Commuter Noticed Train Speed Before Crash

A commuter who typically takes the train saw many people injured after a New Jersey Transit train crashed in Hoboken Terminal Thursday morning.
4:10 | 09/29/16

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Transcript for Commuter Noticed Train Speed Before Crash
I'm gonna talk to do Hamas in the archives you know who is odd that trading this morning you were in the middle car this is your regular trainee take every day. Describe what was happening. Well let's say like Jesus said it's a regular train I take everything take every single day. Tree was doing its normal local stops. And as we're approaching hopeful king. Spoke to a friend of mine and that train was actually you know uses slows down. Debate fences bill of vesting there actually notice I know is that so and then. As we're pulling into the station. Ghost of the brakes were here who are hitting period and end all decided it was just. Big eight. People make you know it's it's like being in a car crash but it. Dramatic metal on metal medal you just felt that you heard it. I hit the wall where he's sitting at that time taxi city but you don't normally when people of the hopeful that people in the middle lane. Getting ready to get off those people all went down. People please we just saw people fly by the just you know so it was based pretty bad. I'm somebody injuries you might have seen it. At least in your car and as you've got out of that honor. Well one guy fell down nice arm. Me he hit pretty bad Downey saw the blood on his face. And it's. Finally I guess you know. You know when it's you know we came to a stop. Never is they all right you know what do we do next here is and you wanna get off to train south. We waited and luckily you know they open up the door you know it's a pretty quick and you know guys we got out look the point it was a disaster. Love all over the place you know people are bad shape you look at the trainer looked like that the top of the Hoboken station went in to the front first park. And what we're seeing some of the aerial photos. Or images. Also he Aaron. Hearing about some significant injuries did you happen you saw blood did you see anybody in that ended tires. Yet when you. You've been people you've. When you get out but keep going toward the first cars media so people on the floor and when you go toward the ferries side of it. People were laid out there was blood you know head injuries. There was water rushing to where you in. The terminal there definitely was water. All water rushing isn't concerned because I think power lines where there. So I think that was I think immediate concern there's like you know she's yet going to a train stations some like that it's. I just heard things. Watch for the wires or some like that he seemed fine lease that you were bombed a little bit he took the wind out of you and daddy have been out I mean how is in the hospital. Friday to Monday. And get dictate that we got me though makes those shaken still enough in this is being I would say about little worn our self. This is your first day back to work Lurie went back my second day back to work so getting text messages saying you know. They go to hostility he witnessed this but I'd be honest yet. You know just glad thanked god that you know could have been you know lower cement. How was the rescue operation did it seem. That. Authorities we're getting in their quickly and helping keep. Absolutely absolutely do actually very very good you know funded. You know once we you know that to tragedy happened and then we came out. Everybody was that everybody escorting everybody over the train track to get up top at this stage in and outside. Obviously we don't know what caused the train to keep going we don't know there was human error at this point. What what is your sense or what is your here. Not gonna speculate I mean I was telmex enemy and meet every single local stop find. To do this to do some like this I just don't I had on the stand and wouldn't you know the big thing about is actually we. Right through that there's a pylon stop the way through that on top. All of the topped the hopeful station fortunately no effort adults it's actually now.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"A commuter who typically takes the train saw many people injured after a New Jersey Transit train crashed in Hoboken Terminal Thursday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42449051","title":"Commuter Noticed Train Speed Before Crash","url":"/US/video/commuter-noticed-train-speed-crash-42449051"}