Postman Delivers Mail Over Dead Man's Body

Officials say the Colorado mail carrier thought the man was part of a Halloween display.
3:00 | 11/09/12

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Transcript for Postman Delivers Mail Over Dead Man's Body
Lighting and doing three. The question that he keeps asking after she says the -- stepped over her husband's body to put letters in the mail box and then walked away I don't know how that man can sleep -- last Friday morning her husband -- porch was dropped off at home after working the graveyard shift for -- TD. Family members say he never made -- inside my brother -- locked up these steps got -- this step hair. And collapsed -- -- -- literally it was right here. He was right here collapsed on the -- more than an hour after that family members say Dale's body was found he was just 46 years old. While waiting for an autopsy to discover the cause of death they wonder whether it could have been prevented his body was still warm and was found so perhaps -- this no -- -- have found something he might still be here today but the Millman has since said he thought the body was a mannequin somehow related to Halloween in this email to 7 NEWS the Postal Service defends the long -- -- stating. He is someone who would not fail to help the customer if he knew they were in need. But as the porch family mourns their loss they say that's exactly what happened -- -- -- and I just think. Something has to be done said a lesson learned at -- -- to something. People need to --

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{"id":17679995,"title":"Postman Delivers Mail Over Dead Man's Body","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials say the Colorado mail carrier thought the man was part of a Halloween display.","url":"/US/video/colorado-postman-delivers-mail-dead-mans-body-17679995","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}