfaced showing the book torn. And burned as well also. I want to bring in two students who writes for the Georgia hand the school newspaper there we have McLean backs Lee the editor in cheese and Sarah Smith. The news editors so first thank you guys for joining us today. There's a history of book burning. Around the world but I want to I want to understand how the students responded to this happening. I think the lord has been. Number signs saying that amber Burke earning Hager birdies. You in her opening is bad and terrible more students. Are sides about. Baird thing. This global. Com also are you aren't clear ends increase. And an. N. We're there agreeing in here anything wrong. And Sarah what do you think this says about where people are with raise and in general enact your schools specifically was a shocking. Anomaly had a son. Three cities. Just aren't. Oh daughter. Heat. And eat study here. That we are diverse and when it happened in this as far as what we how accurate were not does by an optimal end. I'm. Pretty much sleep Ian. So just for the people who. You don't know can you guys like just walk us back a little bit in tell us about the exchange. That got heated when the author was speaking to the students. Yes Lou the offered him hints group Ahmanson. What curt soup. Majority person's student's and the end shipment of sorts a day. And when his it and asks you know why. Offered them why why his arm electorate would like you in the attacks and authored. All zoom. Students just because you got my question fears that it what religion and what profile. And then a school official who does not sorry I am tired. Merchants new mr. Putin's orders up. Sought not questions or she moved to another question. And in fewer questions or an introduction. And should scheduled a. Nutter last year and and and a dark candidates are strong leaders aren't there's. So. Yes I'm just curious how the university officials responded in. Does anything happened to the students who actually how to they feel about the students. Burning. These books what's the official response. Well are being the respondents on email asks this isn't happy and dating back you know. And while it is a person right none if it's. Something Catholics the school. As far as their Al I don't thing is to eat. Just. Our rights McLean backs Lee editor in chief of the joy Jan and Sarah Smith and news editor of the George sand thank you for giving us updates on this story we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Video shows Jennine Capo Crucet's book being burned at Georgia Southern University after a discussion about white privilege.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66265601","title":"College students burn author's book after heated Q&A session","url":"/US/video/college-students-burn-authors-book-heated-qa-session-66265601"}